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Chapter 217: Revive All the Living Things!

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When Han Tianyi stretched out his hand, the deathly aura of the entire Mass Grave emerged from the ground once more, gathering into the wreckage that covered the entire mountain. The wreckage seemed to have regained its vitality, it continued to gather together, combining and growing back to its original state of full health.

Everyone was stupefied when they saw this scene. How could a lord be capable of such a feat? This was the complete ruler of the Mass Grave.

Not to mention Han Tianyi’s earth-shattering skill, which had shattered Lu Chen’s attack of 200,000,000,000 points. Just this move of his had allowed him to recover all of the boss’s strength. He was invincible in this Mass Grave. No matter how many players came, they would not be able to withstand this endless army of monsters.

Moreover, these monsters that had recovered were not just normal monsters and silver monsters. Even the five gold bosses that had died earlier had all come back to life.

Looking at Han Tianyi’s condition, he did not seem to have fallen at all. He did not even feel weak or tired. He was invincible.

After doing all of this, Han Tianyi looked at Tang Xiaoqing with a smile on his face. He said, “You should be Tang Zhantian’s daughter, right? Not bad, you’ve grown into a fine young lady.

“I didn’t expect Tang Zhantian to be so strong in his old age. He’s already so old, and he still has such a young daughter like you.”

Tang Xiaoqing’s pretty face turned red when she heard this. This was not what she expected him to say at all.

Han Tianyi continued, “I have no way to leave this place now.

“Because I haven’t really come back to life. My life force from that battle was almost completely destroyed.


“There was only a little bit of life force left. With the help of the powerful aura of death here, I was barely able to maintain this half-human half-ghost form.

“As you can see, the abilities I used were all undead-type abilities.”

Then, Han Tianyi turned to Lu Chen and said, “If you can help me find the Yang Recovery Pill, I can help you restore your little girlfriend’s strength. I’m also willing to compensate you with three gold pieces of equipment.”

Then, three treasure chests appeared in Han Tianyi’s hands.

However, Liu Yuan, who was far away, was not paying attention to the treasure chests at all. Instead, she was so embarrassed by the words girlfriend that her face turned red.

Han Tianyi said with a smile, “If you can do it, I’ll give you these three gold-tier treasures as compensation for not killing the Seven-colored Peacock.”

Looking at the three treasure chests, everyone’s eyes widened.

After all, not every monster killed could drop equipment. Moreover, even if you killed a high-level monster, it might not necessarily drop good equipment.

Although the Seven-colored Peacock’s level was very high, killing it might only be a futile effort. One’s strength might not necessarily increase much.

However, these three gold treasure chests were different. Although he did not know what they were inside, they were definitely gold-grade items.

However, Lu Chen did not directly agree. He opened his mouth and asked, “May I ask, what exactly is this Yang Recovery Pill?”

At this time, Tang Bao, who had not spoken all this time, had a complicated look in his eyes. He revealed a rarely seen serious expression, he said, “The Yang Recovery Pill is a divine pill. With this pill, one can bring back the dead.”

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Hearing this, Lu Chen nodded slightly and looked again, he said to Han Tianyi, “Although I have never heard of this thing… Since it is a divine pill, I’m sure it’ll be a challenge to retrieve it.

“If you want revenge, you’ll need this Yang Recovery Pill.

“Do you want revenge? Or do you want to become a human again?”

Hearing Lu Chen’s question, Han Tianyi slightly raised his eyebrows and said, “It’s not important to me whether I am a human or a ghost. There is no difference.

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“But with the Yang Recovery Pill, as long as I can become a human, I can leave this Mass Grave and take revenge on the people of the five families.”

Hearing this, everyone understood that Han Tianyi did not die because of the nourishment of the death aura in the Mass Grave. Once he left, there was probably no other way for him to come back.

Han Tianyi would never forget the irreconcilable enmity from back then.

Hearing Han Tianyi’s words, Lu Chen came up with an idea, “Since you have no worries about your identity, and I am not confident enough to find this divine pill, then I have an idea. It’s to help you take revenge, and also help you leave this place freely. Are you willing to give it a try?”

Hearing this, Han Tianyi was also slightly interested. Because he knew very well that a divine pill was something that could only be found by chance. For someone with his high strength, he had only heard of the Yang Recovery Pill and had never seen it before.

He never even heard of someone who could refine a divine pill. The current Lu Chen’s level was not high, and his fighting strength was also very low in his eyes. The chance of finding the Yang Recovery Pill was too slim, he knew that too himself. He asked, “What do you have in mind? Tell me.”

Hearing that the other party relented, Lu Chen immediately said, “As you can see, apart from being a warrior, I also have taming skills. These are all my spiritual pets.”

Han Tianyi was not surprised to hear this. He had observed Lu Chen before and understood that these pets followed him.

Every spiritual pet had a hint that belonged to Lu Chen.

Han Tianyi continued to ask, “They are spiritual pets, and I’m not a spiritual pet. What ability do you have to take me in as a spiritual pet?”

Hearing this, without waiting for Lu Chen to answer, Tang Xiaoqing, who was standing at the side, walked over and said with some embarrassment, “Uncle Han, actually, I’m also Lu Chen’s spiritual beast…”

Hearing this, Han Tianyi, who had been calm the whole time, suddenly froze, and even his hand movements stopped abruptly.

He had never heard of anyone who could take a human as a spiritual pet for their own use!

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He hurriedly looked at the information panel on Tang Xiaoqing’s body, and sure enough, Tang Xiaoqing was really Lu Chen’s spiritual pet!

Seeing this, Han Tianyi didn’t know what to say for a moment, and he even stuttered, “This… are you sure you can take me as a spiritual pet?”

Lu Chen smiled and said, “I think there should be no problem. I just don’t know if you are willing to give it a try.

“If you become my spiritual pet, I will have the ability to take you out of the Mass Grave.

“Also, don’t worry. The contract between you and me will just be out of cooperation. It won’t be a pet and owner relationship.”
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