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Chapter 211: Friend or Foe?!

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Liu Yuan’s eyes were filled with sadness as she pleaded to Lu Chen with tears in her eyes, “Do you know how much pain I’ve suffered in order to catch up to you?

“Do you know why I fought so desperately with the Golden Armored ant just now?

“Because I like you, and I hope to be able to fight together with you in this Second World.

“I thought that I would die, but I never thought that I would die in your hands.

“How could you have the heart to kill me-”

However, before Liu Yuan could finish her words, Lu Chen’s Heaven-cleaving Sword was chopped down!


A huge red number rose into the sky. There were more than a million of them!

The Liu Yuan in front of them quickly disappeared. She turned into ashes and disappeared into the white fog.

The soldiers in the distance looked at the disappearing Liu Yuan in silence. They recalled the appearance of Liu Yuan when she died. Although they knew that Liu Yuan was not really dead, the words of the Seven-colored Peacock disguised as Liu Yuan deeply touched them.

Lu Chen coldly stared at the ashes in front of him and said in a low voice, “You shouldn’t have disguised yourself as her.”

Although everyone wasn’t feeling very good after seeing the Seven-colored Peacock disguised as Liu Yuan being killed, they couldn’t help but feel sad about the current situation.

However, at this moment, Tang Bao’s voice suddenly came from the distance. Lu Chen quickly came over. “The Seven-colored Peacock is here with me. Hurry up and help me kill him.”

Hearing Tang Bao’s voice, everyone was shocked. After all, they had just been attacked by the fake Tang Bao for such a long time. They felt somewhat uncomfortable and were somewhat on guard.

However, they soon realized that Tang Bao was the real Tang Bao. At the same time, they suddenly thought, if the opponent Tang Bao was fighting was the Seven-colored Peacock, then who was the one that Lu Chen had killed just now?

Lu Chen had just realized that something was wrong, because after he killed the Seven-colored Peacock, there was no hint of an experience bonus.

Clearly, the Seven-colored Peacock was not the one he had killed.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that the Seven-colored Peacock had another skill.

[Name: Seven-colored Peacock]

[Level: 55]

[HP: 1,006,2000]

[Attack: 594,520]

[Defense: 290,800]

[Magic Defense: 244,584]

[Illusion Domain: The exclusive skill of the Seven-colored Peacock. It will produce different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. The seven-colored peacock can create an illusion domain. It can create all kinds of things within the domain. Everything within this domain is hard to distinguish between the real and the fake! It can create an existence that is similar to its own combat strength. At the same time, within the illusion domain, it will be immune to all damage received. There is a chance to awaken the bloodline in its body and complete the transformation!]

This also meant that the Seven-colored Peacock could not only transform into a different version of itself, but also a person or a monster that was as strong as itself!

At this moment, everyone finally understood how powerful the Seven-colored Peacock’s ability was. If it was not for Lu Chen’s existence, everyone here would have been wiped out by the Seven-colored Peacock. Tang Bao would have barely been able to tie with it, if there were two Seven-colored peacocks, Tang Bao would have been lucky to escape.

At the same time, everyone realized that the white fog here was now not as thick as before. Not only did the light mage’s brightness increase, but even the silver bosses lords in the distance could faintly be seen. It was obvious that because Lu Chen had killed one of the Seven-colored Peacock’s clones, the seven-colored Peacock’s ability to control the entire illusion wasn’t as strong.

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All of the warriors instantly mustered up their strength and charged directly at the silver bosses. In just a few seconds, the two sides were once again engaged in a chaotic battle.

However, immediately after, everyone saw a scene that left each other dumbfounded. They did not know if they were seeing things, but everyone here had become exactly the same as them!

Those silver bosses had also disappeared, becoming people who looked the same as them.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this scene.

Now that the silver bosses had turned into people who looked just like themselves, what should they do? At this moment, it was already difficult to tell who was a teammate and who was a monster.

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It had to be said that the Seven-colored Peacock was the most difficult monster Lu Chen had encountered since he entered the Second World.

It was not because the peacock was strong, but because he had too many tricks up his sleeve. If he was not careful, he would fall into his trap.

Not only could he disrupt the enemy’s line of sight and create an existence that was as strong as himself, but at this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock had turned everyone into his own knife, wanting them to kill each other.

At the very least, these warriors were already afraid of taking action. Therefore, not only could the warriors not take the initiative to attack, but most importantly, they had to strengthen their defenses. After all, if a silver boss pretended to be a teammate and attacked them, it would be fatal.

In an instant, the entire battlefield was in an uproar. Clearly, this was not the only place where such a situation had occurred. All of the warriors had become such existences.

For a time, everyone on the battlefield was constantly dodging and avoiding attacks, afraid that they might end up attacking their real comrades.

Just when everyone was at a loss and did not know what to do, Liu Changping suddenly shouted from afar, “Everyone, be careful! All those who take the initiative to attack are silver bosses. Be careful!”

Liu Changping’s words suddenly woke up the warriors.

Everyone on the battlefield was afraid of getting hurt, so when the warriors fought monsters, they mainly dodged. Only when they dodged the attacks would they attack the monsters.

In this situation where they could not differentiate between friend and foe, the warriors’ first reaction was to dodge the damage. Only those silver bosses could clearly see who was the monster and who was the enemy under the Seven-colored Peacock’s settings, then, they launched an attack.

Hearing Liu Changping’s words, everyone immediately put in 120% effort to observe who would attack and who would dodge.

Gradually, everyone understood which fake comrades were the monsters. Then, when they attacked again, they would directly kill!





Sure enough, when the warriors slashed down, blood gushed out everywhere!

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Humans definitely did not have that much health. This move worked!

Meanwhile, Lu Chen ignored these silver bosses and directly rushed over to Tang Bao’s side with his Heaven-cleaving Sword.

Through the increasingly thin white fog, Lu Chen could vaguely see two Tang Bao fighting each other.

The two Tang Bao here were not like the ones he had met before, who only knew how to use their teeth to bite. Instead, each of them was holding a weapon in their hands, and the two sides were exchanging blows.

Lu Chen was directly speechless, cursing, “What the f*ck is going on?!”
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