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Chapter 214: The Seven

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Everyone’s eyes were filled with deep self-blame.

Their gazes were solemn as they said, “You must protect yourselves well. We’ll wait for your return to the real world.”

Following this, they left the place, leaving behind Tang Xiaoqing, Tang Bao, Lu Chen, and his spiritual pets.

Tang Bao and Lu Chen had a tacit understanding. They did not look at Tang Xiaoqing. Although they did not know what reason Tang Xiaoqing had, they had no intention of getting her to tell them the reason. Instead, they continued to chase after the distant monsters.

The monsters here were already high-level silver bosses. To them, killing them was a piece of cake. This method of gaining experience points allowed Lu Chen and Tang Bao’s levels to keep increasing as they sought after their target.

They were not killing the monsters here because they were greedy for experience points. They were not in a hurry to save Liu Yuan as well. Instead, every time they increased their strength, the probability of Liu Yuan becoming stronger would increase.

Lu Chen even wondered if the leader of the Mass Graves was as strong as the guardian general of White Fog City back then!

If that was the case, there was no way they could fight this battle. The Guardian General had stood still and allowed Lu Chen to kill him.

Even though Lu Chen had used a powerful skill, he had only managed to cut down 30% of the Guardian General’s HP. However, the leader here would never allow himself to be slaughtered.

However, they were already close to level 50. To players of this level, the EXP they needed to level up was astronomical. Even though he had already killed all of the silver bosses before him, this was far from enough to break through to level 50.


At this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock was the only monster left. Lu Chen had never even made a move against this gold boss. After all, if he really killed the Seven-colored Peacock… there would be no way to find Liu Yuan.

However, just because Lu Chen did not make a move did not mean that others would not make a move. From time to time, Lan Weiwei would launch long-range attacks on the Seven-colored Peacock.

Meanwhile, Tang Bao’s killing domain had covered the Seven-colored Peacock from the beginning to the end. He continued to use his normal attacks to weaken the Seven-colored Peacock’s HP until it had less than 10,000 HP left.

At this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock was already in a sorry state. Its originally gorgeous feathers had long since fallen off. Its plump wings were covered with exposed bones and broken flesh. At this moment… Only then did its true nature as an undead creature reveal itself.

At this moment, the Seven-colored Peacock was absolutely terrified. It no longer looked like a gold boss. It was like a frightened hen, being chased everywhere.

Back when it had promised Han Tianyi to attack Lu Chen, it had been full of confidence, especially when Han Tianyi had asked it to bring five gold bosses under it. It had thought that if it attacked alone… all the soldiers of the Dragon Team would be killed.

After all, when he had faced those foreigners, he had easily killed them. He had not even made a move. He had only used the illusion to let them escape.

When Lu Chen had been in the Mass Grave, he had seen him a few times. At that time, Lu Chen was not even at the aurous core stage. He was far from being as powerful as the strongest foreigner.

Lu Chen had only killed a few silver bosses. His combat power was only so-so. The peacock knew that he was only about level 20 away from Lu Chen’s level.

However, after a few days, when Lu Chen appeared again, his strength had already soared by more than ten levels.

What shocked him the most was that Lu Chen’s combat power could not be measured by his level.

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This Asura skill had killed the turtle with a defense of 200 million and the Recovery Starfish with a heaven-defying HP recovery ability so quickly.

This leveling speed was even faster than a rocket shooting upward, and the lethality was even more terrifying.

Lu Chen’s level had already increased by more than ten levels, and he was already over level 50. was this really the leveling speed that a human could reach? Could This person be a pervert? At this moment, he suddenly thought of Han Tianyi and his heart jumped.

Would this youth become someone like Han Tianyi in the future? However, the moment this thought appeared, he immediately rejected it.

After all, Han Tianyi was a heaven-defying existence. How could Lu Chen compare to him?

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Thinking back, when Han Tianyi was on the verge of death, he fell into the Mass Grave. In this place that was filled with the aura of death, he actually managed to survive. With the remaining life force and aura of death, he became the overlord of this place, he became an immortal existence in the Mass Grave.

No matter how strong this youth was, he was definitely not his match.

Finally, when he was running madly until he was exhausted and was about to collapse, the Seven-colored Peacock finally saw the person whose entire body was shining with golden light with newfound vigor.

It was Han Tianyi!

At this moment, his body was emitting an endless aura as he suppressed Lu Chen and the others.

Immediately, other than the Seven-colored Peacock, everyone else stopped in their tracks and was almost suppressed by the pressure. However, Lu Chen’s heart was already filled with anger. He raised his Heaven-cleaving Sword and immediately unleashed his strongest attack speed as he slashed down!

At this moment, Lu Chen’s attack power was even stronger than before. When he was facing the tortoise, his highest attack speed was able to unleash a critical strike of 150 million. However, at this moment, his critical strike had already reached close to 200 million.

Looking at that magnificent sword strike that could split mountains and split seas, the Seven-colored Peacock felt like its head was about to explode. It’s two broken wings that had almost no feathers flapped wildly.

However, there was no way for it to escape from Lu Chen’s attack range. The Seven-colored Peacock’s face was filled with despair.

At this moment, Han Tianyi, who was far away, suddenly raised a finger and pointed at Lu Chen’s sword in the air.

In an instant, a huge purple-gold hand appeared. The tip of the finger was right on top of the powerful sword intent that Lu Chen had created!

Just a single finger was enough to shatter Lu Chen’s powerful attack!

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Han Tianyi’s attack was too ordinary. It could be said that it was an understatement. It shocked everyone on the spot.

Both Lu Chen and Tang Bao knew that this person was definitely not someone they could fight against. However, Tang Bao vaguely felt that this person seemed familiar as if he had seen him somewhere before.

Tang Bao brushed off that feeling and prepared an offensive stance. After all, how could there be someone he was familiar with in the Second World?

Even Tang Feng was still very far away from the Mass Grave.

At this moment, Lu Chen’s face was as calm as water. He watched as the Seven-colored Peacock ran towards Han Tianyi, but Lu Chen did not make a move. He was only thinking about how to resolve the current situation.
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