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Chapter 225: Lan Weiwei and Rollie's Bloodline Powers!

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As the light balls came into contact with Rollie’s fingers, a slew of memories continued to unfurl in his mind.

A group of brown bears who never ate bamboo shoots took Rollie in and raised him like they were his own. They even took the effort to look for bamboo and bamboo shoots for him every day.

On those several occasions where monsters of other races tried to prey on Rollie, the brown bears chased them off right away. The adult brown bears also frequently disciplined their children and gave them a good spanking whenever Rollie played with them as a kid and got bullied by them.

Rollie’s childhood was a happy one because he knew nothing about hardship and about what happened to his parents.

On the other hand, Lan Weiwei received countless memory fragments too.

During her grandfather’s reign as the Ancient Wolf King, he frequently caught all sorts of prey for her. Her parents protested, saying that such food was unhealthy for the body and therefore unsuitable for children, but her grandfather continued to indulge her tantrums and let her have whatever she desired.

Lan Weiwei’s uncle, meanwhile, loved teasing her on a whim. Even though she yanked his beard until his chin was devoid of any facial hair, her uncle could not bring himself to scold her and merely bared his teeth at her playfully.

In her mind, she then saw her own father reaching the end of his years. Before his death, he entrusted her the duty of leading the Ash Wolf clan to glory before walking toward the Mass Grave without ever looking back. When her father was about to leave the ash wolves’ territory, he could not help but turn around to glance dotingly at her one last time.

Countless memories flashed in her mind like a series of movie clips. Her elders sacrificed their bodies and risked losing their independent consciousness, but they turned into memory fragments that would remain forever in her heart.

When the last memory fragment entered Lan Weiwei’s mind, her eyes were swollen from the tears that kept running out. On the other hand, Rollie’s eyes had lost the innocence he once had.

A particularly human-like emotion flowed in his eyes.

The two needed a long time before being able to recover from the agonizing pain of parting ways with their kin.

Lan Weiwei looked at her elder’s corpse and bowed deeply. She then looked at Lu Chen firmly, “Lu Chen, please lend your assistance to me so I improve my bloodline power. I want to carry on my elder’s will and become stronger.”

Lu Chen nodded with a very serious expression when he heard Lan Weiwei’s request. He then put his hands on the hundreds of corpses and used the Taming God’s skills.

Two different bloodline power pills appeared in his hands not long later. He handed one each to Rollie and Lan Weiwei — who took the pills and swallowed them without saying a word.

They did not make any sort of small talk because words were unnecessary at such a point in time. They did their level best to hold back their emotions and stop themselves from shedding any more tears.

The two of them suffered unbearable pain when the bloodline power pills were fully digested and absorbed. However, they clenched their teeth tightly and did not complain about it at all.

With that, their level increased exponentially.

As Han Tianyi said, the bloodline power they obtained was not as pure as that obtained by Little Golden Dragon, but the amount was sufficient enough to boost their current ability.

They were upgrading several points faster than Little Golden Dragon. In the end, it took nearly half a day for all of them to absorb their bloodline power.

At that moment, their information panels had undergone tremendous change. Aside from the considerable increase in their level, the key was that they had also acquired new skills along with their bloodline’s improvement!

[Ancient Ash Wolf King]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 251]

[Level: 55]

[Attack: 803,489 (Increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff).]

[HP: 18,008,800 (Increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff).]

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[Defense: 353,219 (Increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff).]

[Magic Defense: 254,130 (Increases by 50% when transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf, increases by 50% with moonlight buff).]

[Skills: Demonic Flame, Frost Domain, True Form Transformation, Ash Wolf’s Fury, Moonlight’s Blessing, Ash Wolf’s Howl, Soul Tracking, Moonlight Shield, Ash Wold Claws.]

[Demonic Flame: The Ancient Ash Wolf King spits out terrifying demonic flames, causing 80,000 physical and magic damage per second to the enemy in front of it.]

[Frost Domain: Creates a frost domain, slowing down the enemy’s attack speed and spell casting speed by 50%.]

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[True Form Transformation: When transformed into the Ancient Ash Wolf King, all attributes increase by 50%.]

[Ash Wolf’s Fury: The Ancient Ash Wolf King awakens the sleeping bloodline in its body, greatly increasing its own attributes, and has a chance to obtain an additional skill!]

[Moonlight’s Blessing: Under the moonlight, all attributes increase by 50%.]

[Soul Tracking: When this skill is used, it can leave a mark deep within the target’s soul. It can track up to three people. The mark will remain for three months. This skill can be shared with the owner.]

[Ash Wolf’s Howl: The exclusive skill of the Ancient Ash Wolf. It will have a different effect as the bloodline awakens. When the Ash Wolf howls at the moon, it will deal 15,000 magic damage per second to enemies under the moonlight for 50 seconds!]

[Moonlight Shield: Under the moonlight, it can continuously add a personal light shield to teammates and the pet. Damage will be reduced by 50%. 5000 HP will be used up for every second the shield in is force. The amount doubles with each additional light shield.]

[Ash Wolf Claws: Conjures a huge wolf claw that delivers continuously-doubled-up attacks on the enemy. Damage suffered by the enemy will double every second. It will be a single-fold attack in the first second, two-fold attack in the next second, four-fold in the third second, eight-fold in the fourth, and sixteen-fold in the fifth second. Lasts up to five seconds.]

[Ancient Panda]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Rollie]

[Intimacy: 205]

[Level: 41]

[Attack: 303,350]

[HP: 20,322,000]

[Defense: 310,00,00]

[Magic Defense: 310,00,00]

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[Skill: Luck Bonus, Invisible Golden Body, Panda Bomb.]

[Luck Bonus: With Heaven’s blessing, there is a high chance of avoiding disaster, turning a bad situation into a good one, and averting a disaster! Provides a Luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage. At the same time, the attack of both owner and pet will also increase!]

[Invisible Golden Body: There will be a chance to cast this skill for each battle. When casting the skill, opponents will not be able to move for five seconds. However, it would be immune to all damage and could teleport to any place within 10,000 meters.]

[Panda Bomb: Creates a bomb to attack the enemy. The bomb’s power is 100 times one’s own attack strength! The speed of this bomb attack is the same regardless of distance, and it takes only three seconds to launch the bomb toward the enemy.]

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