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Chapter 232: Layout Your Forces!

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Lu Chen continued, “But if we fight head-on, the players of the Dragon Country will end up becoming a hindrance. There isn’t enough time for them to practice formations and we will end up becoming a loose pile of sand.

“Once we get the concerted resistance of the players of the Island Country, or the official organization of the Island Country forming an army to resist collectively, we might fail.

“Although our players are on steroids now, it’s only temporary. If we encounter a strong opponent, we will fall.

“After all, everyone is afraid of death, especially since many people had already bet all their assets on the Second World game. Once they face danger, they would probably retreat immediately.

“In a war, if someone around them chose to retreat, it would cause a chain reaction, leading to a large-scale defeat.

“This is absolutely not allowed in a war.

“Therefore, we must gather a powerful force, a force that is unyielding. No matter how fierce the battle is, we can not retreat.

“Except for you Tang Bao, you’re a person with extremely strong killing intent. To you, no matter how powerful the enemy is, you will kill them all so that you can nurture a powerful killing domain. It might not be the same for ordinary players.”

After hearing Lu Chen’s words, Tang Bao instantly understood the crux of the matter. He scratched his head and asked, “What do you think we should do now?”

Lu Chen’s gaze was erratic. He stared at the countless players in the distance and said, “What we should do now is to unite everyone as one.

“We must build the most determined force. Even if it’s not strong enough, we must let everyone see that we will not back down!”

Tang Xiaoqing was a little puzzled. “But why should these people listen to us? Although you’re powerful, fighting a war is a matter of risking one’s life. I’m afraid that everyone will choose to protect themselves instead of fighting back.”

Lu Chen smiled faintly and said, “We can use resources to exchange for their labor.”

Then, he took out his phone and called Liu Changping. “Hey, do you have something on your side? Can you come to White Fog City now? Also, can you call Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan over? I’d like to talk about something.”

After receiving Lu Chen’s call, Liu Changping, Gu Yiming, and Xu Ziyuan quickly came to the main hall of White Fog City.

Liu Changping was actually asleep when the call came through. After the call, he immediately entered the Second World

Xu Ziyuan was hunting wild monsters in the wilderness. After hearing Liu Changping’s request from Lu Chen, she directly used a teleportation scroll to arrive at White Fog City.

However, Gu Yiming was the quickest to arrive because he was already in White Fog City. When he realized that a hint of world fusion appeared in the system notification, he knew that Lu Chen was very likely to find him. Thus, he immediately rushed to the main hall of White Fog City without a second thought.

Liu Changping and Xu Ziyuan quickly made their way as well. After arriving, they quickly gathered in the main hall.

The few of them sat down in the main hall of the White Fog City Lord’s mansion. Lu Chen was the first to speak, “This fusion is of great importance. This is a good opportunity for us to develop as a country.”

Liu Changping nodded. “That’s right. When I came in, I discovered that all the players in the Second World were discussing this matter. The one with the most clamor was that they had to hurry to Cherry Country to fight. Oh right, Liu Yuan…”

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Liu Changping did not continue speaking because he realized that Liu Yuan was not there. He had an ominous thought in his heart.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Liu Yuan is fine. She found a place that is very suitable for cultivation. From now on, her growth rate will increase exponentially. You have to work hard to cultivate yourself too. Otherwise, the next time you see her, she will be stronger than you.”

Lu Chen did not directly tell Liu Yuan about what happened. After all, the implications of this matter were too big. If it was leaked, it might not be a good thing.

Especially since the five great ancient martial families had always thought that Han Tianyi was dead. They did not come to a place like the Mass Grave to look for him.

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However, if the five great families knew that not only was Han Tianyi alive but that he had become even more powerful than before, then even if they had to take a great risk, they would still come to the Mass Grave to annihilate Han Tianyi.

After that, Lu Chen continued, “I called everyone here today because I want to create a force, the most powerful force in the Second World.”

Lu Chen’s words were firm and curt.

None of the people present showed a surprised expression, especially Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan. They looked at each other and said in their hearts that this moment had finally arrived.

Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan were only level 30 at the moment, and this was because the family behind them had invested a lot of manpower and money to build them up.

They knew that they were not as talented as Lu Chen, Liu Changping, and others who were in the room. However, with the power of the whole family, their level was at least higher than Liu Changping’s.

However, when Xu Ziyuan saw Liu Changping, she was shocked.

When Gu Yiming saw Lu Chen, he was dumbstruck!

He did not expect Lu Chen to be so much stronger than him by feats. At this moment, their cultivation was far from comparable.

He could not help but smile bitterly. However, he immediately understood the difference between him and Lu Chen. As a smart person, he would not be hung up on such a matter.

As the descendants of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, especially the direct descendants, political intelligence was far more important than their individual martial arts strength. After all, leading a family and developing their own power was the most important thing, they believed that Lu Chen would need them one day and that this moment had finally arrived.

Lu Chen continued, “If we want to develop our power, then we must recruit experts wantonly and recruit all kinds of geniuses.

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“Whether it’s those with high IQ or those with high combat power, we must recruit them. At the same time, the people we recruit must not only be limited to the Dragon Country, but also foreign powers.”

Hearing this, everyone nodded. Gu Yiming did not expect Lu Chen — a high school student — to have such a wide perspective on everything.

It should be known that even the Gu family, which ranked first among the ten great families, only wanted to compete for hegemony in the Dragon Country. At this moment, Lu Chen had already set his eyes on the whole world.

However, Gu Yiming instantly understood his place. That was because the Gu family was only the number one force in the Dragon Country. Whereas Lu Chen was the leader of the entire Second World.

Whether in terms of personal combat strength or reputation, he was much stronger than anyone else. Even the Xiao family, which was ranked above the Gu family, was far less influential than Lu Chen.
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