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Chapter 220: Two Souls!

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Fortunately, Tang Bao was quick-witted. Although he had angered the True Dragon beneath him, with his nimble movements, he managed to dodge the huge pieces of rubble on the True Dragon’s body.

After desperately replenishing his HP, his HP gradually recovered. However, just the cost of the blood replenishing medicine alone was enough to make his heart ache a little.

It was time for him to change this bad-mouth habit of his.

The huge True Dragon had two towering horns on its forehead and brown hair all over its face. Its huge breath could shoot out hundreds of meters at a time. Just looking at it made people feel a little scared.

Its two eyes looked at everyone as if the sun and moon were reflecting each other. It was awe-inspiring.

This True Dragon… No, it should be called Cockroach…

Although Cockroach looked terrifying, he was extremely obedient in front of Han Tianyi. He moved his huge head which was full of injuries and moved closer to Han Tianyi.

Han Tianyi was full of smiles as he stroked Cockroach’s head. His eyes couldn’t hide the sadness in them.

He never thought that he would attract the jealousy and attacks of the five great families because of his strength. He also never thought that even this True Dragon that he used to travel with would be in trouble because of this.

For the past few hundred years, Han Tianyi had not slept through countless nights. He had always thought that if it wasn’t for him, his old friend would not have suffered such a blow and died here.

Han Tianyi stroked the head of Cockroach while carefully sizing it up. His face was full of reluctance. Without turning his head, he said, “Lu Chen, take Cockroach too.”

Upon hearing Han Tianyi’s words, not only Lu Chen, Tang Bao, and the others, even the body of Cockroach in front of them trembled violently.

In an instant, everyone on the dragon’s back trembled violently, and even the entire ground shook violently. The countless monsters on the ground were so scared that they hurriedly knelt on the ground, their bodies trembling.

The anger of a True Dragon was so terrifying.

Cockroach hummed as he spoke, his tone clearly flustered, “Master, I just want to be your…”

Before he could finish speaking, Han Tianyi still had a reluctant smile on his face. He slowly shook his head and stopped him from speaking, “Don’t stay here anymore. One day, I’ll leave too.

“I don’t want you to stay here forever because you’re an undead creature on the day I leave. I’m giving you to Lu Chen for my own selfish reasons. I hope that you can always bring me along like an old friend.

“After all, how can I bear to leave you alone in the Mass Grave alone?”

Upon hearing Han Tianyi’s words, Cockroach’s originally dignified eyes instantly became gentle. A few tears even formed in his eyes. When the tears fell onto the ground, a crater-like hole instantly appeared.

That’s right. If one day, as Lu Chen’s spiritual pet, Han Tianyi left the Mass Grave… Cockroach wouldn’t be able to leave because he was an undead creature. Then, the two of them would basically say goodbye forever.

Han Tianyi could not stay in this Mass Grave forever.

With Han Tianyi’s outstanding talent, his future would definitely shine in this world. After thinking this through, Cockroach nodded slightly and said, “Master, I’ll listen to your arrangements.”

Seeing that the master and servant were reluctant to part, Lu Chen was very taciturn and did not say anything. He knew that even if he subdued Cockroach, he would always treat Han Tianyi as his master. Cockroach was more like a bodyguard to Lu Chen… a super fighter.

How could he forget a friendship that had lasted for hundreds of years?

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After seeing the master and servant say their goodbyes, Lu Chen said, “Let me sign a contract with the True Dragon now.”

Han Tianyi then turned to look at Lu Chen and said, “There’s no need. Aren’t you able to raise the power of the bloodline? I’ll give Cockroach’s body to Little Golden Dragon.”

Hearing this, Little Golden Dragon’s eyes suddenly widened with excitement. However, as soon as he stuck out his tongue, he quickly retracted it. After all, in this situation where the master and servant gets separated, he seemed to be too happy and inappropriate.

However, the joy in his eyes could not be hidden.

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Lu Chen looked troubled and said, “If you give the power of Cockroach’s bloodline to Little Golden Dragon, I’m afraid that Cockroach’s consciousness will be completely destroyed, right?”

Han Tianyi smiled and looked at Little Golden Dragon, “Then it depends on Little Golden Dragon’s intention.”

Little Golden Dragon was stunned when it felt Han Tianyi’s gaze. It tilted its neck and its face was full of question marks, looking a little cute. However, he had a vague feeling that this was probably not a good thing!

Lu Chen also didn’t quite understand and asked, “You mean…”

Han Tianyi put his hands behind his back and said, “If Little Golden Dragon is willing, then let Cockroach and Little Golden Dragon live in the same body, which is Little Golden Dragon’s body.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen became a little vigilant.

Little Golden Dragon was so scared that it circled around and took two steps back. This sounded like a possession. When he thought that he was about to be possessed, didn’t that mean that the one who died wasn’t Cockroach, but himself?

This wasn’t worth it!

Han Tianyi looked at the expressions of the two and explained patiently, “Letting Cockroach live in the body of Little Golden Dragon is only one body and two souls. It doesn’t mean that it’s a possession.

“Moreover, Little Golden Dragon isn’t at a loss. After all, after obtaining the power of the True Dragon’s bloodline, his body will definitely increase greatly and his strength will also increase explosively. It won’t be long before he can advance to the rank of a True Dragon.

“And transforming from a Flood Dragon into a True Dragon isn’t just a simple increase in rank. There are many cultivation insights and battle experiences that Cockroach will continuously impart to Little Golden Dragon.

“In other words, Cockroach will be Little Golden Dragon’s teacher.

“As long as Little Golden Dragon is unwilling, Cockroach, as an external soul, will not be able to seize control of the body.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen finally relaxed and Little Golden Dragon fell into deep thought.

Although it sounded a little inconvenient, he looked at the huge body of the True Dragon in the distance and his heart was filled with greed.

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Under the control of the huge bloodline power, Little Golden Dragon slowly nodded.

Han Tianyi continued to smile and said, “Compared to two souls living in the same body, I hope that one day, you can find a suitable True Dragon corpse for Cockroach, or even a stronger existence to let him live in it and become an independent entity.

“When that time comes, it will be even better if Cockroach continues to follow me.”

When Cockroach heard these words, his gaze became even gentler.

After hearing these words, Lu Chen felt even more assured. As long as the True Dragon’s consciousness existed, he could also have a free teacher. Why not take this deal?
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