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Chapter 213: Annihilate the Monster Horde!

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The monsters in the Mass Grave were all here, and there were fewer and fewer of them as time went on.

Beyond their disbelief, the warrior’s faces were actually filled with pride.

However, Lu Chen and Tang Bao were clearly not so optimistic. How could there be only that many gold bosses in the Mass Grave?

Although there was a difference in strength between these gold bosses, they were far from being ruled by a level 55 Seven-colored Peacock.

It was just like how there was only one silver boss in each silver territory. The rest were all ordinary monsters.

If the monsters in the Mass Grave, especially the six gold bosses, were so obedient, it meant that there must be a higher-level existence here.

Tang Bao knew that he was no match for the Seven-colored Peacock. Just fighting the Seven-colored Peacock had been too tiring for him. If there was another higher-level existence, even Lu Chen would be killed instantly.

Along the way, Lu Chen was preparing for the next intense battle. He took out a lot of Health Potions from his backpack. At the same time, he also took them from the other warriors.

Many of the Health Potions were used to restore Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon’s strength.

After that, they ran for another half an hour. When they saw the Seven-colored Peacock’s eyes light up, they suddenly increased their speed and ran forward.


Lu Chen immediately understood that they were about to reach the core area of the Mass Grave. Knowing this, Lu Chen suddenly stood still.

All the warriors also stood there and did not go forward. There were originally 50,000 monsters, but now there were only a few hundred left. At most, they would be killed in half an hour.

However, everyone would still listen to Lu Chen’s words. Since he stood there, he must have his reasons.

Everyone stood there and waited for Lu Chen to give the order.

Lu Chen looked at the many soldiers in front of him and said with a serious expression, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to protect all of you and caused dozens of your people to die.

“You can’t go to the following places because, in the core area, I can’t even guarantee my own safety. All of you can go back and rest in the real world.”

Hearing Lu Chen’s words… Liu Changping was the first to speak. “Lu Chen, don’t think too much. Since the soldiers came out, they were prepared to die. If you weren’t here, I’m afraid we would have been wiped out in the battle easily.”

Hearing Liu Changping’s words, Lu Chen nodded slightly.

“That’s right. Our team leader is right. If it weren’t for you, Lu Chen, we wouldn’t have been able to increase our levels by so much.”

“It’s a few hundred against fifty thousand of us. It’s a blessing that only a few dozen members died. We were able to kill through the entire Mass Grave thanks to Lu Chen.”

“Lu Chen, let us follow you. We also want to save Liu Yuan as well.”

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“Yeah, let us go too. We’re not afraid of death, even though there might be more powerful monsters ahead. Even if we use our lives to pile up, we can still grind down his HP.”

Everyone understood that under normal circumstances, after Liu Yuan was killed, she should have disappeared back to the Novice Village. However, due to the existence of the large purple hand in the sky, everything was a mess.

Moreover, this Mass Grave was not an ordinary place. If the large hand was allowed to do whatever it wanted, Liu Yuan might not be able to live at all. In that case, her consciousness would forever remain in the Second World.

The soldiers also understood that since the big hand was able to keep Liu Yuan, naturally it could also keep them from leaving. However, as members of the Dragon Team, they could allow themselves to die in battle, or even allow themselves to be wiped out. However, they would not allow themselves to leave her in the lurch.

This kind of comradeship where they had fought together made it impossible for them to leave Liu Yuan alone.

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Finally, Tang Bao, who was still fooling around, said nonchalantly, “What’s the point of you guys coming? You’re just adding to the chaos.

“You guys have been fighting so hard against these silver bosses. Some of you can’t even break through their defenses, much less a gold boss. If there were any more powerful existences, you guys wouldn’t even know how you died.”

At this moment, the members of the Dragon Slayer Team spoke up, “So what? Even if Lu Chen is fighting, we can still charge forward and take the damage when he encounters it. What right do you have to look down on us?”

Tang Bao had never been one of them. Although Tang Bao had previously displayed his astonishing combat strength, under such circumstances, seeing Tang Bao taunt the members of the Dragon Slayer Team, they were a little angry.

Tang Bao curled his lips and said with a smile, “You guys are from the Dragon Slayer Team, right? I heard that when you guys were at the Snake Pond back then, you were instantly killed without even seeing Little Golden Dragon. Is that true?”

Tang Bao did not have any malicious intentions. Otherwise, he would not have risked his life to save Liu Yuan together.

The reason why he said that now was because he wanted to quickly send these members of the Dragon Team out of this world. That way, he could quickly chase after the peacock. Otherwise, once the other party disappeared from his sight, he would probably lose track of them.

Hearing that their secret was exposed, the faces of the five-member Dragon Slayer Team instantly turned red. Li Xiaotian’s flushed face stuttered for a long time without saying anything.

Seeing Tang Bao’s careless manner, Lu Chen hurriedly stopped him, he said, “All of you go back. It’s really too dangerous. I don’t want the combat strength of the Dragon Country to be damaged. I, Tang Bao, and Tang Xiaoqing are enough here.”

Hearing this, Liu Changping wanted to go up and say something, but Lu Chen shook his head and stopped him. “You go back too.”

Hearing this, Liu Changping frowned. He lowered his head and thought for a while. Then he waved his hand at the soldiers of the Dragon Team. “Alright, let’s go. We cant help them here.

“Tang Bao was right. If you want to help Lu Chen in the future, then all of you should f*cking train hard. Whoever dares to be lazy in the future… will be kicked!”

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Hearing Liu Changping’s words, the soldiers of the Dragon Team lowered their heads one after another. They were not dissatisfied with Liu Changping at all. In fact, they were unhappy with Tang Bao because of their own incompetence.

Tang Bao was right. If it were not for the fact that they were too weak, how could they have no choice but to return to the real world when Lu Chen needed help the most?

They blamed themselves. They had never hated their own incompetence like this. Everyone was silent for a moment. They looked at the monsters that were getting further and further away from them, finally, someone gritted his teeth and shouted, “Lu Chen, hurry up and chase after them. Don’t let them get away. I’m going back now!”

Then, he clicked the button to return to the main world. Three seconds later, he disappeared from the Mass Grave.

With the lead of one person, the others returned to the main world one after another. In the end, Liu Changping, the Dragon Slayer Team, and the Soul Slayer Team all looked at Lu Chen deeply.
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