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Chapter 221: Power Extraction!

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Little Golden Dragon would get to absorb the bloodline power and gain experience as well as strength and experience. This was not a loss!

Thinking of this, Lu Chen no longer hesitated and said, “Alright, I’ll agree to it.”

Han Tianyi nodded and placed his hand on Cockroach’s head again. At this moment, Cockroach slowly closed his eyes and a crystal clear silver light appeared on his forehead.

Although it was only the size of a pearl, the light within it was extremely bright. When the silver ball of light left Cockroach’s body, the body that spanned tens of thousands of miles instantly lost control and fell to the ground. A deep pit was created on the ground, and the ground within a hundred meters was filled with cracks.

With Han Tianyi’s help, everyone steadied themselves and no one got injured.

“Little Golden Dragon, come here.”

Han Tianyi slowly opened his mouth, and then displayed his ability to shrink the ground into an inch again. Little Golden Dragon immediately appeared in Han Tianyi’s hand right after.

Han Tianyi directly sent the silver light into Little Golden Dragon’s head.

All of this happened too quickly. At this time, Little Golden Dragon was not ready to subconsciously dodge, moreover, Han Tianyi’s speed was not something that he could dodge either.

When the silver light entered Little Golden Dragon’s head, Little Golden Dragon was still a little scared. Its 30-centimeter-long body kept shaking, and its panicked look looked a little cute.

Little Golden Dragon jumped off Han Tianyi’s body and jumped into Lu Chen’s arms again, looking frightened.

Lu Chen also watched Little Golden Dragon nervously for a long time. After making sure that Little Golden Dragon was okay, he said to Han Tianyi as he pointed at the dragon corpse, “May I?”

After saying this, he placed his hand on the True Dragon’s body. In the next moment, countless silver lines flowed from the True Dragon’s body and gradually gathered in Lu Chen’s hand.

Countless silver streams that carried a huge amount of bloodline power flowed toward Lu Chen’s hand.

The rich bloodline power was something that only the others could feel. Little Golden Dragon forgot about his previous panic and looked at Cockroach’s body happily.

At this moment, a buzzing voice suddenly appeared in his head, “Hey! Little guy, can you stop looking at my body so lecherously?!”

Little Golden Dragon was shocked and bounced away from Lu Chen’s body. Then, he looked around but found nothing. The voice in his head appeared again, “Little guy, what are you looking at? I’m in your head.”

Initially, when Little Golden Dragon agreed to Han Tianyi’s words, he did not think much of it except for getting more powerful. However, at this moment, Little Golden Dragon was a little flustered.

At this moment, he was thinking that if the other party could see his consciousness and thoughts, did that mean that the other party could know whatever he was thinking?

If that was the case, wouldn’t he be letting this old thing take advantage of him if he wanted to have a deep conversation with a love interest one day?

When he thought about this, the True Dragon felt uncomfortable…

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Suddenly, Little Golden Dragon felt his scalp go numb. He suddenly thought of how this old fellow now shares the same body with him. What if Little Golden Dragon wanted to do other things privately? Will this old fellow be there too?!

Thinking of this, Little Golden Dragon became even more panicked. He absolutely would not allow such a thing to happen!

He would rather give up the power of his True Dragon bloodline than let such a situation happen!

Thinking of this, Little Golden Dragon hurriedly crawled towards Lu Chen, wanting to interrupt Lu Chen’s extraction.

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At this time, the buzzing voice in his head spoke again, “Little guy, you’re thinking too much. I’m not as abnormal as you think. If there’s any special situation, you can use your consciousness to isolate me. That way, I won’t be able to sense anything from the outside world.”

Hearing Cockroach’s words, Little Golden Dragon calmed down slightly. However, he still made up his mind to ask Lu Chen to help this old fellow find a good body as soon as possible.

After all, it was too inconvenient for him to have another soul in his body.

This time, Lu Chen used a full ten minutes to extract the bloodline, which was far more time-consuming than before.

That was because Cockroach’s corpse contained rich bloodline power. Finally, he took out about twenty pills.

Moreover, Lu Chen did not convert the bloodline power this time and distributed it to other people. After all, every time the bloodline power’s attributes were converted, there would be a loss.

At this time, it would be too much of a loss to divide the bloodline power evenly, especially since the bloodline power came from Cockroach. Cockroach and Little Golden Dragon shared the same body and so he gave all the bloodline power to Little Golden Dragon to eat, it could also be considered as a tribute to Cockroach. Han Tianyi would also be very satisfied with this outcome.

As expected, when he saw Lu Chen give all 20 bloodline power pills to Little Golden Dragon, Han Tianyi’s eyes revealed some satisfaction.

Little Golden Dragon was only 30 centimeters long. When he saw the 20 bloodline power pills, he almost drooled!

He swallowed all the pills in one gulp!

It could be seen with the naked eye that the pills went from Little Golden Dragon’s neck all the way to Little Golden Dragon’s tail. Little Golden Dragon felt a little stuffed, but the feeling did not last for a minute before it became hot.

It was as if a raging fire was burning in his body, and he even turned fiery red.

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Little Golden Dragon stuck out its tongue and kept hissing. The expression on its face was a little painful. This bloodline power was too much to consume in one go, far beyond his imagination.

Back when Lu Chen had consumed the bloodline power, even one pill had caused him unbearable pain. Although Little Golden Dragon was a beast and had a much stronger endurance than a human, it was still 20 pills…

Little Golden Dragon was burned by the energy. It rolled on the ground, at this moment, the old fellow’s voice spoke again, “Don’t panic. You can make your body bigger, right? Use all your strength to make your body as long as mine.”

Hearing this, Little Golden Dragon quickly divided his consciousness to make his body bigger until it was at least 10,000 meters long.

In this way, the bloodline power pills in his body were separated from each other and the pain was reduced by a little. However, this was just the beginning of absorbing the bloodline power, as time passed, the bloodline power continued to flow through Little Golden Dragon’s body.
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