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Chapter 200: Six Gold Bosses Arrived!

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All of the monsters received the signal and immediately retreated. At this moment, they were falling back faster than when they had attacked.

When they had attacked, it had only been 10 minutes ago. The battle had been too fast, and victory had been too easy.

“F*ck! Lu Chen is awesome!”

“Tang Bao is also very powerful. If he hadn’t laid down such a good foundation, we wouldn’t have won so quickly!”

“So, we were just a hindrance. When can we be as awesome as Lu Chen? I also want to kill all the monsters in one swoop like him!”

“You can only be as powerful as Lu Chen in your dreams. You might even be stronger than him!”

“We won just like that? No way, I didn’t even kill a monster.”

“Me too. I didn’t kill a monster either!”

“Did we win?! Can we go back now?”

“No way! I’ve been on the battlefield for less than 5 minutes, and I’m already going back? This battle is boring!”

However, some of the warriors were still affected by the victory and cheered. However, most of the warriors had their eyes set on the two powerhouses, Lu Chen and Tang Bao. Meanwhile, the two of them did not move at all, their gazes were still fixed on the end of the monster tide.

The monster tide was like a receding flood. It came menacingly and left in a hurry. However, within the receding monster tide, there was a monster that was flickering with golden specks of light in the middle of the team. It was faintly discernible… it was strolling leisurely towards the battlefield.

No, it was not just golden light. It also flickered with various colored lights.

10 seconds later, when all the retreating monsters disappeared at the end of the forest, a Seven-colored Peacock slowly walked out. It’s head high, a calm temperament, and unhurried footsteps showed the strength of this peacock.

When all the warriors saw the Seven-colored Peacock’s information panel, they were instantly shocked!

[Name: Seven-colored Peacock]

[Level: 55]

[HP: 1,006,2000]

[Attack: 594,520]

[Defense: 290,800]

[Magic Defense: 244,584]

[Illusion Domain: An exclusive skill of the Seven-colored Peacock. It will produce different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. The Seven-colored Peacock is able to create an illusion domain. Within the domain, it can create all kinds of things. Everything in this domain is hard to distinguish between what is real and what is fake! It can create an existence that has a combat power to itself. At the same time, within the Illusion Domain, it would be immune to all damage. Has a chance to awaken the bloodline in its body and complete the transformation!]

The warriors instantly became excited!

“D*mn, no way, a gold boss! There really is a gold boss on this Mass Grave!”

The warriors faintly exclaimed, “A level fifty-five! What kind of existence is this? It’s too terrifying. Even Tang Bao is only level 40!”

“Yeah, even if Lu Chen leveled up so quickly, he’s only level 49. He’s not even level 50 yet. How can this Seven-colored Peacock be so powerful?!”

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“Oh right, Little Golden Dragon, where’s Little Golden Dragon? Oh… Little Golden Dragon is only level 45. There seems to be quite a gap between the two.”

“Oh right, Tang Xiaoqing, Tang Xiaoqing is level 59. Her attack power should be very strong, right?”

“I’m afraid that won’t do. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to defeat a monster of the same level as them. Usually, they would team up to kill the monster.”

“That’s right. Tang Bao killed so many monsters just now. Although they were all very strong, their levels weren’t as high as his. In addition, Tang Bao has a killing domain. He’s already very talented. How can this Tang Xiaoqing be stronger than Tang Bao and Lu Chen?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. One look and you can tell that Tang Xiaoqing is not ordinary. How can anyone who can follow Lu Chen be simple?”

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“Not only is Tang Xiaoqing’s level very high, but her combat power is also very high. Most importantly, take a look. There’s an unknown at the bottom of her level! This is very impressive!”

“That’s right. This Seven-colored Peacock is obviously not ordinary as well. We’ve never seen a boss that could unify tens of thousands of monsters in other silver territories.”

“Not only is this gold boss high-ranked, but its commander-in-chief is also strong.”

“I’m afraid that only Tang Xiaoqing has the strongest combat ability among all of them.”

“It’s just a gold boss. I think it shouldn’t be a problem. There are so many powerful players here. If we all attack together later, won’t we be able to kill this Seven-colored Peacock seamlessly?”

“That makes sense. There are hundreds of us here. It’s like fighting monsters in a team…”

“No, look!!”

Right at this moment, someone shouted, and all the warriors quickly looked into the distance again.

Behind the Seven-colored Peacock, a few golden figures appeared from the forest once again.

All the warriors were stunned. There were actually five other gold bosses behind it. Including the Seven-colored Peacock, there were a total of six gold bosses on the battlefield now. Even the weakest one was not much lower than Little Gold Dragon.

All of them were above level 40.

Among them, two were level 42, one was level 48, one was level 49, and one was Level 51!

Everyone’s hopes of winning were shattered.

Liu Changping, who had always been a wretched and well-developed man… hurriedly trotted over to Lu Chen’s side and said in a low voice, “Lu Chen, do you think we should hurry back to the main world? We might not be able to overcome this situation.”

Just as Lu Chen’s eyes were filled with caution, this Seven-colored Peacock was clearly a powerful opponent that far surpassed him, especially his greatest reliance — White Fog City was still in a deep sleep, and there was no way to wake it up.

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This battle would probably be very difficult to fight, and the Seven-colored Peacock was so calm that it did not even need to move quickly to make its way here. It was obvious that it was certain that they would not be able to escape.

Although he did not know what the other party had up their sleeves, Lu Chen could clearly feel that the other party seemed to have victory in their grasp.

Tang Xiaoqing, who was originally a little fangirl, gradually regained her serious expression at this moment, but only a few more traces of seriousness appeared on her face. There was not the slightest bit of fear.

A faint smile could be seen on the corner of her mouth. She pulled out a long sword from her hand and was about to walk toward Lu Chen.

However, before she could take a step, her body suddenly stopped as if she had been struck by lightning!
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