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Chapter 229: Awaken White Fog City!

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After leaving the Mass Grave, Lu Chen and the others didn’t go back to the main world. Instead, they made a trip to White Fog City.

If the trial of the Demon Sealing Valley begins in a few months, he would have to prepare all his equipment, and checking up on White Fog City was no exception.

Being able to move a city for him to use was already a huge force and pressure.

If they really ran into a huge monster horde, these people in the city could help. Those who wanted to farm monsters could do so to their heart’s content, while those who did not could hide in the city’s safe zone. This was a win-win situation for everyone.

Low-level players could observe how high-level players farm monsters to accumulate experience.

This was definitely a blessing for White Fog City.

In the entire Second World, there were different teleportation arrays. These teleportation arrays could only be used within a certain area and could not be used for long-distance travel.

This was very suitable for Lu Chen and the others. After all, the Mass Grave was not very far from White Fog City. Very quickly, they arrived near White Fog City.

When they approached White Fog City, Tang Xiaoqing and Tang Bao were immediately shocked by the scene before them. The originally sparse White Fog City was now described as a bustling city.

Countless soldiers were entering and leaving, and the entrance was filled with players.

One had to know that this was no longer the time when White Fog City had just opened. At that time, everyone had to queue up to enter White Fog City.

It had been a long time since then, but he had not expected that White Fog City’s popularity would gain traction this quickly!

Tang Bao looked at some of the people in front of him and was extremely envious!

However, this was also inevitable in Lu Chen’s eyes. After all, White Fog City was the only city in the entire Second World of the Dragon Kingdom. Whether it was to have a class change or the production of all kinds of equipment, these could only be done here.

When the others saw Lu Chen, they instantly made way. The line that was originally queueing suddenly stopped. There were even quite a number of female players who were fangirls that stared at Lu Chen with starry eyes.

“Is that Lu Chen? He’s so handsome.”

“Exactly, exactly. He’s gotten more handsome compared to the last video. Moreover, he’s much more burly.”

“I’m in love, I’m in love. He’s much better looking than anyone I’ll everk know.”

” Lu Chen is the apple of my eye. My eternal god.”

Just as the women were in a daze, the men also let out waves of exclamations, but their focus was different from the others.

“Wasn’t heabout level thirty the last time we saw him? How did he level fifty now?”

“What kind of speed is this? Is he a cheater?”

“Stop bullsh*tting. Lu Chen is the only person in the Second World who doesn’t need to cheat.”

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“Not only is Lu Chen’s level high, look at Lan Weiwei. She’s already over level fifty!”

“Yeah, not to mention Lan Weiwei. Look at that Rollie. Even Rollie is already over level fourty. He’s even higher than me. This is ridiculous!”

“What is this? Look at that woman beside Lu Chen. She’s already at level fifty nine. How terrifying.”

“We really can’t be compared to others. We’re only level twenty or thirty. We’re already considered outstanding. However, compared to him, we’re trash.”

“Where did Lu Chen’s Little Golden Dragon go? It’s the one with three eyes, right?”

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“Yeah, yeah. I remember that Little Golden Dragon was the most powerful one out of all of them. Where did he go? Maybe he’s stronger than the rest!”

“You’re right! He might even turn into a True Dragon.”

Everyone was whispering to each other, because what was happening in front of them was far beyond their imagination.

Everyone looked at Lu Chen’s equipment, pets, and friends. They were all extremely envious. At this moment, they didn’t even have the courage to rush up and talk to Lu Chen. They knew very well that they didn’t even have the right to talk to someone of such a high level.

Lu Chen and the others came to the main gate of White Fog City and walked straight to the Super VIP passage.

Before they reached the gate, the soldiers guarding the city came up to him from afar with smiles on their faces. “City Lord, you’re back. Please come this way!”

Following that, the soldiers bowed and smilingly sent Lu Chen and the others to the Super VIP passage.

Although Lu Chen was the City Lord of White Fog City, he had only been focused on killing monsters and leveling up. He had never received such good treatment before. After thinking for a moment, he directly took out a few gold coins and handed them to the soldiers who welcomed him.

Not to mention the other soldiers, even the soldiers guarding the other passageways were envious of this operation.

These were gold coins. One gold coin was equivalent to 10,000 dollars… and Lu Chen casually handed them over.

The few soldiers who received the gold coins were obviously filled with fanaticism. Their salaries were not high, only a few gold coins a year. Their daily expenses were all copper coins, they did not expect the City Lord to be so generous.

The leading soldier immediately said, “I think our city is a little shabby now. How about I gather people to help you repair White Fog City?”

[Ding! Congratulations on triggering the mission to repair White Fog City. Will you accept it?]

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If he repaired White Fog City, he would have to spend five million gold coins to bring it back to the active state. If he did not repair White Fog City, it would cause a psychological blow to the active city-guarding soldiers and reduce their loyalty.

Seeing this, Lu Chen’s heart jumped. He did not know how to re-activate White Fog City, but he did not know that it would be this easy!

Thinking of this, he looked at the soldiers in front of him and became more and more satisfied. He casually gave them a few more gold coins.

[Ding! Detected that the loyalty of the soldiers has increased! The time needed to repair White Fog City will be greatly reduced!]

Seeing this, Lu Chen was overjoyed. He did not expect that his simple visit to White Fog City would really trigger the method to awaken White Fog City.
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