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Chapter 199: Lu Chen, God of Fire!

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Faced with the horde of monsters that was going to sweep in from all directions, Lu Chen calmly closed his eyes.

This scene caused all the warriors on the battlefield to be instantly stunned.

In front of the monsters that were tens to hundreds of meters tall and were as huge as hills. Comparably… humans were like ants, and he looked extremely vulnerable.

However, Lu Chen had become the focus of the entire battlefield. He slowly raised the Flame Blade in his hand, and the flames suddenly increased by three feet.

At this moment, even Lu Chen’s eyes turned blazing red, and the flame inscription appeared on his face along with the Flame Blade.

Lu Chen’s scattered hair and his robe were blown up by the surging airflow. His handsome and determined features were particularly dazzling under the illumination of the fire.

The blade in Lu Chen’s hand became hotter and hotter. Gradually, the flame spread from the handle of the knife to the back of Lu Chen’s hand, arms, and finally his entire body.

At this moment, Lu Chen looked like a Fire God that fell from the sky, illuminating the entire night sky.

Even the temperature on the battlefield was rising at an extremely fast speed.

The monster tide surged towards Lu Chen like a raging tsunami. To these level 20 over monsters, the distance of 1,000 meters could be closed out in just a few seconds.

The first monster was only 300 meters away from Lu Chen in the blink of an eye!

However, Lu Chen still did not move, allowing the flames on his body to burn wildly.

When the monster closed into 200 meters, the flames in Lu Chen’s eyes burned even brighter, even his hair had turned a fiery red color, dancing in the sky wantonly.

100 meters!

There were only a few seconds left for Lu Chen to defend himself!

At this moment, Lu Chen finally opened his eyes which looked like two suns, shooting out piercing rays of light!

Even the warriors who were staring at him subconsciously turned their heads away, unable to endure the piercing rays of the sun.

However, the moment he opened his eyes, Lu Chen’s entire aura changed!

He suddenly swung his Flame Blade that was already raised high up in the air!

In an instant, it was as if a flaming meteor had fallen from the sky and hit the area within a thousand meters. All the monsters’ bodies began to burn with the intense flames.

Tens of thousands of flurries of red suddenly soared into the sky. The entire battlefield was filled with the high damage dealt by Lu Chen!








The entire battlefield seemed to have turned into a living Hell. There were flames of extremely high temperatures everywhere. Even the warriors who were originally within 1,000 meters had long sensed the danger and directly dived out of Lu Chen’s attack range.

Under such circumstances, even though Lu Chen’s attack would not be aimed at them, they still instinctively dodged it in fear of being attacked as well.

The monstrous flames were like a gigantic beast, swallowing everything in its path.

In an instant, 99% of the monsters on the battlefield were destroyed by Lu Chen’s Blade God’s critical strike. Only a few silver bosses that were above level 30 and had extremely high defense survived.

At this moment, they only had a strand of HP left.

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Finally, the fear in their bodies awakened and they quickly ran out of Lu Chen’s attack range. However, Lu Chen’s attack was not something that could be dodged!

With the additional effect of the Flame Blade, they could deal 5% to 100% of their remaining damage to the monsters every second.





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The monsters tried their best to escape, but the flames on their bodies were like parasites. They were stuck to their bodies and could not be removed at all as they scattered around in panic.

Painful howls filled the entire battlefield.

After a while, the entire battlefield turned silent. Even the monsters that were charging at Lu Chen in a frenzy stopped in their tracks and kept quiet.

The current battlefield did not look like a battlefield. Instead, it looked like a quiet classroom.

Lu Chen was like a teacher, using his exquisite knife skills to show everyone and the monster his superb killing skills.

One strike was all it took for the entire battlefield to change.

The flames on Lu Chen’s body slowly disappeared, and even the weapon he held gradually turned into an ordinary blade, as if nothing had ever happened and had nothing to do with Lu Chen.

After that, he left, hiding his achievements.

Lu Chen even put his Flame Blade back into his backpack. With his hands behind his back, he calmly looked at the furthest part of the monster without saying a word.

“D*mn, is this the full strength of Lu Chen?”

“Compared to… compared to Lu Chen, I’m simply a piece of trash!”

“How can I ever be as strong as Lu Chen? I’m envious.”

“Don’t even think about it. Lu Chen’s strength is incomparable. Even if you follow his path, you won’t be stronger than him.”

“Perhaps some players have killed more monsters in their entire lives than Lu Chen. I bet they’ll never reach his level.”

Many warriors sighed softly and communicated with each other. There was envy and yearning in their words. However, there were also more warriors who were taking advantage of the moment when the monsters were too stunned to reap exp.

Even Tang Bao, who was as strong as Lu Chen, was stunned at this moment.

He had long heard of Lu Chen’s strength. However, he was still a little shocked by this attack method that ignored the large attack range and the number of monsters in the area.

In particular, the appearance of the Blade God just now made Tang Bao curse in a low voice, “F*ck, he’s even more handsome than me. He’s stealing all the limelight now!”

Tang Xiaoqing, Lan Weiwei, and Liu Yuan looked at Lu Chen with stars in their eyes. It was hard to hide their admiration for the strong.

Even a strong woman like Tang Xiaoqing was no exception. Her combat strength was stronger than a single entity, but she could not make all the monsters within a thousand meters disappear like Lu Chen.

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In addition, she already had a crush on Lu Chen. With this kind of love, Lu Chen was liked and worshipped even more.

On the entire battlefield, only Lu Chen and Tang Bao were the most dazzling players. Their attacks had almost wiped out half of the monsters.

As for Lu Chen’s last critical strike, it made all the monsters terrified. Knowing of Lu Chen’s presence, they dared not to push forward recklessly any longer.

The situation on the battlefield became weary. No monsters dared to step within a thousand meters of Lu Chen. Even the relatively weaker warriors were a little scared at this moment.

Finally, a command was issued from afar. A cry erupted from the back of the team. When the cry was heard, all the monsters stopped attacking and fighting.
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