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Chapter 20: Taming God!

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The beams of moonlight landed on the light shield, causing ripples. After being reduced by 90% of the damage, it could only deal 85 damage to Lu Chen per second — due to the existence of Indestructible.

However, the duration of the Howling Moon skill was as long as 20 seconds. Even if the Moonlight’s damage was reduced to 85 points, Lu Chen’s HP would still not last until the end of the opponent’s casting!

Moreover, the probability of resurrecting was only at 50%. Lu Chen did not dare to take on the gamble of death!

Therefore, he had to think of another way. Lu Chen directly raised his shield and approached the Wolf King with great difficulty.

Meanwhile, on the hill, the Wolf King was bathed in pure moonlight. It even looked particularly sacred!

A mysterious and ancient feeling rose up!

Countless specks of starlight danced around the Wolf King and it looked to be ancient. The howls of the Wolf King were also becoming more and more ancient-sounding!

With one howl, the entire Wolf Valley emitted a distant and mysterious aura!

Lu Chen felt that the Ancient Wolf King seemed to be undergoing some sort of change. Under the cover of the moonlight, its huge body slowly rose into the air.

He suddenly remembered the description of the Ancient Wolf King’s skill! Under the state of the Ancient Wolf King’s Howling Moon skill, the Ancient Wolf King would undergo some sort of strange change!

For Lu Chen, a change at this time was not necessarily a good thing!

It was not easy for him to beat the Ancient Wolf King’s HP down to 40,000. He did not want his efforts to go to waste!

Lu Chen raised his shield and approached the Ancient Wolf King. He even saw the numerous wounds on the Ancient Wolf King’s body.

The moonlight seemed to gather on the hill, like a silver light pillar. The Wolf King that was floating in the air started to lose its fur!

Everything started to turn into a snowstorm!

Its original beast-like form turned into a human shape in the dense mist!

Lu Chen was shocked. 

Was this the power f a silver-level boss, to be able to turn into a human? 

Lu Chen raised his shield and arrived under the bright pillar of moonlight. Gritting his teeth, he raised his shield and rushed towards the human shape.

“Shield Backlash!”


The attack landed on the silhouette, but it did not cause any damage!

Was it immune to attacks?

Lu Chen’s scalp tingled. At this moment, his opponent’s magic effect had finally passed.

Lu Chen finally let out a sigh of relief. He then switched to the Sword God State!

His attack power increased fivefold as he slashed towards the evolving Wolf King!

However, the attack was to no avail! The Wolf King did not receive any damage!

This time, Lu Chen really felt a headache oncoming. Even the Sword God’s State could not deal any damage?

This was unbelievable!

He got angry and switched forms again!

Every switch he did, he just cascaded attack after attack down onto the Ancient Wolf King!

Ten minutes later…

Lu Chen stood at the side as he panted tirelessly. This time, he really had no other choice!

He had tried every form from the Sword God to the Blade God!

However, there was no other way!

The pillar of light in front of him was still tightly wrapped around the Ancient Wolf King!

It was like a turtle shell, no matter how hard he tried, he could not open it!

This was the first time Lu Chen had seen such a bizarre transformation of a wild monster.

Would a silver-level boss evolve into a gold-level boss?

Lu Chen was afraid of this happening. If a silver-level boss was so difficult to deal with, it would mean he would have no chance of defeating a gold-level boss!

Should he leave? However, deep down in his heart, he wanted to prevail! He had clearly reached the final step, yet his final challenge seemed impossible.

Lu Chen looked at the light and paced slowly on the hill. At this moment, his mental state had been weakened!

He had fought for more than ten hours in the tensest state. Before this, he had even fought a few battles in the valley. He had almost squeezed his mental state to the utmost limit!

He could faint at any time! However, Lu Chen forced himself to maintain a vague consciousness.

He was weak, but the Wolf King was also weakened!

It would be a pity if he gave up just like that. There must be a way to break this light screen!

He looked at the moonlight falling from the sky and fell into deep thought. The outline of the beast inside had completely disappeared and was replaced by a human figure.

The strong silver-white light seemed to be holding something.

Lu Chen turned his gaze to his interface.

After searching for a moment, he finally found a title that he had never used before in the title interface!

[Taming God]

In the thousand years he spent in the Hares Cave, Lu Chen had done almost everything that he could do!

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Including capturing and taming rabbits!

He had even turned the newly spawned wild rabbit into his battle helper!

This was not the first time he had done such a thing!


Lu Chen was looking forward to the effects of the Taming God!

[Taming God: Your understanding of taming and calling has reached an unfathomable level. When you try to capture and tame a target, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with the level of the target!]

[Top-tier Capture: You can capture a target regardless of the level. Forcefully changing the target will take up a pet limit. Current slot — 0/3]

[Top-tier Domestication: When you communicate with your pet and feed it, there is a high probability of increasing intimacy and favorability.]

[Dominator: Your pet will not be able to resist your orders.]

Lu Chen looked at the Wolf King with determination in his eyes. Regarding the 100,000 HP, it was still a wild monster!


Lu Chen immediately activated the special effect of the Taming God. He raised his hand and a huge capture net shot out from his palm.

The net directly enveloped the human figure under the light pillar!

A message immediately appeared in his mind.

[Ancient Wolf King]

[Level: 20 (evolving)]

[Attack: ???]

[HP: ???]

[Defense: ???]

[Magic Defense: ???]

[Skills: ???]

[Status: Captured]

[Player: Morning Mist]

Lu Chen was delighted.

It was a success!

At this moment, the moonlight dissipated and everything around him dimmed.

The pitch-black darkness made Lu Chen feel a little dizzy. He had really reached his limit. Above him, the silhouette of the human figure smashed down and landed on Lu Chen!

Exhaustion struck.

The system issued a warning.

[The game has detected that the player is in a state of extreme fatigue. You will now be forced offline in three seconds.]




The scene in front of him quickly disappeared, and Lu Chen was forced to log off.

Meanwhile, in Lu Chen’s rented room. The brightly lit game pod was shining with a ray of light.

A human figure could be seen sleeping on Lu Chen’s chest..
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