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Chapter 228: Demon Sealing Valley Trial!

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At this moment, Lu Chen was in a great mood. He stuffed all of his Health Potions into Tang Bao’s hands.

At the same time, he took out another bloodline power pill from his backpack, he said, “This pill is the bloodline power of a few monsters that I extracted during the process of killing monsters. Although the medicinal power isn’t strong, I’ll give it to you as compensation.”

Tang Bao’s eyes lit up when he saw the pill!

He had clearly seen the rapid improvement of Little Golden Dragon and the others after they ate the bloodline power pill.

He had been coveting it for a long time. When he was in the Tang family, Tang Bao had seen the power of this bloodline power. It could transform him!

He was very clear that this thing could be eaten by humans!

Back then, Lu Chen had said that if he could obtain the bloodline pill in the future, he would give it to him. However, Lu Chen had lied to him back then and said that it was obtained by fighting monsters.

After today, the method that Lu Chen used to extract the bloodline power had already been discovered by Tang Bao.

It was obvious that Tang Bao played a role in saving Liu Yuan, so Lu Chen generously gave him what he wanted.

Looking at the pill in his hand, Tang Bao’s face was so happy that it brightened. He carefully held the pill and carefully observed it. Then, he took a deep breath. The intoxicated expression on his face was a little exaggerated from a third persons perspective.

Then, he directly put it in his backpack. Lu Chen was a little surprised and asked, “Why didn’t you eat it?”

“Because there are still a few months before the demon seal opens. Oh, right, Lu Chen, did you know that there will be a trial?”

Lu Chen was obviously stunned. He had never heard of any trial.

At this time, Tang Xiaoqing interjected, “He’s only stayed in our Tang family for a few days. How would he know about things like these? Let me tell you instead.

“The Demon Sealing Valley is a place that our ancient martial arts aristocratic family discovered in the Second World ruins.

“That place has a special feature. It only allows people below the soul stage or monsters to enter. It’s like a ruin of the ancient battlefield. There are all kinds of treasures there.

“Before we discovered it, that place had been sealed for tens of thousands of years.

“After we discovered it, it was only because all the members of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families made a move at the same time that we managed to open this ruin.

“This Demon Sealing Valley will only open once every ten years.

“That’s a place where danger exists in every corner.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” Lu Chen was deep in thought after learning about this place. “Then if you eat this pill of bloodline power now, won’t it be able to raise your level as soon as possible? As long as you don’t exceed level sixty, the stronger you’ll become, isn’t that right?”

Hearing this, Tang Bao’s interest was piqued. He shook his head and explained, “What you said was right. After entering level sixty, I’ll definitely get stronger.

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“Of course, only the direct descendants of the various ancient martial arts aristocratic families are qualified to do this. After all, it is not easy to nurture a peak golden stage expert.

“However, there was one thing that was rather strange. People below the soul stage are only allowed to go in. However, once they enter the Demon Sealing Valley, they can choose to break through. This way, when compared to others… they will have a huge advantage.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen raised his eyebrows slightly.

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The power of the bloodline was a high-grade treasure. If he ate it after entering the Demon Sealing Valley, then it would be more advantageous for him to break through to the soul stage. If he ate it now, then when he reaches the Demon Sealing Valley, Tang Bao would only be a level 59 aurous stage cultivator. He would not have an absolute advantage.

In the Demon Sealing Valley, it sounded like a trial for those aurous stage cultivators. However, everyone knew that the aurous stage cultivators only played the role of thugs and followers. The ones who could truly play a decisive role were the ancient martial arts aristocratic families of the soul stage. As long as there were those at the soul stage, they would be able to get a share of the spoils from their families.

If there were more people at the soul stage, they would have more authority. On the contrary, if there were no soul stage cultivators, their lives would be in vain.

Although the seven ancient martial arts aristocratic families looked like they were united, they had been fighting openly and secretly for hundreds of years. It was just that they had not openly shed all pretenses of cordiality and could weaken the power of the other family in the Demon Sealing Valley, this was already a tacit agreement.

It was precisely because the Wu family had not been able to produce any soul stage disciples in the Demon Sealing Valley on several occasions that their strength had plummeted. The Wu family even did not dare to send anyone to participate in the recent Demon Sealing Valley trial.

After all, if they lost a few more generations of elites, the Wu family would be completely kicked out of the ranks of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families if they pushed any further.

Moreover, participating in the trial of the Demon Sealing Valley was equivalent to throwing themselves into a circle of monsters.

If the family was not strong enough, they would not receive many benefits after entering the place. If they did not receive benefits, their strength would not increase. If their strength did not increase, they would lack top-notch combat strength as a family. If the family’s power became weaker, they would be unable to nurture young talents. It was a perpetual cycle that the Wu family did not want to participate in.

Therefore, it was said that the Wu clan had also found some external aid to help the Wu family seize the treasures in the Demon Sealing Valley. Of course, the price for the external aid was a lot. Presumably, the price the Wu family had to pay was probably enough to make their hearts ache for several years.

Looking at the thoughtful Lu Chen, Tang Bao continued, “Oh right, you can also be considered a disciple of the Tang family…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Tang Xiaoqing slapped Tang Bao. “How can you say that? What do you mean by he can be considered to be? He is a member of our family!”

Tang Bao’s shoulder was in so much pain from Tang Xiaoqing’s slap that he teared a little from the sting.

He quickly corrected himself and said, “Yes, yes, yes. This is our family’s future son-in-law…”

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Hearing this, Tang Xiaoqing’s face instantly turned red. She quickly raised her hand and pretended to hit him again, Tang Bao immediately corrected himself, “Lu Chen, you’re uncle’s disciple, so you’re a member of our Tang family. So logically speaking, you should be able to enter the Demon Sealing Valley as well.”

Hearing this, Lu Chen’s interest was immediately piqued.

After all, he used to be a fan of novels. In fantasy novels, such places that had treasure everywhere often had great opportunities, so Lu Chen was naturally very interested.

However, he did not expect that one day, such a good thing would actually happen to him. He looked at his level and saw that he was still nine levels away from reaching the soul stage. Moreover, even though there was only one level between level 59 and level 60, it was probably not that easy to surpass such a stage.

With such a good opportunity, Lu Chen would definitely not want to miss it!
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