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Chapter 198

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Chapter 198: Lu Chen’s Turn! 

Tang Bao rampaged through the monster horde alone. There was not a single monster that he could not kill with a single slash. 

If there were any exceptions, he would use two slashes. 

When Tang Bao saw a silver boss, he would not dodge their onslaught all. Instead, he would charge right into the monster’s body and counterattack with a slash of his own. At most, he would use two more slashes to kill the silver boss! 

Meanwhile, Tang Bao’s hands were moving as quick as lightning. As long as he killed a monster, he would be able to pick up the dropped treasure as well. At the same time, he would immediately focus his attention on killing other monsters. There would be no delay between the two attacks. 

This speed of him killing monsters was really shocking. Wherever Tang Bao passed, there was a pile of corpses that followed. 

Tang Bao’s speed of killing monsters was so fast that the other monsters did not even have time to fill in the gaps. 

After killing over a hundred monsters, Tang Bao looked like he did not even have the slightest bit of fatigue. His eyes were filled with the excitement of killing. The broken limbs of the monsters behind him flew all over the sky. However, Tang Bao’s face still had a hint of a sinister smile. 

That bloodthirsty smile made even the warriors of the Dragon Team shudder. Tang Bao’s killing speed was too fast. Even the warriors of the Dragon Team added together were not as efficient as him. 

However, on Lu Chen’s side seemed even more exaggerated. He did not even need to extend his hand as he crazily harvested the monsters on the battlefield. 

Little Golden Dragon was practically invincible in the monster horde. It did not even need to use any other skills. With its powerful attack and defense, just by relying on its level suppression, it was able to make all the monsters tremble in fear. 

It was a lean mean killing machine that harvested experience points swiftly! 

When everyone thought that Lu Chen would never make a move, Lu Chen would twist his neck and take out the out the Flame Blade from his backpack, he smiled at Tang Xiaoqing and said, “I’m going to warm up. There might be a big battle soon.” 

After saying that, he gave Tang Xiaoqing a warm smile. Then, without looking back, he shot out a silver light and rushed into the monster tide. A few seconds later, he arrived at the battlefield! 

Before him was a level 26 silver boss. Lu Chen raised the blade in his hand and swung it down. 

At the same time, a golden title appeared above Lu Chen’s head. It was the official Blade God title! 

[Blade God: Your understanding of the blade has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a blade-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!] 

[Frenzied Blade: When you transform into the Blade God, your attack will definitely be a critical hit. You will have a critical hit immunity effect and receive a 400% critical hit damage bonus!] 

[Bloodbath Blade God: When your enemies exceed 100 amount, your attack will become an area-of-effect damage of 100 meters. 50% of the damage will be converted into your HP.] 

[Swift Blade: When you use a blade-type weapon, you can deal three damage attacks at the same time. You can also use 60% of your maximum attack speed, regardless of your body’s capabilities.] 

[Magic Blade: When you use a blade-type weapon, you can convert your physical damage into magic damage.] 

Without the support of the Blade God, Lu Chen’s attack power would originally be 82,860. After receiving the 400% boost from the Blade God, he now had over 300,000 attack power! 

An ordinary silver boss would not be able to withstand such a powerful attack! 

Moreover, the Flame Blade had an additional bonus! 

When the blade is used the attack range would automatically increase by tenfold. At the same time, an unknown flame would be generated on the enemy. The flame would burn the enemy for 3 seconds, the HP loss per second would be 5% to 100% of the attack power! 


Originally, this silver boss had 200,000 HP. It was one of the few monsters in the entire monster horde that had an immunity to damage, so its HP was quite well-preserved. However, under Lu Chen’s powerful attack power, a streak of red appeared above its head, and it instantly died! 

At the same time, the monsters within 1,000 meter radius saw Lu Chen charging and swarming towards them, ready to end Lu Chen’s life. However, under the attack of Lu Chen’s Flame Blade, which had a range of 10 times, this monster was instantly reduced to ashes! 


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Even the monsters thousands of miles away were affected by the blade’s heat wave. They instantly lost HP. 

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Fortunately, they did not receive Lu Chen’s attack directly. Naturally, they did not lose much HP. 

The smart monsters quickly crawled away with their faces covered in soot. 

Within a kilometer, not only were there monsters, but there were also some warriors who were fighting crazily. In an instant, it was as if the entire world had gone silent! 

The huge blade flashed in every corner within a kilometer, crushing the huge monsters into pieces! 

One of the warriors was dumbfounded as he muttered, “F*ck, my EXP has been stolen again…” 

The monsters thousands of miles away, those with low intelligence, roared when they saw how powerful Lu Chen’s attack was and ran towards him. 

Some of the silver bosses with strong defense or high HP were in extreme pain when they were hit by over 300,000 attack points! 

They quickly looked around to find their targets. Within a thousand meters, there was no one else but Lu Chen… 

They lowered their heads and snorted. With a roar, they charged straight at Lu Chen! 

In the eyes of the warriors, the huge empty space with Lu Chen as the center was dead silent. However, it only lasted for a second before hundreds of monsters swarmed toward Lu Chen! 

Even the warriors of the Dragon Country who were on their way did not want to think about the repercussions. Their eyes were red as they charged towards Lu Chen, hoping to provide some support! 

The warriors nearby were a little worried. 

Although Lu Chen was extremely powerful, it did not mean that he could attack so many monsters in one go. 

These monsters were definitely ten times the number of those who had just been killed by the Blade God! 

In an instant, countless Mages and Archers shot towards the monsters, trying to stop them and help Lu Chen reduce the pressure. 

The warriors also went all out, trying to help Lu Chen attract the attention of the monsters to ease Lu Chen’s burden. 

However, the monsters seemed to have gone crazy. They did not care about the others and only charged at Lu Chen. 

Even the monsters in front of Tang Bao abandoned him and directly pounced on Lu Chen! 

This scene was very strange. It was as if there was someone commanding the monsters from behind. They were all moving in unison! 

Looking at Lu Chen in the distance, Tang Bao was deep in thought. 

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A hint of playfulness appeared in his eyes again. He lifted his weapon and placed it casually on his shoulder, allowing the thousands of monsters to pass by him. His expression did not change! 

There was no need to be afraid. If any of these monsters had any ill intentions towards him, they would immediately perish. 

There was no need to help Lu Chen. 

At this moment, Lu Chen was also calm and composed. He held the blade horizontally in his hand and closed his eyes indifferently as he prepared for the oncoming slaughter! 
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