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Chapter 206: Liu Yuan, Dead!

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When the Swift Monkey saw the Golden Armored Ant approaching from afar, his body swayed!

In an instant, he abandoned the two Dragon Teams in front of him and dashed towards Liu Changping and the other two. The two battle teams, however, did not want to let the Swift Monkey get what he wanted.

They used their strongest attacks and control methods to block the monkey.

The monkey’s movement technique was not only fast, but his reaction speed was also extremely agile. All of the attacks from the group actually missed after the Swift Monkey increased his speed. They were unable to stop him.

Seeing Liu Yuan and Liu Changping’s HP continuously dropping, the two of them became anxious. Liu Yuan directly took out a scroll. It was an ordinary low-level teleportation scroll. In a second, she directly teleported a few hundred meters away. Fortunately, she managed to escape the Golden Armored Ant’s oncoming attack.

Liu Changping, on the other hand, did not have a teleportation scroll. For a moment, he was extremely anxious. Seeing that his HP was decreasing, he could not stand it anymore. He took out a weapon with explosive power and placed it in front of his chest. He quickly lit it up!


This attack directly blew away more than 10,000 of Liu Changping’s HP. Seeing this operation, everyone was stunned.

What was going on?

Liu Changping was really a ruthless person. Why did he hit himself knowing he was already low on HP?

However, everyone immediately understood his intention. After Liu Changping suffered the explosion and lost his HP, he was also blasted far away by the impact of the explosion. At the same time, he directly left the position of the ant’s oncoming attack.

In the next second, he did not think about anything else. He directly took out dozens of small health bottles from his hands and consumed them.






Everyone was stunned by Liu Changping’s speed. In just ten seconds, he had drunk more than 50 bottles of potions.

“D*mn, is this speed of a man who has been single for thirty years?”

“How many potions do you think our team leader prepared this time? In the past ten minutes, I saw that he had taken out more than three hundred bottles.”

“I think three hundred bottles should be the limit. After all, there is a limited space in the backpack.”

“I think our leader must still have a lot more potions hands. I guess he has a total of five hundred bottles. Otherwise, how could he drink it without feeling any heartache?”

“I bet he has at least a thousand bottles. How could he only have only five hundred? Even I have six hundred!”

“… D*mn, are you even human? Why do you need that many? Do you really get beaten up that badly all the time?”

“What do you know? This is called being prepared. Once you’re really beaten to death, you’ll understand how wise my decision was.”

In all honesty, Liu Changping’s heart was aching badly as he drank the potions. What he consumed was all money. He had spent a lot of effort to buy these potions and even sold his own apartment, all of this was to improve his equipment.

However, Liu Changping could not care about that anymore. After the explosion, he only had a few thousand HP left.

If he did not work hard to replenish his HP, any silver boss right now would be able to kill him.

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At this moment, Liu Changping was glad that he was smart. Otherwise, even if he had to wait for a second longer, he would have been killed by the Golden Armored Ant.

He even deliberately adjusted the angle of the explosion so that he could fly away from the monkey as well.

However, not everyone was as careless as Liu Changping. To be able to consider every detail on the battlefield, clearly, Liu Yuan did not think so much, the next place she appeared was actually 700 meters away from the Swift Monkey.

However, she was careful because the monkey’s Shadow Kill skill had a range of 500 meters. It was far from that range.

However, even though she had calculated it well, the Swift Monkey’s speed was immense. He immediately activated his Shadow Kill skill and used his feet to jump 200 meters away. Then, he teleported again!

At this moment, the monkey just happened to come to Liu Yuan’s side. Moreover, his attack had already reached 300,000 damage.

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Liu Yuan’s face instantly turned pale knowing what was about to come!

One had to know that she was not Liu Changping. She did not have that many single-use defensive equipments. In addition, she had already received quite a lot of damage from the ant. At this moment, she was only left with herself, she could only watch helplessly as the Swift Monkey came out towards her.

The monkey’s claw directly swept past Liu Yuan’s chest, leaving behind three claw marks. Her outer clothes were immediately torn apart, revealing a silver-colored armor.

Seeing this armor, some of the other warriors immediately cried out in surprise, “D*mn, isn’t that the epic-tier equipment, Eternal Armor?”

“F*ck! It seems like it really is. Liu Yuan actually has this thing. How awesome!”

“How powerful is this armor?”

“Let me put it this way. You should have seen Lu Chen’s Shield God before, right? Other than not being able to rebound, Liu Yuan’s eternal armor can also reduce 90% of attack power. It’s said that as long as a monster’s level doesn’t exceed gold, it will never be able to completely destroy this armor.”

Hearing the warrior’s explanation, everyone’s eyes lit up. They did not expect Liu Yuan to have a piece of epic-tier equipment.

The monkey’s attack could reach 300,000 attack power. Under the defense of the Eternal Armor, it could directly reduce 90% of the attack power, leaving more than 30,000 attack power.

However, the Swift Monkey’s Shadow Kill skill also had an armor-piercing effect, so this attack could actually deal 100,000 damage!

Not to mention Liu Yuan’s current condition, even if she was at her peak condition, she would not be able to defend against it at all.

Under the monkey’s powerful attack, Liu Yuan’s HP was immediately reduced to zero!

The monkey’s speed was simply too fast. No one had expected that he would be able to abandon his 10 opponents and launch a fatal attack on Liu Yuan.

From the Golden Armored Ant’s attack to the Swift Monkey’s Shadow Kill, this short process only lasted for a few seconds.

At first, Lu Chen did not pay too much attention to it, but by the time he wanted to make a move, it was too late!

“Liu Yuan!”

“Liu Yuan!”

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Everyone cried out in surprise, especially Tang Xiaoqing who was far away. Her eyes were wide open.

At this moment, Liu Yuan had already reached level 40. Although the other warriors had also lost their equipment and lost zero experience points, Liu Yuan was the one who had the best relationship with Lu Chen and the others.

From the moment he had become a powerhouse, Liu Yuan had already come to his side. Although it was in the name of surveillance, she had helped him many times.

Later on, the two of them became best friends. Their relationship grew deeper than the roots of a tree.

Lu Chen immediately burst out with his strongest speed and prepared to charge at Liu Yuan. However, before he could get close, a terrifying aura had formed in Liu Yuan’s body. The powerful aura and the terrifying state of the situation spread towards the entire battlefield!
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