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Chapter 216: Han Tianyi!

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Lu Chen’s eyes were filled with caution as he carefully looked at Han Tianyi for quite a while. “Why are you looking for me.”

Han Tianyi’s eyes lit up with interest as he asked, “How did you know that I was looking for you?”

Lu Chen replied in a deep voice, “If you were looking for someone else, I’m sure you wouldn’t even need to call the Seven-colored Peacock over. Because with the Seven-colored Peacock’s strength, no one else would be able to defeat it.

“Moreover, the moment I arrived at your place, you managed to neutralize my attacks one by one without harming me. I think you want me to do something.

“Therefore, you don’t have any ill intentions.”

Han Tianyi smiled faintly and didn’t answer directly. Instead, he continued to ask, “Oh? Then how do you know that I’m not looking for Tang Xiaoqing instead? Tang Xiaoqing’s strength is much higher than yours.”

Lu Chen glanced at Tang Xiaoqing and said, “If you wanted to look for Tang Xiaoqing, you wouldn’t have stopped Tang Xiaoqing from making a move just now.

“The other Seven-colored Peacock is only a level fifty-five gold boss. It can deal with us, but it will be extremely difficult to become Tang Xiaoqing’s opponent.

“If ait were between them, the Seven-colored Peacock might not be able to escape.”

Lu Chen glanced at the Seven-colored Peacock that was taking care of its broken feathers.


The Seven-colored Peacock was so frightened by Lu Chen’s glance that it trembled violently. It then moved closer to Han Tianyi with an aggrieved expression.

Han Tianyi looked at the Seven-colored Peacock, which was in a mess, and sighed slightly. “I thought that this little three would be able to trap you in the mist, but I didn’t expect you to kill it instead. I really miscalculated.

“The reason why I sent the other Gold bosses was to test whether you’re qualified to see me.

“The second reason is to better control the silver bosses so that they won’t kill the rest too ruthlessly.

“If all the members of your team die in battle, I’m afraid your first elder will come looking for me.”

Hearing Han Tianyi’s words, everyones’ eyelids twitched. As far as they knew, this man had been in the Mass Grave for hundreds of years.

How did he know the first elder?

Wasn’t the first elder an ordinary spiritual stage expert?

One had to know that a spiritual stage expert couldn’t live for so long. Could it be that the first elder was hiding his strength?!

That was impossible. A while ago, even though Xiao Bai had encountered such a big problem, the first elder didn’t make a move. This meant that the first elder’s strength definitely couldn’t have surpassed the golden stage.

At this moment, Han Tianyi smiled and said, “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Han Tianyi.”

When he heard the other party say his name, Tang Bao’s body trembled violently and his eyes widened. “What?! Are you the Han Tianyi that comprehended our Tang Clan’s fist intent a few hundred years ago?!”

Hearing Han Tianyi’s words, Tang Bao’s body trembled violently. No wonder he felt that this person’s face was familiar.

His uncle, Tang Zhantian, once had a portrait of Han Tianyi in his room.

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Back then, Han Tianyi and Tang Zhantian were good brothers, and the two of them were very close. Unfortunately, Tang Zhantian was not that strong back then, so he could not help but feel inferior.

Regarding this matter, Tang Zhantian had always been very concerned. He often lamented that he could not save his good brother, so he blamed himself.

Thinking of this, Tang Bao’s pupils continuously flickered and suddenly contracted.

Shouldn’t this Han Tianyi be dead? Back then, when the five great ancient martial families had attacked together, didn’t they say that they had already killed him?

Why would he appear here again? Could it be that the place where he had fallen was the Mass Grave?

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In an instant, countless pieces of information flooded into Tang Bao’s mind, causing him to be somewhat confused.

It was already shocking enough that a silver territory’s strength far surpassed the strength of countless silver bosses. Especially when the boss guarding the pass was a human, it was even more unbelievable.

Most importantly, this human was Han Tianyi, who had a good relationship with the Tang family.

This repeated turn of events caused Tang Bao to feel as if his brain had overloaded.

At the same time, he felt some lingering fear in his heart. If his Tang family didn’t have a good relationship with Han Tianyi now, would he have died long ago?

After hearing Tang Bao’s exclamation, Lu Chenxin also jumped. He never thought that this person in front of him actually had such a close relationship with the Tang family.

Then, he glanced at Tang Xiaoqing. No wonder Tang Xiaoqing was so calm and didn’t panic at all. It seemed that she had received news of Han Tianyi long ago.

When he was in the Tang family, Tang Bao’s carefree personality had naturally told Lu Chen about the person who had comprehended fist intent a few hundred years ago.

Lu Chen knew that he was no match for such a rare genius. The reason why he was able to become an expert at his current level was that when he had entered the system… he had encountered a bug in the game system of the Second World.

He had been massacred in the game for a thousand years. This was equivalent to him being a person who had cultivated for a thousand years. At that time, Han Tianyi was not very old.

From this, it could be seen that Han Tianyi’s talent was very high. Moreover, even if an aristocratic family like the Tang family had five ascension stage experts, they still could not compare to the other five great families.

The Tang family was only ranked second among the ancient martial arts aristocratic families. If one were to think about how Han Tianyi was able to take on the five great families by himself back then, how terrifying could his cultivation level be now…

Most importantly, Han Tianyi was actually not dead. No wonder this Mass Grave had become the most terrifying place among the six great silver territories.

Now that the misunderstanding had been resolved, Tang Xiaoqing felt much more at ease. She walked in front of Han Tianyi and asked, “Uncle Han, so you’re not dead. Then you can come out with us later.”

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Han Tianyi did not answer. Instead, he turned his head and glanced at the pitiful and helpless Seven-colored Peacock that was hiding behind him. He sighed and placed his hand on the Seven-colored Peacock’s head.

In the next second, the endless black death aura around them seemed to appear out of thin air like a stream in the sky, gathering toward the Seven-colored Peacock’s body. The Seven-colored Peacock’s broken body was also there, and gradually, the death aura began to condense, it reassembled its normal body and gradually recovered.

The feathers on its body grew out at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Not long after, the peacock’s tail on its back returned to its original gorgeous appearance. The Seven-colored Peacock’s health bar also continued to grow, and in less than five seconds… the Seven-colored Peacock’s condition quickly returned to full.

Following that, Han Tianyi slowly extended his hand into the void in front of him. In the distance, the corpses of countless monsters that had been killed by Lu Chen and the others were scattered all over the wilderness within a radius of a thousand miles.
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