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Chapter 210: Tang Bao? Seven

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However, Lu Chen ignored him. He waved the Heaven-cleaving Sword in his hand and slashed at Tang Bao’s neck!

Seeing this scene, all the warriors were stunned. Some of them even wanted to stop Lu Chen.

“It’s not necessary. Tang Bao just wants a few potions, right? Just give it to him. It’s not worth much.”

“Is Lu Chen under an illusion? Why did he just attack Tang Bao?”

“F*ck, if the two of them have an internal conflict, what should we do?”

Everyone felt that Tang Bao would definitely run away quickly. After all, Lu Chen’s combat strength was too strong. However, what shocked everyone was that the expression on Tang Bao’s face instantly became incomparably ferocious!

Everyone’s hearts thumped. There was something wrong with this Tang Bao!

It wasn’t because Tang Bao’s expression wasn’t right in the face of Lu Chen’s attack. Rather, it was because Tang Bao’s response was extremely strange.

Regardless of whether Tang Bao chose to dodge or take out his weapon to defend, no one felt that there was anything wrong with it. However, Tang Bao’s choice was to bite back!

Tang Bao opened his big mouth and instead of retreating, he charged forward and directly bit Lu Chen’s neck. Everyone could clearly see that Tang Bao’s teeth were already covered with sharp barbs!

The person in front of them was definitely not Tang Bao!

However, although this fake Tang Bao’s attack method made people shudder, it was extremely effective. Even Lu Chen, who had an explosive attack power, had no choice but to dodge at this moment. Otherwise, judging from the distance between him and his opponent… he would definitely be bitten to death first.

At such a close distance, Lu Chen barely managed to dodge the other party’s attack. However, the other party did not manage to hit him in the first attack. Immediately after, the other party opened its mouth and ran toward Lu Chen once more, each time, the other party’s attack was only 20 to 30 centimeters away from him.

Judging from the other party’s powerful speed, its attack power was definitely on par with Lu Chen!

Meanwhile, the other warriors in Lu Chen’s group dispersed into the distance. They knew that if they continued to stay by Lu Chen’s side, they would only add to the other party’s burden and would not be of any help.

Judging from the fake Tang Bao’s reaction speed, the monster in front of him was not a silver boss at all.

In that case, the opponent’s identity was obvious. It was the Seven-colored Peacock!

Under the opponent’s continuous attacks, Lu Chen could not even attack at all. He just kept dodging.

Finally, after dodging the fake Tang Bao’s attacks once again, Lu Chen instantly activated his own skill, Dark Shura!

[Dark Shura: Your understanding of darkness has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a hidden weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Shadow State: When you transform into a shadow, your body will be hidden in the void.Ordinary attacks can not deal any damage to you. When you encounter special damage, you will be immune to it.]

[Shadow Kill: When you use a long-range hidden weapon, your attack can surpass the opponent’s armor. This attack will not deactivate the Shadow State!]

[One Hit Kill: When you use a close-range hidden weapon, Shadow State will be deactivated. Attacks will surpass the opponent’s armor. Critical strikes, dodges, and shield blocks from opponents will be ignored. Deals 300% true damage!]

[Secret Whisper: You can curse an enemy in the dark. This enemy will be cursed with the curse of darkness. When you deal damage to the enemy, there is a 50% chance of killing the enemy in one hit. This skill ignores all immunity effects. Cooldown time is 30 days!]

In an instant, just as the fake Tang Bao was about to bite Lu Chen’s neck, Lu Chen immediately flew into the air.

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At this moment, the fake Tang Bao’s expression became even more terrifying. His eyes were like those of a ferocious beast as he searched around, occasionally letting out bird cries from his throat.

At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly appeared behind the fake Tang Bao and instantly used his One Hit Kill!

With Lu Chen’s attack power of over 80,000, coupled with his original attack speed of 32 times per second and the 600% attack bonus under the Dark Shura title, just one second of attack was enough to deal over 15,000,000 damage!

With the Seven-colored Peacock’s 10,000,000 HP, such a powerful attack was definitely enough to instantly kill Lu Chen.

However, the fake Tang Bao’s reaction was extremely fast. In less than half a second, they quickly turned around and opened their mouth, once again heading toward Lu Chen.

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Lu Chen quickly disappeared into the void once more. Although he did not manage to attack for more than a second, he had already consumed nearly half of the fake Tang Bao’s HP this time. Immediately, a red number of nearly 6,000,000 appeared in the sky!

This time, everyone was even more certain that other than the Seven-colored Peacock — who was a gold boss — no one else on the entire battlefield had such high HP.

However, Lu Chen’s failure to kill the fake Tang Bao this time had made the fake Tang Bao even more vigilant, constantly changing its position. Even if Lu Chen used the Dark Shura technique again, he would not even need a tenth of a second to do so, he would have to hide again.

However, this was already enough for Lu Chen. After grinding the fake Tang Bao twice in a row, he was only left with over a million HP.

Lu Chen only needed one last attack to finish it off completely.

Just as Lu Chen was about to appear in the void for the last time, he prepared to kill the fake Tang Bao!

“Show yourself! Attack!”

The fake Tang Bao wanted to turn around and defend, but it was too late!

Just as the dagger was about to pierce through his throat, Lu Chen’s eyes suddenly blurred. The fake Tang Bao had disappeared, turning into Liu Yuan with a huge wound on her chest!

Lu Chen’s hand suddenly trembled. In just an instant, Lu Chen understood that this was the Seven-colored Peacock’s illusion. He had fallen into its trap!

Then, he straightened his wrist again, ready to send the dagger directly into the fake Liu Yuan’s body!

However, for the fake Liu Yuan, a momentary pause was enough. She stretched out her neck and bit Lu Chen’s body.


This attack took nearly 600,000 of Lu Chen’s HP. Not only did it instantly reduce Lu Chen’s HP to zero, but even Lan Weiwei’s HP was reduced to zero. Even Little Golden Dragon’s HP was reduced by a little!

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This attack almost took Lu Chen’s life!

Lu Chen hurriedly hid in the void once again. As soon as he entered the void, he frantically replenished his HP potions.

Following that, Lu Chen immediately put some distance between him and the fake Liu Yuan. When he reappeared in the void again, the weapon in his hand had already changed into the Heaven-cleaving Sword. He raised the Heaven-cleaving Sword high up in his hand, ready to chop down!

Liu Yuan’s face was filled with sadness. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she muttered, “Lu Chen, don’t tell me you want to hurt me too?”

Lu Chen hands stopped yet again!
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