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Chapter 226: Deep Sleep!

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Little Golden Dragon’s information panel shocked everyone as well!

[Golden Dragon — Deep sleep]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Little Golden Dragon]

[Intimacy: 201]

[Level: 59]

[HP: 2,054,400]

[Attack: 1,505,000]

[Defense: 960,800]

[Magic Defense: 884,584]

[Skills: Water Control, Water Domain, Crazy Dragon’s Breath, Golden Gaze, Body Shrink, Tornado Storm, Raging Dragon’s Fury.]

[Water Control: The exclusive skill of the Golden Dragon. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of its bloodline. It creates a water domain and controls the water within the domain. It can control the blood in the body of a living creature! There is a certain chance to directly extract the enemy’s HP and replenish it on one’s own body. At most, it will be one-third of the enemy’s total HP. It can only be used once in a single battle! There is even a chance to awaken the bloodline in the body and complete the transformation!]

[Water Domain: Your pet can control the water within the domain and can control the blood in the body of other creatures!]

[Crazy Dragon Breath: Spits out a dense fog filled with poison, covering an area of 1o square kilometer. Any enemy who inhales the poison would lose 20,000 HP every second, this lasts until the enemy dies.]

[Golden Gaze: The Three-eyed Golden Dragon is an ancient mutant. It was originally a Three-eyed Golden Python. A few hundred years ago, it received the heavenly tribulation and became a Three-eyed Golden Dragon. Its third eye was the horn of a dragon! When the giant Python uses this skill, it could freeze the opponent for one second! Within that one second, all of the opponent’s defense will be lost! Can only be used twice per day!]

[Body Shrink: Can change its own size within a certain range, has no effect on combat strength and speed.]

[Tornado Storm: Exclusive skill of a True Dragon. It will have different effects depending on the awakening of the bloodline. Creates a wind domain and controls all the air within the domain. It can also control all the air in the vicinity! This skill is able to create a huge tornado to harm the enemy. At the same time, the tornado’s range can be adjusted through one’s own consciousness. The largest range is a thousand miles! There is a certain chance to create a huge storm, and its attack power would increase threefold (only able to be used once in a single battle). There is a chance to awaken the bloodline in one’s body and complete the transformation!]

[Raging Dragon’s Fury: Releases intense flames. Any enemy that is burned by the flames would lose 50,000 HP for one minute.]

When Lu Chen saw that his three spiritual pets had their strength increased to this extent, he was shocked. After the improvement of their bloodline power, their levels were now gold tier. Their strength had also undergone an earth-shattering change. The sudden increase in their strength has now far exceeded everyones expectations.

Each of them increased by at least 10 levels, and some even gained 20 to 30 levels.

Lan Weiwei’s attack power had more than doubled, reaching over 800,000 points. Her HP had also increased rapidly, reaching 18,000,000 points. Meanwhile, her attack power had also increased, reaching 80,000 points per second. Moreover, she even gained a new skill — Wolf Claw.

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By utilizing Wolf Claw she can now double her attack power to 16 times its original attack power, thereby her opponents will receive around 10,000,000 damage.

Such an attack power was definitely enough to kill a gold boss. If one counted the first four seconds of the attack, the total attack power would reach 25,000,000. No one would be able to withstand such an enormous attack power.

The Rollie’s stats had also increased. Originally, he had low HP. Now, he had over 20,000,000 HP, which was even higher than the HP of the Recovery Starfish.

As expected, an existence with the Luck Bonus was built different. He even gained a new skill! It was a Panda Bomb with an attack that was 100 times stronger than his own attack. That meant that the attack power would be aroudn 30 million! If such a bomb could be thrown to a gold boss, it would definitely not survive.

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However, this Panda Bomb had a flaw. If the bomb was thrown, it would take three seconds for it to explode. It was certain that a few higher skilled monsters would be able to dodge the attack.

Most importantly, since this bomb needed three seconds, there was no way to use it as an ambush attack.

However, Lu Chen did not mind. After all, it was already good enough to have such a powerful weapon at hand.

If one were to talk about the strongest increase in strength, it would definitely be aimed at Little Golden Dragon. At this moment, Little Golden Dragon had reached level 59, which was the peak of a gold boss. If it advanced one step further, it would reach the soul stage.

His HP was also a terrifying 20,000,000. His attack power had also reached 1,500,000, and the defense was close to 1,000,000. Such a being was incomparably powerful.

If Little Golden Dragon had such a powerful attack power when he fought the Seven-colored Peacock’s white mist, he would have only needed to make himself longer and sweep through the mist. He would have been able to wipe out all the monsters in one sweep.

With the increase in his bloodline power, the coverage area and damage of Little Golden Dragon’s Crazy Dragon Breath had increased tenfold. The original 2,000 points had now reached 20,000 points.

Most importantly, he directly inherited two important skills from Cockroach. These were the skills of a True Dragon!

One of them was Tornado Storm, and the other was Raging Dragon’s Fury. These two skills were very powerful, especially Raging Dragon’s Fury.

However, Little Golden Dragon’s body was stuck in its place. One could see that on the information panel, that he was in deep sleep.

Lu Chen frowned, Han Tianyi saw his expression and spoke, “Little Golden Dragon absorbed too much bloodline in one go. He needs to rest here for a long time before he can completely digest the bloodline power. You might not be able to summon him anytime soon.”

Hearing Han Tianyi’s advice, Lu Chen nodded.

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Today’s harvest was worth it, Lu Chen managed to extract a lot of bloodline powers from the 10,000 or so monsters here.

At this time, Han Tianyi opened his mouth and said, “They’ve all been upgraded. Then, it’s time for you to return the favor.”

Lu Chen’s eyes were full of caution. Han Tianyi’s level was so high that it was difficult for Lu Chen to tell how strong he was in his current state. However, such a powerful existence like him definitely surpassed Tang Feng.

When he thought about how he could have such a powerful helper, Lu Chen became exceptionally excited.

He directly activated his Taming God’s skill, and a ray of light shot out from his hand!
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