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Chapter 227: A Disciple!

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Facing Han Tianyi in front of him, Lu Chen emitted the light of the Taming God, enveloping Han Tianyi’s entire body.

After a few seconds, the light slowly seeped into Han Tianyi’s body. At this time, both of them could feel that magical connection in their hearts.

Han Tianyi officially became Lu Chen’s fifth pet!

In just a few seconds, Lu Chen had signed a contract with Han Tianyi. At this moment, when he looked at Han Tianyi’s information panel, he was a little shocked.


[Owner: Lu Chen]

[Name: Han Tianyi]

[Intimacy: 54]

[Level: Unknown]

[HP: Unknown]

[Attack: 1,000,000,000]

[Defense: Unknown]

[Magic Defense: Unknown]

Although many of Han Tianyi’s items displayed unknown question marks, the hundreds of millions of attack points still shocked them.

One had to know that even a gold boss could only have a few hundred thousand attack power points, while someone at a soul stage would have a million attack power.

Yet, Han Tianyi’s casual attack could easily reach hundreds of millions of attack power. Most importantly, Lu Chen knew that Han Tianyi’s strength was far beyond that considering that he could stop Lu Chen with a simple finger flick.

Moreover, when Lu Chen faced Han Tianyi, he felt that he was like a wild beast. He could clearly sense that even if he used all of his strength, he was still no match for Han Tianyi, he even felt that Han Tianyi’s strength was comparable to that of the Guardian General back then.

An expert of such a level as his trump card was definitely a huge win. At the same time, he made up his mind that he must keep such a powerful trump card as a secret and not let anyone know about it.

If necessary, calling Han Tianyi out would be the ultimate killer weapon. No one would be able to withstand such power.

Now, it seemed that the biggest gain from coming to the Mass Grave was not that the warriors of the Dragon Team had improved their levels, nor that the spiritual pets like Little Golden Dragon and Lan Weiwei had received the bonus of bloodline power. Instead, it was that Lu Chen gained an unstoppable pet!

Lu Chen’s combat strength was admirable. The only thing he lacked was an ultimate weapon. Now, Han Tianyi was his confidence booster in winning fights should there be a last resort. Although he had previously taken Tang Feng as his master, everyone had their own things to do, it was impossible to summon Tang Feng at any time and place.

However, Han Tianyi was different. As his contracted pet, as long as Lu Chen wanted to, he could immediately summon Han Tianyi from the Mass Grave, no matter where he was.

Most importantly, Han Tianyi’s combat strength was probably much stronger than Tang Feng’s.

Lu Chen looked at Little Golden Dragon in his backpack and suddenly remembered that Wu Tian had wanted to use the True Dragon’s corpse to trick Little Golden Dragon into becoming the Wu Family’s guardian Divine Beast.

Now that he thought about it, Little Golden Dragon had made a wise choice in not following that man. Just the Seven-colored Peacock and these few gold bosses were enough to make Wu Tian cower in fear.

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If the ancient martial arts aristocratic family sent someone of a higher rank to challenge them, then no matter how many people came, they would probably die in a second. Cockroach’s strength alone had already reached level 79, on the other hand, Han Tianyi was able to mobilize the entire power of the Mass Grave for his own use. That was terrifying.

Now, it made sense as to why there had been rumors that the Mass Grave rejected people from the ancient martial arts aristocratic family. It was because of Han Tianyi.

After settling everything, Han Tianyi said to Lu Chen, “The few of you can leave this place. Liu Yuan stays with me.”

Hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

Han Tianyi was already a few hundred years old. Why would he be interested in a young girl like Liu Yuan?

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At this moment, Liu Yuan’s expression was a little strange. She stuttered and said, “I’m not saying that you’re not handsome. It’s just that the age gap between us is a little big. I…”

Hearing this, Han Tianyi’s face darkened. “What are you thinking? I acknowledge your potential, so I want to take you in as a disciple. Stop thinking nonsense. I’m not that old!”

Hearing Han Tianyi’s words, Liu Yuan’s face instantly turned red.

In fact, she really wanted to go with Lu Chen. After all, she was already used to being Lu Chen’s follower.

However, she saw that her level was barely above level 30. On the other hand, Lu Chen had already reached level 51. The difference between the two was too big.

Han Tianyi’s combat strength was high. If she could cultivate her powers with him, it would probably be a better idea. That way, she can catch up to Lu Chen with confidence.

Seeing that Liu Yuan was a little hesitant, Han Tianyi said indifferently, “If it wasn’t for your old man Liu’s sake, I wouldn’t have taken you in as my disciple.”

Hearing this, Liu Yuan was slightly stunned. She didn’t expect Han Tianyi to know her grandfather?

Hearing this, Liu Yuan didn’t doubt him and immediately agreed, “Thank you! In that case, I will take care of your daily necessities from now on.”

Seeing that the little girl was very understanding, Han Tianyi was in a good mood. After all, once Lu Chen and the others leave with Cockroach, he would be alone in the Mass Grave.

Although the Seven-colored Peacock and the others had accompanied him for hundreds of years, they were not as close to him as he was to Cockroach. Especially with so many beasts in the Mass Grave, they all had a deep fear and respect for Han Tianyi, they did not have the kind of intimate relationship that could be casually playful.

Now that he had such an obedient female disciple, Han Tianyi was in a great mood.

Seeing that Liu Yuan had a better way out, Lu Chen did not have any objections. However, he felt that it was a little strange. They had gone through so much trouble to come all the way here just to leave Liu Yuan behind.

Even if they gained a lot of benefits, their main objective of coming here was not cleared. He kept feeling that something was not right. However, the result could be said to be a happy ending for everyone. Lu Chen directly greeted Liu Yuan with a few simple words. Meanwhile, because Liu Yuan and Weiwei had a close relationship, the two were reluctant to say goodbye.

Liu Yuan looked at Lu Chen from afar. At this moment, she was still wearing a tight suit. Under the tight suit, her graceful figure was undoubtedly revealed.

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Liu Yuan said, “Lu Chen, wait for me. I’ll see you soon…”

Lu Chen looked at Liu Yuan and said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Hearing this, Liu Yuan’s pretty face turned red, then she rolled her eyes and snorted arrogantly.

After a short farewell, Lu Chen left.

On the way back, Tang Bao suddenly thought of something. “That’s not right. All of you have gained something. I’m the only one that didn’t get anything. Instead, my HP was instantly depleted by that old man, and I spent a lot of Health Potions…”
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