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Chapter 204: Little Golden Dragon and Lan Weiwei's Strength!

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As long as he became long enough, he could completely rely on his advantage in length to entangle the Towering Elephant. At this moment, he was tightly strangling the Towering Elephant’s neck, making it difficult for the other party to breathe and causing it to continuously lose HP.

The Towering Elephant had always wanted to shoot out its own skill — Ivory Strike, but Lan Weiwei did not give the Towering Elephant any chance to get close at all. She had always been fighting with the Towering Elephant in a skirmish manner, from time to time, she would use the Demonic Flame to attack.

The Towering Elephant was annoyed by this passive situation. In its anger, it used its own skill — Earthquake Stomp.

It raised its leg, which was more than 500 meters high, and stomped on the ground. The ground shook, and all the enemies were temporarily stunned.

This caused all the warriors to fall into a passive state. Originally, they were fighting against their own monsters, but because of the temporary stun, they were stunned for almost a second.

Many of them were hit by the silver boss. They lacked the defense of their teammates and their HP bars were instantly emptied.

In an instant, more than 20 warriors died. They returned to the resurrection point to become rookies again.

This scene shocked everyone. Ever since they arrived at the Mass Grave, not a single person had died. Although they were prepared for such a thing to happen, when this moment really came, they could not help but panic.

After the Towering Elephant’s operation. Even Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon instantly interrupted all of the attacks. Little Golden Dragon’s body even fell off the Towering Elephant’s neck. Seeing Little Golden Dragon fall to the ground made it suddenly raise its foot and stomp on the ground again.

With the Towering Elephant’s strength and weight, as long as it stomped on the ground, it would definitely be a critical hit.

It might even be able to directly kill a strong player off!


As expected, this stomp directly took away more than 900,000 HP of Little Golden Dragon. Fortunately, Little Golden Dragon’s HP was adequate enough to tank it. It had a total of 4.5 million HP. A million HP was not enough to destroy Little Golden Dragon.

After recovering from the stunned state, Little Golden Dragon roared and slithered around its body again. Little Golden Dragon quickly still entangled around the Towering Elephant. Clearly, the Towering Elephant was very angry at Little Golden Dragon’s shameless manipulation, it shook its head and tried to use its tusks to attack, but it still could not touch the Little Golden Dragon.

Helpless, the Towering Elephant raised its foot again and stomped down fiercely.

The other warriors who were fighting the silver bosses were already prepared for such a thing to happen again.

Although they were all fighting the silver bosses, they kept their eyes on the loud bang from the corner of their eyes, afraid that the same thing would happen again.

Just as the Towering Elephant raised its foot, all the warriors retreated 100 meters.

The silver bosses were just as smart. Seeing that the Towering Elephant was about to launch an Earthquake Stomp, they began to attack the strongest warriors one after another. They wanted to take advantage of the time when the enemy was stunned to kill the warriors.

It had to be said that their strategy was very powerful. If the Towering Elephant were to repeat this a few times, it was likely that there would not be many warriors left in the Dragon Team.

Seeing the silver bosses rushing towards them, many of the warriors panicked. However, they were not willing to sit still and wait for death. Even if they were about to be stunned, they still wanted to find a safe place to protect themselves.

Some of the warriors even knew that they might not be able to dodge it, so they immediately launched their strongest attack.

They aimed straight at the silver boss in front of them.




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Under the desperate attacks of the warriors, they actually killed five silver bosses in succession and the warriors who were originally prepared to dodge also managed to dodge. What was going on?

The great Earthquake Stomp skill actually failed.

Everyone turned to look at the Towering Elephant. Even the silver bosses found it hard to believe.

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An unbelievable scene appeared in everyone’s eyes.

The Towering Elephant’s leg that had been raised up high… but did not land on the ground. Instead, it was tightly wrapped around the Little Golden Dragon’s body. The way it was raised up high was very comical. It even looked a little like a horse.

This skill was actually interrupted by the Little Golden Dragon!

“D*mn, is this the legendary blocking spell?”

“No way, such an unsolvable move was actually broken.”

“Little Golden Dragon is really awesome. There are no weaklings under Lu Chen.”

However, this was not the end. Little Golden Dragon’s body actually grew longer in a short second. It was three times longer than before.

At this moment, it was as if it was a long rope that quickly slithered across the Towering Elephant’s skin, gradually wrapping around its four legs.

The Towering Elephant immediately let out a mournful cry and fell to the ground.

At this moment, it had completely fallen into the situation of being beaten up because Little Golden Dragon’s strength was too great. Although the Towering Elephant could move a little, it was restrained by Little Golden Dragon and could not stand up at all.

On the contrary, Little Golden Dragon shook its head from time to time and stabbed its fangs into the Towering Elephant’s body. Lan Weiwei also launched the Demonic Flame at the Towering Elephant.

In dozens of seconds, the Towering Elephant was killed!

The scene in front of them was beyond everyone’s imagination. Initially, everyone thought that the biggest threat was the Black Tortoise and the Recovery Starfish. However, in just a few seconds, Lu Chen had unleashed an astonishing amount of combat power and killed the two gold bosses.

The Towering Elephant, which was widely regarded as the most difficult to deal with and the easiest to deal damage to everyone, had also been killed by Lu Chen’s two pets. In just a few minutes, Lu Chen and his pets had already killed three gold bosses.

The efficiency of killing monsters was simply astounding.

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The warriors also felt their faces turn red. Initially, they had said that Lu Chen had stolen too much of the limelight. Now they knew why he could so easily gain the spotlight.

Seeing this scene, all the warriors went even crazier. Normally, when they fought monsters with all their might, all the silver bosses felt as if they were filled with malice.

At the same time, Liu Changping and Liu Yuan entered a state of intense battle. Both sides fought back and forth.

The battle had reached its climax. Not only was the Golden Armored Ant extremely powerful, but its defense was also heaven-defying.

Besides the Seven-colored peacock, the Golden Armored Ant was the most powerful and highest-level existence. Moreover, the special characteristics of its body allowed it to possess over 800,000 defense points!
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