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Chapter 201: Tang Xiaoqing's Secret!

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Tang Xiaoqing’s figure suddenly froze.

Then, a look of disbelief appeared in her eyes, as if she had heard something secretive. She looked around but for the life of her, she could not see anything.

Then, this look of surprise changed again, revealing a trace of joy.

However, this surprised expression did not last more than three seconds, and she was back to being stunned. Then, a look of embarrassment appeared on her face.

After her expression changed several times, Tang Xiaoqing finally bit her lip, took a step back, and stood still.

Lan Weiwei and Liu Yuan were a little curious. They could not understand why Tang Xiaoqing, who was about to make a move, suddenly changed her mind in the face of such a difficult situation.

However, everyone knew that there was no need to ask about such things. Tang Xiaoqing definitely had her own unspeakable reasons.

Besides Tang Xiaoqing, all the other warriors did not retreat. They all started to move forward.

Even the Mages and Archers who were attacking from a long distance also moved forward to close the distance that was the most suitable for them to attack.

Even Rollie, who had been eating bamboo shoots all this while, shook the fur on his body at this time. He changed from his usual charmingly naive appearance to a ferocious aura as he charged forward.


Meanwhile, the group of gold bosses in the distance became even more powerful.

Although over 20,000 monsters had retreated far away and no longer attacked, the Seven-colored Peacock was a gold boss with other silver bosses backing it up.

These monsters were always at the end of the monster tide. Therefore, they were not affected by Tang Bao’s killing domain, nor were they seriously injured by Lu Chen and his two spiritual pets’ attacks.

Even Lan Weiwei’s Howling Moon was not super effective to those monsters. They only lost a small portion of their HP.

After all, with hundreds of thousands or even millions of HP, this 50,000 attack was negligible. Including critical hits, it was less than 100,000 points at most. Moreover, their powerful defense could form effective resistance, but the actual HP loss was far from significant.

Upon seeing this, Liu Changping’s eyes were filled with caution. It was obvious that at least one of these monsters had an AOE recovery skill.

At this moment, he could only hope that the monsters with the AOE recovery skill were silver level and not gold level. Otherwise, this battle would be too difficult to overcome.

Facing the enemy’s powerful lineup, the warriors were clearly at a disadvantage.

Especially now that Little Gold Dragon’s Crazy Dragon Breath had completely dispersed, it would no longer deal any damage to these monsters.

Under such a situation where the AOE damage was reduced, the battle between the warriors would be even more difficult.

All the warriors who had their HP and mana reduced immediately took out their potions and consume them. This was definitely going to be a tough battle ahead.

If they did not have enough HP and mana, they might die in this battle!

The Mages on the battlefield were also trying their best to gather their energy. At this moment, they looked a little funny on the battlefield… They were shining like light bulbs.

Although they looked ridiculous, they would definitely be able to display their strength in a while. This was because Mages had the advantage when dealing with these undead creatures.

When these Mages dealt with undead creatures, they would cause real damage and ignore defense and immunity effects.

At the same time, they would also have a strong resistance to the damage they received.

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It was equivalent to giving themselves a shield of light.

Finally, the Seven-colored Peacock on the opposite side could not hold it in anymore. After it stopped, it let out a cry once again and suddenly opened its huge, gorgeous tail and shook it crazily!

In an instant, hundreds of monsters charged out crazily toward Lu Chen and the others!

The warriors did not back down at all and charged forward to meet the onslaught. Everyone roared together and pounced forward.

“F*ck, let’s fight them!”

“These b*stards still want to fight us. We have to let them see how powerful our country is!”

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“That’s right. We can’t let Lu Chen get all the limelight. That guy is just a new recruit. We have to show him how powerful our veterans are!”

“You’re right. We can’t get the gold ones. Let’s get rid of all the silver ones first!”

“Hehe, I’ve been learning how to kill silver bosses from the Soul Slayer Team. Our squad can kill two of them!”

“What’s two of them? Look, our squad can kill five of them for you!”

“Stop f*cking bragging. If you don’t have a diamond in the rough, don’t take advantage of it!”

“F*ck, I’m going all out! Last time, I was protected by that brat, Lu Chen. I need to prove my worth!”

“This time, I have to show him what I’m capable of. The people of our Dragon Country are not to be trifled with!”

“How can Lu Chen steal all the limelight from us today, not a chance!”

All the warriors had a strong feeling in their hearts. These days, they had been beaten so badly by Lu Chen that they had already felt bad.

Right now, there was one chance to prove themselves. Seeing that Lu Chen could not solve the problem alone, they were extremely happy to help.

Lu Chen, who had always been awesome, had never encountered such a situation before.

Soldiers versus soldiers, generals versus generals.

The silver bosses and the warriors of the Dragon Country quickly found their positions and began to madly fight.

At the same time, they were very self-aware as they opened up the battlefield to the left and right, leaving a large empty space in the middle.

After all, if a gold boss and Lu Chen fought, they might accidentally hurt their own people.

Meanwhile, the Seven-colored Peacock and the other five gold bosses were on standby.

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Some of them were as tall as mountains. One of them was an elephant that was over 1,000 meters tall. Its huge tusk alone was over 100 meters long. It looked very intimidating.

Some of them were extremely short, less than half a meter long. It was a golden ant that looked much sturdier than the scorpion’s armor.

Some of them were extremely fast, even faster than Tang Bao when he was running at full speed. They were able to appear 200 meters away from Lu Chen in an instant, and they even suspected that they might have innate spatial laws.

There was also an old tortoise. Not only was it not slow, but it was also even faster than the elephant. The huge armor on its back was extremely thick, and the sharp fangs in its mouth made people feel numb.

On the old turtle’s back, there was even a sea cucumber that was lying on the turtle’s body. When Lu Chen and the others got closer and closer to the turtle, the sea cucumber actually went into the turtle’s shell and only revealed a pair of small eyes as it sneakily looked out.
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