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Chapter 215: Liu Yuan Woke Up!

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The man in front of him was too powerful. He had blocked nearly 200 million of his attacks. This kind of combat power was not something he could match.

At this moment, he found a woman lying on the ground not far away from Han Tianyi. Her well-being was unknown. That very woman on the ground was Liu Yuan who had disappeared not long ago!

Combined with the huge purple-gold finger just now, the identity of the other party was obvious. It was the person who had captured Liu Yuan previously!

Just when Lu Chen did not know what to do next, Han Tianyi spoke first. He opened his mouth slightly and uttered a clearly visible word.


In the next moment, without waiting for Lu Chen and the others to be on guard, he instantly appeared in front of Han Tianyi.

Lu Chen and the others were immediately shocked. Tang bao blurted out, “What the f*ck is happening!”

Tang Bao had already thought that the person who could make the Seven-colored Peacock take the initiative to seek protection must be at least at the peak of the gold stage, which was a level 59 existence.

However, everyone knew that the existence behind the Seven-colored Peacock was probably at the soul stage.

The monsters below the soul stage were silver and gold stage. They corresponded to the golden core stage of the spiritual stage and the human stage.


However, once they surpassed the gold level, the monsters would be classified into the same level as the humans, which was the soul stage, the acquired stage, and higher levels.

On the way here, Tang Bao had already told Lu Chen about this. At the same time, both of them knew that there was a huge gap between the soul stage and the gold stage. No matter how many gold bosses there were, they would not be able to defeat a soul stage master, this was very similar to humans.

However, due to the fact that Lu Chen’s attack power had a huge boost and doubled attack power, Tang Bao felt that he might still have the strength to fight.

However, at this moment, he was completely stunned. This was because shrinking the ground into an inch was a method used by an ascension stage expert. This also meant that this ordinary-looking person in front of him was an ascension stage expert! The highest level that was known to mankind!

Most importantly, Tang Bao knew very well that even his fifth uncle, Tang Feng, wouldn’t be able to easily neutralize Lu Chen’s 200 million attack power.

This was very terrifying. Their greatest backer was the ancient martial arts aristocratic family, the Tang family. However, there was no need to fear the Tang family’s influence in this area.

Most importantly, the current situation was now under the control of this man in front of them. Even if they wanted to return to the real world, it was impossible.

Back then, the Seven-colored Peacock’s white fog technique was able to make everyone unable to leave the Second World, let alone this seemingly omnipotent man in front of them.

He had even seen Han Tianyi’s method of capturing Liu Yuan. Liu Yuan was clearly dead, but not only did Liu Yuan not return to the Novice Village, but she was trapped here. This also meant that if she wanted to die, returning to the Novice Village was an extravagant hope.

Thinking of this, Tang Bao’s heart was somewhat numb.

Just as Tang Bao thought about all of this, Lu Chen suddenly disappeared from beside him!

At this moment, Lu Chen was using his dark shura ability to hide in the void.

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A faint smile appeared on the corner of Han Tianyi’s mouth. Then, he raised his right foot and paused slightly on the ground. With his right foot as the center, the entire space shattered inch by inch as if it had been burned into ashes. Lu Chen’s figure immediately appeared and fell to the ground.

This method once again shocked Tang Bao. As far as he knew, not to mention his fifth uncle, Tang Feng, even his uncles and uncles combined did not have this kind of ability!

Who was this person in front of him? Why was his cultivation so terrifying?

In his panic, he slowly turned his head and looked at Tang Xiaoqing.

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He saw that Tang Xiaoqing looked at the man with curiosity, but there was no fear in her eyes. Tang Bao guessed in his heart, could it be that Tang Xiaoqing knew this man in front of her? How though?

Why did he have this familiar feeling as well?

Tang Xiaoqing saw Lu Chen being forced to appear from the void, and her face was a little anxious. She was afraid that Han Tianyi would hurt Lu Chen, so she hurriedly took a step forward and said, “Uncle Han…”

Before she finished speaking, Han Tianyi smiled and nodded at Tang Xiaoqing. Then, she said to Lu Chen, “Among young people, you’re not bad. Even I, at your age, was not as strong as you.”

Although Han Tianyi’s words were full of kindness, he did not hide the trace of arrogance.

Lu Chen did not say anything. Although the other party did not attack him, it was still difficult to tell whether he was an enemy or a friend.

Just as he was thinking about how to solve the problem in front of him, he suddenly heard a voice. Lu Chen and the others turned around and saw that it was Liu Yuan who was lying on the ground. She opened her eyes and slowly got up from the ground, trying to sit up.

Seeing this, Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei quickly ran over to help Liu Yuan up. Liu Yuan was obviously injured. She coughed twice and explained, “Lu Chen, this person doesn’t have any bad intentions. He saved me. Don’t argue with him…”

Hearing Liu Yuan’s words, Lu Chen nodded slightly, and the serious expression on his face eased a little.

Although Lu Chen didn’t understand what Han Tianyi was trying to do, he still nodded slightly and said, “Thank you.”

Although this sentence was sincere, the wariness in his tone was unmistakable.

However, Han Tianyi wasn’t there. Instead, he slowly shook his head, turned his body to the side, and said, “Right now, this girl only managed to save her life. I didn’t kill her, but if you bring her back like this, her cultivation will start from level one.

“You should know how difficult it is for her to cultivate to her current level. Moreover, I won’t let you bring back the equipment that she dropped here. So, you have to think carefully now.

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“Should you bring her back or leave her here.

“If you want to bring her back, I won’t stop you. However, if you want her to retain her current strength, I can help you.”

Hearing Han Tianyi’s words, Liu Yuan’s face was full of excitement, and her face was a little red.

She knew that her current strength was not easy to come by, especially her equipment, which was even harder to come by. If she started from scratch, it would mean that she would have to kill the enemy with difficulty and spend a few more months grinding, only then would she be able to train to her current level.

Or she would have her teammates take her to farming areas. In other words, it would be a bit of a drag. Moreover, even if her teammates took her to farm monsters, she would not be able to surpass her teammates, let alone stand shoulder to shoulder with Lu Chen.
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