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Chapter 24: Wolf Valley’s Secret Mission!

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In the apartment, Lu Chen brought Lan Weiwei into the game.

After a day of torment, the sky had finally gone down.

The landing point he logged into was still Wolf Valley.

At this time, many giant wolves had spawned in the valley. Perhaps because Lan Weiwei was there, no wolf dared to approach.

Lu Chen looked at the hill in front of him. This bulge of rock blocked off the rest of the scenery. Yesterday, Lan Weiwei had appeared from there.

Lu Chen suddenly had the urge to go over and take a look. He wanted to know what was in the depths of the Wolf Valley.

Would this direction lead him to White Fog City directly, or was there another test?

Lu Chen led Lan Weiwei forward and soon reached the hill. Looking forward from the hill, there was actually a huge lake!

It was as wide as the sea!

Surrounded by mountains, it looked like a mirror being embedded into the ground, reflecting the night sky!

The wind blew, and the waves rocked. It was a very beautiful sight to behold.

Lan Weiwei looked at the lake and felt a special sense of familiarity. It was as if she had been here before.

“Master, I want to go to the lake.”

She pulled on Lu Chen’s sleeve. Then, Lu Chen nodded and brought Lan Weiwei to the lake.

When Lu Chen reached out a hand and touched it, he felt the coldness of the lake.


Suddenly, many wolves howled in all directions.

Four huge white wolves appeared around the valley!

These wolves had extremely fierce expressions as they pounced directly at Lu Chen!

However, at this moment, Lan Weiwei stood forward and snorted coldly.

The huge wolves that were originally as tall as a truck suddenly became dispirited. They even trembled at her sight!

This was the suppression from the bloodline that Weiwei had!

These subordinates had just offended the ancient Wolf King!

Lu Chen looked at the four giant wolves, To his surprise, his system notification popped up.

[Mutated White Wolf King (silver)]

[Level: 20]

[HP: 10,000]

[Attack: 2,000]

[Defense: 40]

[Magic Defense: 40]

[Skill: Frostflame]

This Wolf Valley had spawned another silver-rank boss?

Lu Chen was a little surprised. However, he quickly reacted.

The original boss of Wolf Valley had already been taken away by him, so it was normal for them to respawn another boss.

Moreover, the attributes displayed by the silver-rank boss now made Lu Chen feel that it was no big feat. After all, Lan Weiwei’s attributes were much more powerful than this.

The four giant wolves kneeled down when they saw Lan Weiwei. Lan Weiwei pointed at the giant wolf that was kneeling on the ground and spoke, “Master, I want to sit on it!”

Lu Chen found it interesting when he saw the obedience of these giant wolves. He immediately pulled Lan Weiwei into his arms and mounted the wolf.

A subtle blush flashed across the girl’s face.

The wolves let Lu Chen carry her and they rode on a giant wolf together.

The giant wolf dragged Lu Chen and stepped on the surface of the lake. When in contact, the blue water of the lake suddenly gave off a mysterious aura.

Lu Chen was a little surprised. He did not see from the system analysis that the giant wolf had such a skill.

The surface of the lake started to glow a beautiful shade of blue.

[Ding! Gold-tier dungeon detected.]

[Danger level: Dangerous]

[Do you wish to enter the dungeon?]

Suddenly, a notification sounded in front of Lu Chen.

There was a dungeon in Wolf Valley?

Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised. Moreover, it was a gold-rank dungeon. Although it was marked as dangerous, Lu Chen did not panic at all.

With his current attributes and skills, together with Lan Weiwei, even if there was danger, it would not sum much for the both of them.

Moreover, he still had two teleportation scrolls in his hands.

If he really could not handle the dungeon, he could just teleport away.


Lu Chen immediately chose to enter the dungeon.

Then, the huge wolf dragged Lu Chen into the light screen.

The surrounding scene dimmed.

The lake water glimmered in the night. He could even see his own reflection clearly through the water. Through the reflection, he could even see the hills under the night sky.

In the dense forest, there was a wolf pack that shuttled back and forth. There were over 10,000 pairs of densely packed, green, and terrifying eyes!

The further they traveled in, he could see a huge wolf howling at the full moon on every mountain peak.

These wolf packs seemed to be carrying out some kind of mysterious ritual.

The wolf howls that came one after another began to gather toward the surface of the lake.

Golden patterns suddenly appeared on the calm surface of the lake.

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The water rose into the air, and the lake seemed to be connected to the bright moon in the sky.

Right then, a huge ash wolf jumped out of the water!

Its blue gem-like pupils looked up at the moon as if it had some kind of resentment!

The figures of Lu Chen and the others turned from an illusion to reality.

The moment they appeared on the lake, they were immediately noticed by the ash wolf.

Once they were noticed, the giant Ash Wolf — which was as big as a small hill — charged towards the two of them without saying a word!

The way it moved exuded killing intent!

Lu Chen did not have the time to dodge the attack as he panicked from the sudden movement.

Lan Weiwei’s expression was solemn. She directly jumped up and stepped on the surface of the water.

A punch landed on the giant wolf’s limb!


The giant wolf was sent flying, sliding far away on the surface of the water, creating countless waves.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei seemed to have changed her appearance. She no longer looked as cute as before.

Instead, she carried herself like a queen! It was domineering!

‘This kid’s powerful?’ Lu Chen thought to himself, shocked.

The giant wolf in the distance was sent flying by a single punch. It was obviously furious from the counterattack.

It got up from the surface of the water, opened its bloody mouth, and directly spat out blue flames!

The high temperature created a mist that floated above the lake water. The powerful destructive power shocked Lu Chen to the core.

He was about to bring Lan Weiwei to dodge the attack too, but he did not expect this little girl to react like a different person when in danger. He raised his hand, and a wave-like light screen appeared, blocking all the flames.

Lu Chen quickly checked Lan Weiwei’s status.

[Ancient Ash Wolf ]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 99]

[Level: 20(human form, evolving)]

[Attack: 1,000 (evolving)]

[HP: 40,000 (evolving)]

[Defense: 100 (evolving)]

[Nagic Defense: 100 (evolving)]

[Skills: Frost Domain, Ture Form Transformation, Ash Wolf’s Fury… (can be activated)]

[Status: Pet Dungeon Challenge]

What’s going on?

Pet Dungeon Challenge?

What does that mean?

Could this be a special dungeon for Lan Weiwei?

Moreover, on the interface, this little girl’s attributes were crazily increasing!

What in the world was happening right now?

[Ding! Special mission triggered!]

[Please defeat the Ancient Ash Wolf King together with your pet.]

[Mission Reward: The treasure of the Ash Wolf bloodline, a large amount of EXP, special equipment, and a special title will be obtained.]

The system notification sounded.. Lu Chen looked at the giant wolf in front of him and muttered, “No way, we have to kill this gigantic thing together?”
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