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Chapter 222: Control the Body!

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The enormous bloodline power rampaged through Little Golden Dragon’s body, making him feel every inch of the fibers in his muscle tear.

Even with his enormous body, he couldn’t roll around at will. After all, there were countless monsters here. Once he moves around, those monsters would suffer the consequences.

Cockroach continuously helped Little Golden Dragon in his mind. “Let your aura and blood circulate. Don’t stop. Drive the digestion of the bloodline power, and let it continuously become a part of you.

Once it stops, the power of the bloodline will accumulate in your body. This is not good for your body at all. There is a high possibility that your body will explode from the power of the bloodline!”

Hearing Cockroach’s words, Little Golden Dragon was shocked. He quickly began to circulate the spiritual aura in his body. However, the speed of his circulation was far slower than the speed of consuming the power of the bloodline.

Seeing that Little Golden Dragon was getting more and more unbearable and its body was about to explode, Lu Chen was a little nervous. He looked at Han Tianyi and said, “Is there anything we can do?”

At this moment, Han Tianyi also frowned. “The difference in strength between Cockroach and Little Golden Dragon is too big. Moreover, there is a fundamental difference in the attributes of the two.

“Although dragons and Flood Dragons are the same kinds of creatures when they evolve into True Dragons, they will be reborn. Their bodies and bloodlines are like clouds and mud.

“Meanwhile, we are humans, while Cockroach and Little Golden Dragon are beasts. Our experience is not of much help to them. They can only rely on themselves to solve this problem.”

At this moment, the medicinal efficacy was being absorbed even faster. Little Golden Dragon was rampaging around due to the efficiency of it all, and its body was constantly expanding. It had even become somewhat transparent from overstretching.

At this moment, it was as if it had become an expanding balloon, and could explode at any time.

Cockroach couldn’t hold it in any longer and kept using his own experience to guide Little Golden Dragon. However, Little Golden Dragon was only a giant python after all, so it couldn’t do anything that Cockroach asked. If he still couldn’t digest the bloodline power, Cockroach and Little Golden Dragon would probably die here… Forever.

The best outcome would be to become the king of the Mass Grave. Cockroach would take hundreds or thousands of years to recover his current strength.

Cockroach might never be able to reach his peak, however.

Thinking of this, Cockroach became anxious. “Little guy, give me control of your body immediately. I’ll help you digest the bloodline power!”

Hearing this, Little Golden Dragon was somewhat hesitant. After all, if Cockroach directly seized control of his body and didn’t return it to him, wouldn’t he suffer a great loss?

However, under the impact of the bloodline power, Little Golden Dragon’s own consciousness was becoming weaker and weaker. If he still didn’t hand over control of his body, he was afraid that he would really die here.

Since he was going to die anyway, he might as well take a gamble. Little Golden Dragon directly gave up the control of his body.

After Cockroach obtained control of the body, he couldn’t help but say with disdain, “This body is too weak, right? How can you still be considered an ancient mutant with your current condition? How embarrassing!”

To Little Golden Dragon, every word hit like a truck… After losing control of his body, Little Golden Dragon didn’t have to endure so much pain anymore. He immediately relaxed his mind.

However, when he heard Cockroach’s disdain, he could not help but protest.

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Cockroach did not care about what he thought. He immediately took over his body and controlled the circulation of his bloodline.

It had to be said that Cockroach was indeed very powerful. He was also very experienced. He opened his mouth and said, “Watch carefully how a True Dragon circulates the spiritual energy in his body!”

In the next moment, the spiritual energy in Little Golden Dragon’s body began to circulate crazily like a storm. However, the circulation this time was completely different from the bloodline power that was rampaging around earlier. Instead, it had a certain pattern, it allowed all the bloodline power to quickly fuse into the shared body.

Little Golden Dragon was surprised to find that the spiritual energy was no longer as wild and violent as before. It was faintly obedient under Cockroach’s command.

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Not only did the pain reduce, but Little Golden Dragon was amazed at how well it was being tampered down. Under the control of Cockroach, the power of his bloodline was not lost at all, it was now fully integrated into his body.

Cockroach let out a long sigh and continued to say with disdain, “If I knew you were this weak, I would have directly taken control of my body. Just now, I lost so much of my bloodline power into the air, and I felt a little heartbroken.”

Hearing Cockroach’s disdain, Little Golden Dragon could only mutter in his heart. After all, there was too much difference between the two.

In the outside world, Lu Chen saw Cockroach take over Little Golden Dragon’s body and was a little worried. However, compared to the problems in Little Golden Dragon’s body, there was nothing he could do.

Ever since Cockroach took over the control of the body, Little Golden Dragon’s body had mutated. The speed that could be seen with the naked eye had improved. It was no longer like the inflated balloon from before. Its body was also becoming more and more solid.

This made everyone feel at ease.

The bloodline power of a True Dragon was too much for Little Golden Dragon. Even a True Dragon would take a long time to absorb it, let alone Little Golden Dragon which was only a giant Flood Dragon.

To control the spread of the bloodline power and to allow oneself to absorb it quickly, the time and energy required to do so would be even longer. The entire process lasted for a day and a night. Little Golden Dragon’s body also became smaller and smaller, from ten thousand meters to a thousand meters. Finally, it became one meter long.

During this time, the light on Little Golden Dragon’s body became brighter and brighter, and the level on its head continued to increase. There were even two small bumps on his forehead, and he looked like he was about to grow horns.

Lan Weiwei and Rollie were extremely envious. However, this bit of envy was useless, because this was Little Golden Dragon’s own opportunity. If they could also encounter their own bloodline creatures, it would definitely be a profit for them.

At the same time, they subconsciously looked at the tens of thousands of monsters in the distance, their eyes revealing their desire.

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Among the monsters, many bear and wolf-type creatures carefully lowered their bodies again, afraid that they would be chosen.

Although some monsters belonged to the same race, they might not be willing to give up their bodies. After all, they were living well in the Mass Grave, why would they go out and cause trouble?

However, Lan Weiwei and Rollie were only staring at them longingly. They did not say anything to Lu Chen and Han Tianyi. After all, it was not appropriate for them to use other people’s nutrients to support themselves.

Unless Han Tianyi opened his mouth, or the undead creatures below took the initiative to request for it to happen, they dared not say anything.

Han Tianyi, who had lived for hundreds of years, had seen too many things to not understand what they desired. Deep down, he knew what they were thinking of as well.
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