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Chapter 2

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Lu Chen was dumbfounded!

He could not leave?

What was going on?

He refused to believe it and started to touch the dungeon exit again.

[Warning! Due to some mysterious reason, you are temporarily unable to leave the dungeon!]

The system notification kept repeating itself each time Lu Chen attempted to leave.

‘What the h*ll! I don’t believe it!’ he thought in his mind.

Lu Chen began to try all sorts of methods to leave!

However, no matter how many times he tried, the result was still the same!

He could not leave! Lu Chen could not sit still anymore, he did not know what was the meaning of any of this.

Time was of the essence in the Second World. After being pulled apart in the early stages, he would have to spend countless amounts of time and energy to catch up with other players in the later stages!

While the others were doing all kinds of missions and unlocking their achievements, he was going to be trapped in this lousy place to hunt rabbits?

Lu Chen smiled bitterly. He quickly opened the game panel and tried to exit the game, however, it was to no avail. The result made him even more desperate for a solution!

Lu Chen was on the verge of collapse. Although his body was in the game pod and there was stored nutrient fluid to supply his body’s normal functioning, this also meant that he had no way to leave this place!

Who knew how long he would have to wait here?

A day?

Two days?


Lu Chen began to pace around the cave in deep thought. As he did so, three wild rabbits appeared in the cave again. This caused Lu Chen to be stunned.

The guide on the official website stated that in the same normal dungeon, the monsters inside would not respawn unless a player re-enters the place after killing the monsters!

He looked at the three dead rabbits in his backpack and felt his scalp go numb.

This dungeon was respawning the rabbits?

Did this mean that if he was stuck here forever, he would have to keep killing rabbits?

At this moment, Lu Chen had the urge to smash his head into a rock and die. The others were playing Second World by exploring everything, and he was playing Second World killing rabbits?

Looking at the few rabbits that were charging at him foolishly, Lu Chen raised his hand and swung his sword!


The rabbit’s corpse fell to the ground, and three more rabbits’ corpses appeared in Lu Chen’s backpack. Turning around, he tried to touch the dungeon exit again.

[Warning! Due to some mysterious reason, you are temporarily unable to leave the dungeon!]


Lu Chen was so angry that he sliced up the rocks beside him with his sword!

“What the f*ck do you want me to do!” He started to get a little mad. 

At the same time, three more rabbits appeared in the distance. Moreover, they seemed to be even bigger than the rabbits from before.

On the system interface, it showed that the attack power of these rabbits had increased a little!

Does this mean that these rabbits will continue to grow stronger as they respawn?

Lu Chen’s expression froze as he came to a realization.

Time began to pass quickly. Ever since that encounter with the abnormal dungeon, Lu Chen had been continuously hunting the hares in the cave.

At the beginning, he used a sword, then a knife, then an axe. He even used a shield and a stone to smash them!

Countless of days and nights passed, and he had been continuously killing hares.

In the beginning, he was mad. Later on, he gradually became numb. Later, later on, it became his instinctive reaction to get rid of the newly spawned rabbits.

He moved like a machine and formed an extremely conditioned reflex to finish the hares off.

During his time in the dungeon, Lu Chen had tried countless ways to leave. He had tried all kinds of ways to commit suicide, reducing his HP to zero. However, every time it happened, he would be resurrected in the cave!

He had also tried allowing the rabbits to respawn to fill the entire cave. However, when the number of rabbits reached a certain level, they would f*cking kill each other, and Lu Chen did not even need to do anything.

During these years in the dungeon, Lu Chen had also learned to cook rabbits in all sorts of ways. It was even until he began to vomit when he smelled the stench of rabbit meat.

Lu Chen often sat at the entrance of the cave and pondered about things, he even started to imagine what the outside world was like.

The cave walls were filled with densely carved marks. Looking at these mottled marks, Lu Chen’s lips trembled slightly.

He had been in this cave…

For a thousand years!

He has been killing hares for a thousand years!

The hare’s corpse and fur in his backpack even piled up like a mountain!

This dark, broken cave had caused him to have many mental breakdowns. Every time these hares respawned, they would come back stronger. Hares that had evolved for a thousand years were apparently extremely terrifying!

However, to Lu Chen, they were still as fragile as a piece of white paper. 

In the distance, the three hares had just appeared. Then, Lu Chen subconsciously raised his hand.


A stone directly pierced through the bodies of the three hares. The corpses fell to the ground, signifying the end of the respawn this time!

He just killed three birds with one stone!

This was the trained skill of Lu Chen’s response. A skill that had been honed over a thousand years, he could casually throw a stone to clean up the hares that had respawned.

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However, the moment he killed these three hares, the cave’s exit that had been sealed for a thousand years finally lit up with a glimmer of light!

Lu Chen’s eyes widened in disbelief. He was dumbfounded!

Following that, the system notification sounded.

[The game has ended. You may now leave the dungeon.]

“F*ck this game!” Lu Chen could not help but roar. Even the corners of his eyes were a little moist from the notification.

He had been locked up for a thousand years. A whole thousand years and now he could finally get out!

Without any hesitation, Lu Chen directly rushed towards the exit. He did not want to stay in this place for even a moment longer.

Walking out of the dungeon, the long-lost light made Lu Chen feel a little dazzling. Although he had come out of the dungeon, he did not feel much joy in his heart. Instead, he felt a lot heavier.

Second World was a popular online game all over the world. Its significance was no less than a person’s second life. The moment it was released, it meant that this online game would be closely related to the lives of the entire human race in the future.

However, a thousand years had passed since the game’s public beta!

He was a full thousand years behind as compared to others!

What kind of cruelty was this?

No matter how big the world was, no matter how many resources there were, after being explored by the entire human race for a thousand years, how many things were there left to explore?

How many opportunities were left for him?

He originally wanted to rely on the Second World to change his fate, and let everything else fall into place, but how much time would he need to catch up with the difference of a thousand years?

Lu Chen raised his head and looked in the direction of the Novice Village plaza. That was the place where he started, but now it just seems like a place to end.

Huh? Wait a moment? Why were there so many people in this f *cking Novice Village plaza?

He remembered that he could not open an alternate account in Second World. Everyone only had one account that was bound to their personal information. Once they left the Novice Village, they would not be able to enter again!


There were so many people in front of him!

Even if a thousand years had passed, it would naturally make sense for this place to not have many new players. With that, Lu Chen immediately stopped a passing player.

“Hey there, what year is it this year… and date?”

That person looked at Lu Chen strangely and said, “September 4th, 2050.”

As he said that, Lu Chen’s mind exploded with a buzz. An indescribable sense of pleasant surprise surged into his heart!

‘The f*ck, only a day has passed? In that case, I’m not too late! I can still complete everything in time!’ Lu Chen happily thought to himself.

The other person looked at the smiling Lu Chen and frowned.

“Dude, what’s the matter? Don’t drag me into whatever you’re doing. The game has been online for a day and I just barely got in. Don’t disturb me while I’m doing my mission.”

Lu Chen nodded and immediately let go of the other player.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.”

“Well, I’m going to go then, bye.”

The man quickly left and did not forget to look back at Lu Chen. He muttered, “That guy must be crazy.”

Suddenly, the system’s voice sounded in Lu Chen’s mind.

[Ding! Because of the increase in your proficiency, your class has changed!]

[Ding! Your Axe’s proficiency has reached the Max Level — Axe God!]

[Ding! Your Sword’s proficiency has reached the Max Level — Sword God!]

[Ding! Your Heavy Shield’s proficiency has reached the Max Level — Shield God!]

[Ding! Your weapon’s proficiency has reached the Max Level — All-rounded Master!]

[Hint: Due to your proficiency exceeding the limit, and not changing classes for a long time, along with your proficiency with weapons, you may now undergo a special class change — War God!]
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