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Chapter 219: True Dragon!

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Han Tianyi only smiled faintly, “Your strength is still too weak now, you’re too young to understand all these things. When you’re almost as strong as Tang Feng, come and find me.”

Then, he thought for a few seconds and said, “Cockroach, you come out too.”

Hearing this name, Lu Chen felt his scalp go numb. Looking at the mountains and the wild, with all kinds of monsters, it was hard to imagine that there was actually a cockroach in this Mass Grave!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen felt a little disgusted.

In the next moment, a horrifying thing happened. The entire ground began to shake and the mountain scenery began to twist at a slow speed, gradually leaving the ground. The ground continued to crack, revealing something silver inside.

The silver thing shook its body gently. Instantly, Lu Chen’s people felt the ground and the mountains shake. Tang Bao and Tang Xiaoqing were so scared that their faces turned pale.

Tang Xiaoqing’s eyes couldn’t help but be secretly excited. She muttered to herself, “What? Cockroach isn’t dead either?”

Hearing this, Lu Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Does he have the habit of raising cockroaches?!”

Although Lu Chen was a little annoyed, he could not help but pull through.

Hearing Lu Chen’s words, Tang Bao was a little puzzled. He didn’t understand what Lu Chen was talking about. After all, Tang Bao rarely watched TV in the cultivation world.

However, Tang Xiaoqing was someone who had lived in the real world for a long time. He poked Lu Chen with his hand and hurriedly explained, “Cockroach is Han Tianyi’s spiritual pet. It’s not a cockroach but a True Dragon.”

Hearing this, not only Lu Chen was a little surprised, even Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon were shocked.

They had also heard that in the Mass Grave, a True Dragon had descended from the sky a few hundred years ago.

However, this matter was too mysterious. After all, the six territories around White Fog City were all silver bosses. How could a dead True Dragon appear out of nowhere?

However, when Tang Xiaoqing said this, they believed it. Especially when the color of the ground gradually revealed itself. Upon closer inspection, one could see that the ground was covered with brown hair on its back. Instantly, everyone’s hearts were filled with malice, it turned out that they were actually on the back of the True Dragon.

This True Dragon had been buried under their feet the entire time. The line-up continued to twist their bodies as it revealed itself more. Everyone was even more shocked. It turned out that the entire 10,000-meter-long mountain range that stretched across the Mass Grave was actually the corpse of this True Dragon!

As the True Dragon’s body emerged from the ground, more and more areas were revealed. As its body was revealed, everyone saw the broken parts of its body, it was obvious that the True Dragon had turned into an undead creature.

This scene shocked everyone.

For this True Dragon to have such a huge body, it was most likely not an ordinary True Dragon!

It was definitely very powerful when it was alive!

Especially Little Golden Dragon who saw this scene, his heart was filled with excitement.

He was actually able to see a True Dragon. If he could also become a True Dragon, would he also be so powerful?

Suddenly, Little Golden Dragon thought that if he could absorb the bloodline power of this True Dragon, would he… However, Little Golden Dragon understood that it was all wishful thinking.

Not to mention Han Tianyi, even this True Dragon’s strength was already extremely powerful.

Even if it was Lu Chen against this True Dragon, there was absolutely no chance of them winning!

Just this aura alone was enough to make everyone feel overwhelming pressure.

At this moment, the information panel of the True Dragon was completely revealed.

[True Dragon]

[Owner: Han Tianyi]

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[Name: Cockroach]

[Intimacy: 723]

[Level: 79]

[HP: 3,000,4000]

[Attack: 2,625,000]

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[Defense: 1,200,800]

[Magic Defense: 1,004,584]

[Skill: Tornado, Raging Dragon’s Fury.]

[Tornado: An exclusive skill of a True Dragon. It will have different effects with the awakening of the bloodline. Create a wind domain and control all the air within the domain. It can control all the air in the vicinity! Create a huge tornado and damage the enemy. At the same time, the tornado’s range can be adjusted through one’s own consciousness. The largest range is a thousand miles! There was a certain chance to create a huge storm, and the attack power would increase by three times! It could only be used once in a single battle! There was a chance to awaken the bloodline in one’s body and complete the transformation!

[Raging Dragon’s Fury: Shoots out intense flames. Any enemy that is burned by the flames would lose 50,000 HP for one minute.]

When the information panel of Cockroach appeared in front of everyone, everyone was stunned. What kind of existence was this? It had reached level 79, and the intimacy was even more shocking, it had already reached more than 700 points.

Even Tang Xiaoqing’s intimacy level with Lu Chen was only around 500.

Seeing this, Tang Bao couldn’t help but complain in a low voice, “How did they get so intimate?”

However, no matter how low his voice was, Han Tianyi could still hear it. Han Tianyi stretched out his finger and lightly tapped on the air.

The next moment, a huge bump appeared on Tang Bao’s head. At the same time, a huge red dot appeared on the top of his head!


At this moment, Tang Bao only had one drop of blood left!

Seeing this scene of his health bar dropping rapidly, he was only left with a shocked face!

Tang Bao was completely stunned. He hurriedly stretched out a hand to cover his mouth, indicating that he would not speak again.

Han Tianyi said snappily, “You can’t be Tang Zhanfeng’s son, right? Your sloppy manner is even more excessive than your father’s back then.

“If you dare to talk nonsense again, I’ll go directly to your father.”


Hearing this, Tang Bao shook his head crazily!

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It was a small matter for him to lose tens of thousands of HP here. After all, the other party would not kill him. However, if his father, Tang Zhanfeng, was implicated by him, then he would probably be beaten up every day.

Most importantly, if Tang Zhanfeng were to fight him in the name of testing his strength, Tang Bao would not be able to refuse. He wanted to cry but had no tears!

After that, he hurriedly took a few steps back and hid in a corner to frantically replenish his HP.

At this time, not to mention the other party making a move, even if he accidentally bumped into a silver boss, he would still die here.

Although he was on the body of the True Dragon, the body was constantly shaking. Especially after he said that sentence, his body trembled even more violently.
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