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Chapter 231: World Map Fusion!

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Lu Chen was not afraid of battles. This courage came from his own strength. He never feared going solo.

Small-scale battles could be resolved with his pets. Medium-scale battles could be fought with members of the Dragon Team. However, if they really encountered a large-scale horde of monsters, they would need tens of thousands or even more players to fight together.

Although White Fog City was prospering, it was still merely a city. It did not have its own sustainable power. There were soldiers in the city, but those soldiers could only maintain law and order in the city.

If they wanted White Fog City to become powerful, they would have to become unstoppable warriors. They would have to mobilize the enthusiasm of all the residents of White Fog City. The only way was to use benefits to attract them to fight for their city.

The simplest method right now is to take out a fixed amount of money every month and hire thousands of White Fog City players to become soldiers or mercenaries.

However, there was a drawback to this method. Everyone would be here for money, so they would not be loyal to White Fog City. Moreover, the cost of raising a large number of soldiers is extremely high. Even if each person spends half a gold a month, it would still cost 10,000 gold to nurture 20,000 players.

Moreover, 10,000 players are not enough to do anything. The cost of raising high-level players might even cost more.

To Lu Chen, his gold coins could provide for the hard work of the class change masters and workers.

Right now, if he were to attract more players to join his White Fog City, he was afraid that he would not be able to make ends meet.

Instead of using his own money to support his soldiers, he might as well find a suitable place and lead his team to fight. Anyone who was willing to submit would receive benefits, that was what he planned to say. If they were unwilling, they should not be complaining about not receiving anything.

It was not enough to just fight a war and reap benefits from it. After all, there were some players who wanted to live a mundane or become a king on their own.

If the benefits aren’t enticing enough, most might not be interested at all. In addition, recently, some players had obtained special scrolls and become class change masters. They even started to compete with the class change masters in White Fog City.

In the beginning, these wild class change masters had set a lower price than the price of the class change masters in the city in order to snatch customers. Moreover, an entrance fee to enter the city was not needed.

However, this problem was quickly solved. Even without Lu Chen’s help, the wild class change masters got greedy and increased the price tenfold when the money started coming in. This caused many players to be dissatisfied with the service as they were not as competent as the class change masters in White Fog City. Soon enough, the wild class change masters had their status drop.

After that, these badly beaten wild class change masters expressed that they would no longer engage in vicious competition. They set the price to be the same as that in the city.

After Lu Chen’s new instruction, anyone who entered the city through the proper channels would be given a 10% discount on all items sold by the City Lord, regardless of whether it was scrolls, cultivation techniques, medicines, and so forth. All of them would be given a 10% discount.

Once this announcement was made, wild class change masters began to lose the advantage.

After all, the City Lord of White Fog City, Lu Chen, had endorsed the class change masters in the city. Their credibility was higher, and the quality of individual class change masters was incomparable to those of wild ones. There were even many who pretended to be class change masters and killed people to steal their treasures.

After a series of underhanded incidents, the reputation of the class change masters in White Fog City — in comparison to those wild ones — significantly improved.

At this moment, a notification suddenly appeared above everyone’s heads in the Second World!

[System Announcement: Dear players, as there are players in all the sectors who have their own castles, the spatial barriers in the different sectors have been removed. All cities can now be entered freely.]

Everyone was stunned when they saw the news. The news came too suddenly. Ever since White Fog City was taken over, there had been no such system news.

Everyone kept killing monsters and doing quests to increase their combat power. At this moment, they never expected that the cities could communicate with each other and open spatial barriers.

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One had to know that in the past, the Second World — under the territories of various countries — could not communicate with each other. Under such circumstances, it was impossible to achieve a strategic invasion.

If the people from the Western Castle found out about this, they would probably regret their plans and active invasion methods. They had spent tens of billions to come to the Dragon Country, and almost all of them had died. Even the few elders that got attacked were still in hiding. They were afraid that they would be killed by the players if they were resurrected in the Dragon Country!

However, a few days later, the territories merged. It was really a double loss on their end.

When the players of Dragon Country heard the news, they were shocked!

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“D*mn, can we finally go to other countries?”

“Great, I want to go to Beauty Country and meet all the women there.”

“Look at you, I want to go to Island Country!”

“Why go to the Island Country? Let’s go kill those warriors in Cherry Country!”

“That’s right, we’re going to flirt with the girls and then kill the warriors!”

“Hundreds of years ago, the Island Country have been bullying our country, and now we’re going to fight back.”

“Right, right, right. There are so many people in our Dragon Country, and there’s also Lu Chen. I’m sure we’ll wreck them.”

For a moment, the crowd was busting with excitement. Everyone was thinking of going to other places to attack their territories. Everyone was slowly getting bored here in the Second World. After all, there were no official missions anymore. However, when the world map was integrated into one, new possibilities arose, and they were ready to conquer other places.

When the system notification happened, Lu Chen listened carefully to the players’ conversation.

Although Tang Bao was from an ancient martial arts aristocratic family and did not care about the country’s affairs, he was still in the Dragon Country after all. He could also be considered a member of the Dragon Country. Therefore, his hatred for the Island Country was not weak.

He said to Lu Chen, “I think these players are right. We should go to the Cherry Country now and let their group of warriors respawn at the Resurrection Point!”

“Kill the warriors of the Island Country, flirt with the girls of the Beauty Country, steal the treasures of the Island Country, and kill the monsters everywhere!”

The more Tang Bao spoke, the more excited he became. He even expressed himself with a little dance.

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Aside from Tang Xiaoqing who was not interested in flirting with the girls of the Beauty Country, the rest of them agreed with him with just as much excitement.

Lu Chen, on the other hand, pondered for a moment and said, “I think we should focus on developing our city now.”

Tang Bao was slightly stunned by his suggestion, “There’s no hurry to develop White Fog City. Let’s take down the Island Country first and then slowly develop it after.

“When that time comes, the players from the Island Country and the Dragon Country will be ours!”

Lu Chen’s eyes gradually turned hollow. It was obvious that his brain was rapidly calculating the best outcome. “Compared to the strength of our Dragon Country and the Island Country, just the number of people can crush this Island Country.”
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