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Chapter 223: Family!

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Han Tianyi smiled knowingly as he randomly picked out a few of the tens of thousands of monsters below and brought them out.

He said, “The few of you should give up your bloodline power and live in their bodies.”

Seeing this scene, Lu Chen quickly declined, “We appreciate your kindness, but we will never do such a thing.”

Han Tianyi, however, smiled. “What’s there to force? I was the one who asked Little Golden Dragon to absorb Cockroach’s bodies. It’s a win-win situation. I have my own selfish motives.

“Actually, Lan Weiwei and Rollie won’t suffer any losses when they absorbed the bodies of these monsters. Moreover, I’ve observed them just now. It’s obvious that the few monsters I’ve chosen are willing to coexist with your pets.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen looked at the monsters Han Tianyi had chosen. As expected, all of them were silver bosses.

Meanwhile, these silver-tier lords looked at Lan Weiwei and Rollie with kindness and love in their eyes.

On the other hand, Lan Weiwei and Rollie’s eyes reddened. They couldn’t help but walk toward the silver bosses.

Lu Chen suddenly recalled that Lan Weiwei had once said that all of her elders had come to the Mass Grave before they died. This meant that the ones who had been chosen were likely to be Lan Weiwei’s elders.

These elders would definitely be filled with reluctance and pride to see Lan Weiwei again, especially after she had become so powerful.

To them, being able to sacrifice their own bodies to make Lan Weiwei stronger, and to be together with Lan Weiwei, and to be together with her, was considered a respectable feat.

The same was obviously true for the Ancient Panda. Although many of the elders weren’t pandas but ordinary bears, their deep feelings for the Ancient Panda were obvious.

However, Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Many silver bosses reached their hands into Rollie’s arms, pulling out bamboo shoots and giving their share to Rollie…

It was obvious that the Ancient Panda’s relatives were foodies.

Lu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He hurriedly took out more bamboo shoots from his backpack and handed them to the Ancient Panda’s seniors.

This group of foodies was obviously eating happily. They didn’t care if they knew Lu Chen or if they were killed by him.

They took the bamboos and started eating. The fire in their eyes was getting brighter and brighter. They were obviously eating happily.

Rollie was eating while Lan Weiwei howled from time to time. It seemed like they were saying how much they missed each other.

After a while, Lan Weiwei and Rollie walked up to Lu Chen and told him that their elders were also willing to extract their own bloodline power and coexist with them.

Hearing these words, Lu Chen was overjoyed, because right now, what he was most worried about was how to increase the combat power and level of these spiritual pets.

Right now, Little Golden Dragon was covered, but Lan Weiwei and Rollie did not receive much improvement. Since they had the remains of these elders, it was not a problem to increase their combat power.

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In this short while, more and more elders who had watched Lan Weiwei and Rollie stood out and walked toward Lu Chen. They were all elders who wanted to improve Lan Weiwei’s bloodline power.

They paid a lot of attention to the inheritance. If they could be as outstanding as Lan Weiwei, she would definitely be able to lead the Ash Wolf Clan to glory in the future. Therefore, it was worth it even if they had to give up their own bodies.

Seeing that more and more undead were coming out, Lu Chen’s mood brightened.

The more monsters that could offer their bloodline power, the greater the improvement for Lan Weiwei and Rollie.

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However, at this moment, Han Tianyi furrowed his brows.

Although Cockroach was powerful and had a sufficiently powerful True Dragon bloodline, the improvement of Little Golden Dragon was more like a subtle increase in his potential, laying a foundation for his future path. Moreover, two souls working together in one body would not cause too much of a burden to the body.

On the other hand, Lan Weiwei and Rollie’s side had gathered over a hundred wolves and bear creatures. The purity of these creatures’ bloodlines was far less than that of Cockroach.

However, because there were so many of them, they could increase Lan Weiwei’s level to almost the same amount as Little Golden Dragon. In other words, Little Golden Dragon’s bloodline power increased in quality, while Lan Weiwei and Rollie’s increased in quantity.

Therefore, just by looking at the level, the two could almost be at the same level as Little Golden Dragon.

Hearing Han Tianyi’s words, not only Lu Chen, but also Lan Weiwei and Rollie were very happy. Because as Lu Chen’s strength continued to increase and improve faster and faster, the two of them had already become very weak, so their help to Lu Chen was extremely limited.

Even Little Golden Dragon felt that he could not keep up with Lu Chen’s leveling pace. Seeing that his role was getting weaker and weaker, Lan Weiwei was very anxious as well. Rollie was also the same, so recently, she had been constantly eating bamboo, he wanted to mature as soon as possible and grow bigger. However, the effect was obviously not good.

Now that they heard that Lan Weiwei’s level could reach the same level as Little Golden Dragon, and Rollie could also increase his strength by a large margin, they were very happy.

However, Han Tianyi changed the topic, he continued, “However, there is a drawback. A person’s body can only hold three souls at most. If they absorb the bloodline power of these people at the same time, some of the consciousness of the Ash Wolf and the Ancient Panda will disappear.”

Hearing this, Lan Weiwei and Rollie’s expressions froze. They turned around and looked at the family members that they had just met. For a moment, they did not know what to say.

They longed for their strength to increase, but they were definitely not willing to exchange the lives of their family members for their strength. Even though their lovers had died, their consciousness still existed here.

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If their bloodline power was extracted, then these hundreds of undead creatures would be completely annihilated.

However, what happened next was unbelievable. The Ancient Ash Wolves knelt on the ground one after another like humans. They lowered their heads and placed them on the ground as if they were paying their respect to Lu Chen.

The Ancient Pandas placed the bamboo in their hands in Rollie’s arms. They fiddled with Rollie’s arms and asked him to hold his bamboo shoots.

Then, just like Lan Weiwei’s family members, they sat on the ground and looked at Lu Chen.

Lan Weiwei, who had transformed into a wolf, kept rejecting her elders’ wishes with her head, trying to get them to get up. Tears kept falling from the corners of her eyes.
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