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Chapter 209: Illusive Tang Bao!

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They had never seen Liu Changping act this tough before. At the same time, they were also very worried. After all, the rhinoceros in front of them was a level 35 monster. Not only was its defense powerful, but most importantly, it had already activated its skill… Rhinoceros Rampage.

This skill could double one’s attack power. Such an attack could instantly wipe out hundreds of thousands of human HP.

The warriors could not help but call out to Liu Changping worriedly.

“You’re being too reckless!”

“F*ck! He won’t die before he gets the chance, right?!”

Everyone seemed to have foreseen Liu Changping’s next tragedy. As expected, a string of red dots quickly floated out from the sky. Liu Changping had always been the reckless type.

However, everyone felt very sad because Liu Changping had indeed died to help the other members.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Liu Changping is fine. Look, he’s still alive!”

This was the person who had lowered his head and was prepared to mourn Liu Changping’s death. He suddenly raised his head. When they saw the string of numbers that were originally floating red, they were instantly dumbfounded!


A scene that shocked everyone appeared. Not only did Liu Changping not have a single floating red, but he had also directly dealt 600,000 damage to the rhinoceros!

It was impossible for a human to have such high HP, which meant that the Changping was unharmed!

“F*ck, is this still the Liu Changping that I know?”

“No way, when did our leader become so powerful? Hasn’t he always been a stoic person?!”

“As far as I know, he has bought quite a few houses since he came to the Dragon Team. However, in the few months since the start of the Second World game, he has sold almost four to five properties, all of which were used to buy equipment!”

“D*mn, so that’s how it works? The leader is really going all out, isn’t he?”

“Where on Earth did he get that shield from? Why are there bard wires on it?”

“It’s not just that. Look at that equipment of his, it can even deal with such a high critical hit. Clearly, it’s not a piece of ordinary gold equipment. At the very least, it’s one of the rarer ones.”

“F*ck, he’s so awesome!”

Following that, Liu Changping rammed his way from side to side for a while. In less than 30 seconds, he arrived beside another group of light mages.

The moment he appeared, the light mages that were originally being besieged immediately felt a lot less pressure. At this moment, Liu Changping did not even need to use his sword and knife. All he had to do was to use his shield to ram around. In an instant, all the enemies around him were sent flying.

Seeing this scene, the lightbulb team, who had been saved, was also a little dumbfounded. They could not believe that the person in front of them was Liu Changping.

“Team leader, your shield is awesome. If you put it on your back, you would be like a hedgehog.”

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“We use our swords and knives to increase our attack power, while you use your swords and knives to hide your strength.”

“When carried out missions in the past, you were used to holding back. In the Second World, you were still like this. I say, team leader, don’t tell me that one day you will reveal your true strength and be even stronger than Lu Chen?!”

Although this caused Liu Changping to not be able to fight as lethally as Lu Chen, or was even far inferior to Lu Chen, this sudden change had indeed shattered many people’s worldviews.

Liu Changping had long returned to his previous silly and easy-to-bully expression, he scratched his head and said, “I don’t have any strength. I borrowed this shield from the First Elder. I only have a broken iron sword. Don’t you know that?

“Look, in just a short while, I’ve lost so much of my mana. Ah, yes, which one of you has Mana and Health potions? Quick, quick, quick, give it to me!

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“In order to save all of you, I’ve suffered too much damage!”

Saying so, he reached his hand out to the warriors in front of him, a helpless expression on his face.

If this had happened in the past, many warriors would have their faces filled with gratitude. They would have taken out all of their Mana and Health Potions, and Liu Changping would have accepted them as well.

However, at this moment, when everyone saw Liu Changping appear in front of everyone with incomparable courage and easily repel those silver bosses, they immediately stared at Liu Changping as if they were looking at a fool.

Liu Changping pretended to be in pain as he extended his hand in front of everyone for a few seconds. Seeing that everyone was unmoved, Liu Changping immediately felt a little awkward, he quickly coughed dryly and said, “Alright, alright. Let’s hurry to other places and gather everyone together. That way, we’ll be safer.”

However, at this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock also noticed that they were constantly looking for each other’s companions. Once again, a loud cry could be heard from within the fog. In this illusion, the effect of the fog became even stronger.

The light emitted by the light mages had now become much weaker. There was no way for the people in the distance to see them. They could only let their own group see the position in front of them.

Fortunately, Lu Chen had already found Tang Bao.

The people in Lu Chen’s team were even happier. The two strongest people on the battlefield were here. This meant that they were safe. They did not have to worry anymore, even if they encountered the Seven-colored Peacock, they would not have any problems.

However, looking at Tang Bao, Lu Chen was puzzled. “Why are you alone? You’ve been in the fog for so long, but you still haven’t found any light mage team?”

Tang Bao’s expression was a little unsightly. “D*mn that, a group of silver bosses suddenly rushed out and scattered me and the warriors. After that, I couldn’t find them even if I wanted to. It wasn’t easy for me to meet you.

“This peacock is really too difficult to deal with. We have to be careful.”

Then, he looked at Lu Chen and all the warriors and asked, “Take out all the Health bottles you have. I’ll distribute them to everyone. Whoever lacks HP will get it.

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“Oh right, where’s your defensive equipment? Lend me some of your defensive shields. When a silver boss comes, be careful. Lu Chen and I will fight the monsters.”

Hearing Tang Bao’s words, the others hurriedly took out potions from their backpacks and handed them to Tang Bao. Tang Bao was about to reach out and take them, however, Lu Chen directly took out a large bottle of Health Potion from his backpack and blocked it in front of the other warriors.

Lu Chen directly handed the potion to Tang Bao, which was originally reaching out to the other warriors, pausing for a moment. Then, he glanced at Lu Chen and grabbed the potion in Lu Chen’s hand.

Just when he grabbed Lu Chen’s hand, he was instantly grabbed by Lu Chen.

Tang Bao’s face was a little surprised and said seriously, “Lu Chen, what are you doing! You’re causing a scene!”
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