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Chapter 230: White Fog City’s New Plan!

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He waved his hand and said to the soldiers, “Now, go find someone to repair White Fog City, and then withdraw five million gold coins from the Treasury to repair the city!”

The soldiers were overjoyed and quickly ran to tell the others.

In White Fog City, no matter where Lu Chen went, he would receive everyone’s attention because he was the only City Lord in White Fog City, and also the strongest player in the Second World in the Dragon Country.

Most importantly, Lu Chen’s leveling speed was insanely fast. No matter how many ordinary players in the city banded together, they would not be able to defeat Lu Chen.

At this moment, the soldiers that were originally at the city gate ran over one after another. They were constantly transporting gold coins, preparing to repair White Fog City.

Originally, the players that came and went knew that this was a gold coin warehouse. However, no one knew exactly how much money was inside. This time, it just so happened that Lu Chen had opened the warehouse’s door. Everyone stopped in their tracks, looking into the warehouse, when they saw that the entire warehouse was shining with gold, everyone’s eyes widened.

“D*mn, there’s too much money inside. I reckon there’s at least a few hundred thousand gold inside.”

“A few hundred thousand? You’re underestimating White Fog City too much. There’s at least a million gold coinds inside.”

“D*mn! A million? Isn’t that tens of billions? If I had that much money, I would immediately return to the main world and never come out again.”

“Look at how promising you are. That’s why the White Fog City Lord is Lu Chen, not you. Your situation is only worthy of being a little loser.”

“So what? I just want to have a wife and children to warm up my bed. I’m not Lu Chen, I know how powerful I am. To me, coming to the Second World is to earn money through games. To put it bluntly, this is just a game, so what if I’m strong?”

“That’s right. This is just a game. I look down on those who spend money playing games the most. It’s useless to lose one’s will while playing games. People still have to live in the real world. Do they really think of the virtual world as their home?”

Although everyone said anything, when they faced the tens of billions of gold coins, everyone still felt sour.

At this time, the warehouse manager ran over with a face full of joy and said, “City Lord, there are 10.35 million gold coins here. We just spent 5 million to build the city wall. Now, there is 5.35 million left.”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked. They originally thought that Lu Chen’s warehouse was filled to the brim. However, the wealth of the rich was beyond their imagination. There was actually more than 100 billion gold coins here.

Someone in the crowd estimated that even if he worked the moment he was born and for the next three generations, he would not be able to earn so much money.

However, Lu Chen’s expression was not optimistic because the demand for gold coins was too great. When he only had 1,000 gold coins at the beginning, he was very shocked when he looked at this warehouse.

However, White Fog City was originally an empty city. Therefore, investing in the city right now might lead to a better outcome in the future. White Fog City did earn quite a bit of money by collecting entrance tickets and doing all sorts of transactions. However, the workers also needed to constantly spend money to build economy.

Fortunately, things like cultivation methods and medicine could be produced by the craftsmen of White Fog City and sold in the mall to maintain the balance.

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However, at the moment, repairing White Fog City would consume a large amount of gold coins. At the same time, the level of White Fog City was still pretty low, so it was necessary to upgrade.

The cost of leveling up was far higher than activating White Fog City. Thinking of this, Lu Chen immediately opened his backpack and threw all the gold coins into it.

At this moment, gold coins poured into the warehouse like a river.

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The soldiers who were originally moving the gold coins out were now stunned.

“The City Lord is really a god. He has an unlimited amount of gold coins!”

“We really have a good City Lord. The people of White Fog City will have a good life.”

“Thank you, City Lord!”

While the soldiers were thanking Lu Chen, the players were already in an uproar. Within a short period of time, hundreds of players had gathered. When they saw the gold coins in front of them, their eyes turned green with envy, they were even taking photos and posting them online.

“Everyone, come and take a look. Lu Chen’s little treasury can be said to be enough to be ranked on the top ten riches men list, right?”

“Recently, we haven’t been able to find Lu Chen when we were fighting monsters. How did he earn the gold coins?”

“Lu Chen is really awesome. We fought and resurrected here several times, but we never earned much money. At most, we earned a few silver coins. However, after Lu Chen disappeared for a few days, when he came back, he is now worth a hundred billion gold coins. Not only did he not spend it all, he even used it to subsidize White Fog City.”

“What’s the use of that? Spending money in the Second World is nothing if it won’t improve oneself.”

Not everyone knew that the Second World was about to fuse with the main world. Moreover, even if they knew, it would be of no use to ordinary people because their goal was to seek food and clothing.

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Just like Lu Chen who entered the Second World in the beginning, it was just to improve the quality of his life, or even just to make a living.

Lu Chen was also listening to these gossips, but he didn’t say anything, because he knew that the merging of the Second World and the main world might come at any time. The most important thing now was to improve his own strength, once he consolidated his power, once the real explosion came, the money would be fake. It would mean absolutely nothing.

Thinking of this, he recalled what Tang Bao had said before. It was said that there were all kinds of monsters in the Demon Sealing Valley, and there were many high-level monsters. There were also countless small monsters.

Once a monster riot happens, other than those at the soul stage, it would be difficult for others to survive. At that time, the battle for the treasure would become a survival challenge. However, the probability of such a thing happening was very small. It had been over a hundred years since it happened.

However, Lu Chen still felt that although he was strong enough, he was still a simple person no matter how powerful he became. If he really encountered a large-scale battle, it would be impossible for him to always appear alone, he had to have his own team.
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