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Chapter 202: Gold Tier Attacks!

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The strength of these five gold bosses was obvious.

The most bizarre starfish, in particular, made everyone feel strange. At the same time, the information panels of all the monsters appeared in front of everyone.

Seeing the scene before them, everyone was shocked. These gold bosses were simply too powerful.

Especially more so for the starfish. Its attack power was weak, and its defense was pathetic. It was even weaker than some silver bosses. However, what made them shocked was the starfish’s HP was eight times that of Little Gold Dragon. Oddly enough, its level was not even higher than the Little Gold Dragon’s!

Even though the starfish’s HP was more than ten levels lower than the Seven-colored Peacock, it still had twice the amount of HP.

Its super healer’s HP recovery skill was simply terrifying. Permanently healing a teammate was a skill that was extremely rare.

If it was just against the HP recovery starfish alone, it would just be like wear and tear, eventually, the starfish will give out. However, in a team battle, such a moving granary-like existence was equivalent to giving their teammate another life.

It was no wonder that this starfish had disappeared into the Tortoise’s shell in a flash. With these two together, the entire team’s endurance was guaranteed.

Everyone’s brows were tightly knitted together.

On Lu Chen’s side, the two people walking at the front were Lu Chen and Tang Bao. Behind them were the Soul Slaying Team and the Dragon Slayer Team. The other people behind were Liu Changping, Liu Yuan, Lan Weiwei, and Little Golden Dragon.


Although the Dragon Slayer Team suffered an awkward situation in the Snake Pond, they had recovered their levels from the previous battle. After all, they were powerful in real life as well… they were a battle-experienced team. Everyone would definitely do their best to support each other to return to their levels.

Lu Chen turned his head to look at Tang Xiaoqing in the distance. At this moment, Tang Xiaoqing had her head lowered. Her face was filled with guilt as she clenched the corner of her clothes tightly and drew circles with her fingers. She did not dare to raise her head to look at Lu Chen.

Although Lu Chen felt weary of her behavior, he did not ask too much. After all, he knew how good Tang Xiaoqing was treating him. The other party would definitely not want to intentionally harm him.

However, Liu Yuan stood up for Lu Chen. She kept muttering about how this little girl looked innocent but had an ulterior motive. She did not expect that the little girl would hide behind him and not make a move at such a crucial moment.

Lu Chen comforted her, saying that the little girl is not to blame. She must have had her own considerations taken into factor before coming with us.

Although Lu Chen comforted Liu Yuan, he knew that this was going to be a tough battle. He had considered that there must be a powerful gold boss behind these monsters. There might even be more than one, however, he had never thought that there would be six of them.

This was especially true for the peacock, which did not look very big at the time. Moreover, the peacock was very beautiful and had a very high level.

However, it quickly turned into a battle scene between the teams.

It was going to be Tang Bao versus the SEven-colored Peacock!

Dragon Slayer Team and Soul Slaying Team versus Swift Monkey!

Liu Changping, Liu Yuan vs the Golden Armored Ant!

Lan Weiwei, Little Golden Dragon vs the Towering Elephant!

As for Lu Chen, he was tasked to fight the Black Tortoise and Recovery Starfish alone.

These two both had very generous health bars. Moreover, they had AOE healing skills and AOE defense skills. If he does not kill the two of them quickly, he would be caught in a prolonged battle.

First, the Tortoise’s defense had to be broken through in order to deal with real damage.

There were already more than a hundred monsters on the battlefield. If everyone was given a 100% defense, this battle would be impossible!

Therefore, if he wanted to kill them, he had to let the Tortoise use all of its defensive armor on itself. Moreover, if he wanted to fight the Black Tortoise, he had to break the armor.

No one but Lu Chen would be able to hit that 200 million defense points in one go!

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Lu Chen did not say a word and directly rushed toward the Black Tortoise.

The Black Tortoise’s face was full of disapproval. After the Recovery Starfish returned, it shrunk its neck again and hid its entire body inside the tortoise’s shell.

The situation was urgent. Lu Chen did not dare to hold back and directly activated the title of Sword God!

[Sword God: Your comprehension of the sword has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a sword-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Sword Intent: When you use a sword-type weapon, it will burst forth with sword intent, and your attack power will increase to 700%!]

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[Sword God’s State: Your attack swiftness will cause irreversible damage. Items damaged by the Sword God’s State can not be recovered. ]

[Godly Speed: The speed of your sword attack is on a godly level. The attack interval will be greatly shortened. Attack speed is now increased by 800%. Limited to one attack once it reaches the speed limit. Immune to side effects. Lasts for one second.]

Lu Chen’s original attack speed was 32 times per second. Under the acceleration of the Sword God, it had reached more than 250 times per second!

After the awakening of Lu Chen’s bloodline and the improvement of his level, his physique was able to withstand all the acceleration of his attack!

In an instant, the attack power that Lu Chen had reached had increased to 150 million in a second!

Feeling the formidable power accumulated by this sword attack, the Black Tortoise, who had not paid any attention to it, suddenly widened its eyes!

The defensive armor that had been sent out to boost the strength of the teammates was now fully applied to its body!

Immediately, the thick shell of the Black Tortoise emitted an annoying golden light, it looked as though it was protecting the Black Tortoise from any harm. Its defense had reached 200 million!

When the defense was stacked back to back, the Black Tortoise once again revealed a human-like mocking expression.

That was blatant mockery!

150 million was not enough to break through the armor!

Lu Chen’s expression did not change. As long as he could trigger the power of the Heaven-cleaving Sword and unleash five times the explosive strike, this battle could be won!

However, to trigger such a critical strike with an extremely low probability was no easy feat.


Lu Chen roared. Immediately, Rollie emitted light once again, giving Lu Chen a luck buff!

Instantly, Lu Chen’s Heaven-cleaving Sword was also coated with a layer of mysterious halo!

With that, Lu Chen slashed down with his sword!

However, it did not trigger a critical hit.

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Although Lu Chen had already expected this to happen, after all, the lucky buff could only increase the probability. If it could not be maxed out, there was still the possibility of failure.

Still, Lu Chen felt a little regretful in his heart.

This was because Lu Chen’s Sword God’s maximum attack speed could only be used once. If it was used again, it would increase the burden on the body.

Furthermore, Lu Chen had also used up a large amount of his mana. He did not hesitate and consumed more Mana Potions to recover his mana!

The Black Tortoise did not wait to stand idly by and get attacked. It immediately prepared itself for a counterattack. Originally, this tortoise’s speed was already very fast. When it stretched out its head, its speed was even faster.
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