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Chapter 203: Armor Break, Double Kill!

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Seeing his opponent’s attack, Lu Chen did not want to be in its range of attack!

[Shield God: Your understanding of the shield has reached an unfathomable level. When you use any shield, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Indestructible: When you receive damage, you will be immune to 90% of the damage.]

[Shield Backlash: Return 90% of the damage you receive to the enemy.]

In an instant, out of the 180,000-point attack from the Black Tortoise, only 18,000 landed on Lu Chen. The rest was returned to the Black Tortoise.

However, the Shield Backlash was completely ineffective against the Black Tortoise. At this moment, the Black Tortoise’s defense was at its peak, and not a single drop of HP was lost.

Lu Chen raised his Heaven-cleaving Sword again and slashed down viciously!

Even without using his maximum attack speed, he could still fight!

100 times attack speed!

60 million attack points!


His attacks were ineffective!

200 times attack speed!

120 million attack points!

His attacks were ineffective!

150 times attack speed!

90 million attack points!

His attacks were ineffective!

Neither side was able to dodge the other’s attacks. Lu Chen’s attacks did not reach 200 million, so they were ineffective in breaking his opponent’s defense!

Lu Chen was not in the mood to dodge the attacks either. Other than the Shield God being activated, there was also the Sword God. As long as the number of times was enough, there was a chance of a critical hit!

A critical hit could allow the Black Tortoise to break through the defense directly. Otherwise, if the Black Tortoise continued to attack him, his HP might end up dwindling quicker.

After all, Lu Chen’s HP was less than 60,000 or 70,000 points. If he were to take the Black Tortoise’s attacks head-on, even with the help of the Shield God, he would at most die in four hits, if it was not for the fact that he had prepared some healing potions, he would probably have to borrow Lan Weiwei’s HP now.

However, even so, the healing potion’s speed was far slower than the Black Tortoise’s attack speed. If he could not deal with a critical hit, Lu Chen’s HP would be reduced to zero after taking five or six hits at most.

He was going to go for a 100 times attack speed!

[Ding! The critical hit effect of the Heaven-cleaving Sword has been triggered!]

[Play now has 300,000,000 attack points!]

With a cracking sound, an unnoticeable crack appeared on the Black Tortoise’s golden armor. The huge shield that was shimmering with golden light suddenly collapsed, and the Black Tortoise’s real body was finally revealed.

As Lu Chen’s attack moved like lightning, the others only managed to react in time. In just a few seconds, Lu Chen had broken the Black Tortoise’s defense, and his critical hits were all over 60,000,000 points, and the highest one had reached 300,000,000 points!

This kind of attack shocked everyone.

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Although Tang Bao had used his own blade technique to cause a large number of monster casualties, that was after all a group attack. To a single monster, it was only a few hundred thousand, with the help of his Sand Domain, he could barely reach a million points for damage.

However, Lu Chen’s attacks could reach hundreds of millions, more than once! This was very terrifying.

Not to mention the others, even Tang Bao was a little flustered. “F*ck is Lu Chen still human?!”

Even Tang Xiaoqing, who had never made a move from afar, was stunned when she saw Lu Chen’s attacks. Her mouth was wide open, and she looked as if she could swallow a village whole.

However, her face was full of surprise and joy. At this time, the guilt she felt for not participating in the match had finally lessened a little.

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However, the four or five attacks from the Sword God had almost depleted Lu Chen’s mana again. At this time, he could no longer withstand the high pressure brought about by the attack speed.

Since this armor had already been broken, he could only slowly grind the HP of his opponent down. Otherwise, if Lu Chen continued to attack the Black Tortoise at a high attack speed a few more times, his condition would plummet.

The combined defense of the Black Tortoise and the Recovery Starfish only amounted to less than 30,000,000 HP now.



In the blink of an eye, Lu Chen had killed both of the gold bosses. In the blink of an eye, two large red dots appeared above Lu Chen’s head. The long numbers shocked everyone.

Meanwhile, the level above Lu Chen had also risen by two levels. He had reached level 51.

The warriors were so shocked that they did not even know what to say.

Originally, they had been attacking the silver bosses with all their might. However, the silver boss basically had extremely high resistance against the healing skills of the blood star.

Moreover, in the beginning, the soldiers could not even cut off the blood of the silver boss. That was because the Black Tortoise had always stacked its defensive skills on all the monsters on the battlefield, making all the soldiers very passive.

However, Lu Chen’s earth-shattering sword attack had directly killed the two gold bosses, completely breaking the situation.

Not only were the ordinary warriors relieved, even the warriors who were facing the gold bosses felt the pressure on their hearts lighten. Originally, the gold bosses had high attack power, thick HP, and strong defense, if they were to add the two great support from the tortoise and the starfish, they basically would not be able to fight.

Lu Chen’s double kill this time made everyone excited at the prospect of a possible victory.

Lan Weiwei had long since transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf King. Her combat power instantly increased by 50%, and with the addition of the Moonlight, her overall attributes had also increased.

Meanwhile, when facing the Towering Elephant, Lan Weiwei’s level was simply not enough. She was only level 38, not even a gold-rank Lord, which was far from the level of the Towering Elephant.

At this moment, she had already used her skill —

[Ash Wolf’s Fury: The Ancient Ash Wolf King awakens the sleeping bloodline in its body, greatly increasing its own attributes, and has a chance to obtain an additional skill!]

Under such circumstances, Lan Weiwei’s combat strength had once again increased by another level. At this moment, her attack power was already stronger than Lu Chen’s ordinary attacks.

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At this moment, she directly attacked, unleashing a sky-piercing Demonic Flame.

The huge flames caused damage to the Towering Elephant. Although it was not very strong, the Towering Elephant’s body was too big. In addition, its movements were relatively slow, and its movement technique was relatively clumsy. Thus, no matter how it tried to dodge… it was unable to dodge this move of the Ancient Ash Wolf King.

The Little Golden Dragon at the side acted as the main force, fighting head-on against the Towering Elephant.

Although Little Golden Dragon’s level was three levels lower than the Towering Elephant’s level, it had the ability to enlarge itself or shrink itself. Little Golden Dragon, which was originally only a few hundred meters tall, was now more than a thousand meters tall, it even faintly showed signs of being twice as tall as the Towering Elephant.

Although this did not affect Little Golden Dragon’s combat strength, under the circumstances of its huge size, it definitely had an advantage in this fight as well!
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