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Chapter 224: The Undead's Sacrifice!

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Although Lan Weiwei wanted her undead elders to stand up, those elders that offered themselves up merely raised their heads and looked kindly at her. The firmness in their expression did not diminish one bit.

They were determined to give everything they could for the sole chance of letting Lan Weiwei become stronger and have their lineage survive longer.

When Rollie was younger, he found it difficult to understand what being parted forever felt like. He did not understand why his elders put down the bamboo shoots all of a sudden. The only thing he wondered was if the bamboo shoots tasted bad.

With this thought, he gave it a test. He tasted the bamboo shoots in his hand and discovered that they still tasted amazing. He tried to hold the bamboo in his hand and put it in his elder’s mouth, but only a brown bear stretched out his hand.

Instead of taking the bamboo shoots, however, the bear used the back of its paw to push the bamboo shoots gently back into Rollie’s grip again.

Rollie did not understand what was going on. The bamboo shoots were delicious, but he did not know why they did not eat them and that made him feel at a loss. At the same time, he suddenly felt that the bamboo shoots in his mouth did not taste sweet anymore and his heart was filled with a tinge of sadness.

Rollie was still much too young, hence his inability to understand what he was about to face. He merely stood there in confoundment and blinked his big innocent eyes. He looked at his elder blankly for some time, then turned to Lu Chen with the same innocent look.

The entire Mass Grave was pin-drop silent. The only sound available was the whistling wind, which resembled a sad melody chanting praises for those departed spirits who were adamant about meeting their demise.

After some time passed, Han Tianyi took a deep breath and gently spoke, “It’s their choice, so let’s just fulfill their wishes. But I’m afraid I can’t guarantee the three complete consciousnesses if I extract the power of blood from so many of you at one time. You might all be turned into memory fragments. Are you sure you won’t regret it?”

At that moment, all the undead creatures that had emerged looked at him with a determined look in their eyes. They looked at Lan Weiwei and Rollie with fondness.

They were monsters who had gone through countless trials and it was no mean feat for them to have lived that long. This dedication would pay off — by using their half-living, half-dead state — to help Lan Weiwei and Rollie improve their strength, with the view that the true Ancient Ash Wolf and Ancient Iron-Eating Beast clan could survive.

The elders who willingly came forth breathed a sigh of relief when they looked at Lan Weiwei and Rollie’s expressions. At the same time, more and more of their masters were willing to stand up and let them absorb the power of their blood.

However, Lan Weiwei shook her head frantically as tears began to drip down. She was even more bewildered as she clenched her fists tightly and wondered what she should do.

More and more individuals stood up and the numbers reached the hundreds.

Han Tianyi could not even begin to describe the feeling he had in his heart when he looked at the undead creatures’ sheer determination. He raised his hand and aimed it at the vast number of undead in the distance. It barely took a couple of seconds for countless balls of light to appear and fly out from their heads.

Whenever a small light ball flew out of an undead creature, it collapsed to the ground seconds later. Lan Weiwei’s first instinct was to try and support them, but those light balls surrounded her tightly and prevented her from moving forward.

The light balls looked so warm and gentle. Lan Weiwei was afraid that she would break them if she bumped into them. This one tiny light ended all possibility that they would be able to revive once more. As a result, she did not dare to move forward for some time.

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Light balls of various colors flew out from the undead creature’s heads, followed by the collapse of undead creatures in the hundreds.

Tears streamed down Lan Weiwei’s cheeks and she had difficulty controlling herself from crying. At that moment, Lan Weiwei transformed back into her human form. Her position gradually changed from sobbing in a low voice to squatting on the ground with her face covered in tears, whimpering silently.

She could not accept that everyone she held dear would be gone for good. Even though she had fought on the battlefield before, she always strayed her attacks on canine creatures. Even if the other fighters killed her elders, she would always turn away and try her best to avoid any issues.

Whenever she saw them killing her Ash Wolf elder, she would remind herself silently that they were long dead. With no memories of their lives and none of the feelings they once had when alive, they could no longer be considered living anymore.

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However, her near-crumbling emotions became utterly destroyed the moment she perceived her undead compatriots’ memories and emotions.

Some distance away, Rollie lacked the mature emotional outlook that Lan Weiwei had.

He felt somewhat saddened when he saw all those bears collapsing to the ground one after another, and his efforts to help those bears up were all futile. He then tried to stuff some bamboo shoots into their mouths, but they were not even able to open their mouths anymore.

As more and more light balls flew out from the heads of Rollie’s bear elders, they turned into little fluorescent glows that wrapped tightly around him. Rollie looked at them curiously and stretched out his finger carefully to touch one of them. As soon as he came into contact with it, the light ball instantly turned into a stream of light that flowed into his body. It was then that a picture suddenly appeared in his head.

He saw himself lying in his mother’s arms when he was still a weak little infant. She held onto him carefully and had a loving smile on her face. Her affection for him was obvious, and she looked down dotingly at Rollie while rocking him in her arms.

Rollie was a little stunned to see that. He did not understand why such a scene would appear in his head, but before he could put more thought into it, another light ball bumped into his finger and flowered into his body.

Another image appeared simultaneously in his mind.

It depicted Rollie’s mother holding him with Rollie’s father present not too far away too. He was a strong Ancient Panda, and he opened his mouth wide to roar at the enemy. A pack of maned dogs had surrounded the family of three in an attempt to launch a sneak attack.

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Rollie’s father was covered in scars and blood but he still guarded his wife and child valiantly.

Despite their serious injuries, Rollie’s parents never backed off — not even by a half-step — when faced with that group of maned dogs. It was not until the entire group of maned dogs was finally slaughtered that they lost all their strength and collapsed.

The mother tightly held Rollie in her arms even though she profusely bled. On the other hand, Rollie, who was hiding in her arms, had a smile on his face and was still munching on a tiny bamboo shoot.

That was the moment Rollie finally had the chance to see his parents. He never had the chance to meet them. Knowing this, a sad look gradually appeared in his eyes.

An endless stream of light balls continued to flow into Rollie’s mind while he wandered.
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