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Chapter 207: Liu Yuan Disappears. The Swift Monkey Dies!

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A powerful force burst forth from Liu Yuan’s body, causing the world to change colors!

In an instant, the sky and earth changed color along with wind and clouds that surged upward. With Liu Yuan at the center, a powerful tornado formed.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t looking good, the monkey immediately stomped on the ground, preparing to escape. However, the powerful suction force of the tornado was incomparably powerful, pulling the monkey closer.

Following this, the tornado managed to crush the monkey into pieces!

Everyone was shocked. After all, this monkey had a total of 5,000,000 HP. Even though they had battled for a while, the monkey still had 4,000,000 remaining HP. Yet, the monkey was insta-killed in this tornado.

The most shocking thing was that Liu Yuan — who was at the center of the tornado — had long since fallen into a coma. The tornado had erupted from her body, and it was incomparably powerful.

Lu Chen saw the scene in front of him and was extremely anxious. He immediately prepared to rush towards her, but in the next second, a large purple hand suddenly materialized from the sky and suddenly descended!

It directly broke through the dark clouds in the sky, crushed the tornado, grabbed Liu Yuan in its hand, and then rose into the air and disappeared.

The entire process did not even take a second, but it caused the sky to return to normal as if nothing had happened.

Everyone panicked when they saw this scene. Lu Chen was even more shocked. Only Tang Xiaoqing had a strange expression on her face.

No one noticed that the Seven-colored Peacock had a serious look on his face. He lowered his head slightly as if he was bowing to the big hand in the sky.

Lu Chen pulled out his Heaven-cleaving Sword in anger when he saw the scene in front of him. He swung his sword at the Golden-armored Ant in the distance and struck a critical strike!

This critical hit triggered the additional functions of the Heaven-cleaving Sword.

[Heaven-cleaving Sword: Silver equipment. Can deal 10,000 damage to the enemy. A certain chance to trigger a fivefold critical hit! A low chance to trigger Spatial Cleavage to cut enemies into pieces and cripple them, reducing their attack power. Spatial Slash, absolute true damage that ignores defense!]


With just one slash, the Golden-armored Ant had died at Lu Chen’s hands. At this moment, only the Seven-colored Peacock was left.

However, Lu Chen did not want to bother him at all. The most important thing right now was to find Liu Yuan. However, he had no idea what was going on in this vast Mass Grave.

In addition to that huge hand in the sky, how did it come about was even more confusing! For a moment, he did not know what to do, but his eyes turned red from anger.

Tang Xiaoqing saw Lu Chen’s current state and felt a little anxious, she shouted loudly, “Chenchen, don’t be anxious. I know where Liu Yuan is. Liu Yuan is fine.”

Hearing Tang Xiaoqing’s words, Lu Chen gave her a deep look. After remaining silent for three whole seconds, he finally nodded slightly.

Tang Xiaoqing felt that Lu Chen was a little unfamiliar and distant to her. Her face was filled with an unknown grievance, and tears welled up in her eyes.

At this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock that was originally fighting with Tang Bao suddenly let out a cry. Following this, it flapped its wings and waved its arms. Instantly, the entire world changed once again!

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The surroundings were covered in a dense fog, making it impossible to even see one’s fingers. The warriors who had been fighting with the silver bosses also started to panic. They all maintained their vigilance and moved carefully, they were afraid that they would accidentally fall into an ambush. Meanwhile, the silver bosses were also completely covered by the white fog and disappeared.

The Seven-colored Peacock also disappeared from Tang Bao’s vision. This caused Tang Bao to panic slightly. Originally, when Tang Bao was fighting the Seven-colored Peacock, he could only rely on his killing domain to barely tie with the opponent. After all, the opponent’s level was much higher than his. He had fought for so long… However, he had only lost one-fourth of the opponent’s HP. If they were to encounter the enemy in the dark in such a situation, and they were to experience it in the open, everyone would be in danger.

The reason why the warriors were able to defeat the powerful gold and silver bosses with their weak attack and defense was precisely that they could use their movement speed and their various skills to dodge the enemies. However, in the situation where they could not even see their own fingers, they were about to become live bait.


As expected, a scream was heard. In an instant, a warrior had died at the hands of a silver boss. This was not the last scream. Soon after, one after another, the warriors were dropping like flies. In less than five minutes, more than ten of them had died.

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The situation of being beaten passively made all the warriors of the Dragon Team panic. However, at this moment, bright rays of light rose up from the white fog.

These were the light mages of the Dragon Team.

Although this white fog was an illusion created by the Seven-colored Peacock, the Seven-colored Peacock was, after all, an undead creature. It could be restrained by the light mages. Therefore, although everyone was still in the white fog… the white fog was no longer as dense as before. One could see a few meters in front of them.

At the same time, everyone gathered towards the light mages closest to them. This was because once these light mages die, everyone would once again fall into the demise of the white fog.

The monsters also noticed this, so they changed their targets to the light mages. Even though the warriors were very fast, there was still one mage who almost died from the attack.

The warriors who rushed over immediately handed him a large amount of health potion to heal him.

Lu Chen also brought Liu Changping, who was not far away, to the side of a light mage. He was surprised to find that Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon were also there. They were gathered together, any monsters that dared to come over would be killed by Lu Chen and Little Golden Dragon.

Lu Chen quickly adjusted his emotions, allowing himself to recover from Liu Yuan’s disappearance. he shouted, “Everyone, gather towards me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other warriors rushed over. The light mages were also gathering towards him at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, something strange happened. The other magicians were walking towards him, but then they suddenly changed directions and walked in other directions.

Everyone split up again.

Seeing this, Liu Changping was also a little anxious. he shouted, “What are you doing? Why aren’t you coming over?!”

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At this time, the other warriors also responded.

“Leader, I’m moving towards you!”

“That’s right, leader. I think we’re already very close.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen and Liu Changping’s expressions didn’t look too good. They knew that the Seven-colored Peacock had the ability to create illusions, so this fog must have been set to make them think that they were coming closer to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen suddenly thought of something. He frowned slightly and said, “Oh no! This Seven-colored Peacock has done something.”
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