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Chapter 26: Attack With All Your Might, Reach Your Limit!!

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Not only did the Ash Wolf King’s defense increase to a terrifying 10,000 points, but it also now recovers 10,000 HP every second!

Moreover, the damage it received would also be reduced by 50%!

Was this the power of a f*cking gold rank boss?

What was the point of all of this to go against one player?

Right at this moment, the Ancient Ash Wolf King spat out a cloud of blue flames, almost covering the entire surface of the lake.

[Shield God]

Lu Chen activated his Shield God form without hesitation.

With a 90% damage reduction, he protected Lan Weiwei behind him. The total damage of 6,000 points per second was now reduced to only 600 points!

Ten seconds later, fortunately, Lu Chen’s HP had not depleted to zero and it was all thanks to Lan Weiwei’s HP!

At that moment, the surface of the lake had turned into a snowy domain.

Lu Chen’s attack speed, which was originally 18.4 points, had now been reduced to 9.2 points!

“You attack, I’ll hold him off!”

In this form, Lan Weiwei was like an empress. Her voice was icy-cold as she stepped forward.

With that, a punch was thrown out, and a strong wind blew!

The Ash Wolf King and Lan Weiwei began to exchange vicious blows.

The two seemed to be competing on the icy plains for victory!

The two were in a stalemate. Both of them seemed to be holding on to the edges of a mountain, barely hanging on!

Lu Chen had no time to see how much Lan Weiwei’s attributes had increased.

He immediately activated the Sword God State!

With that, he began his attacks as well. With a swoosh, he had his first strike towards the Ancient Ash Wolf King.


Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed. He had surpassed half of the damage dealt by the Wolf King’s armor!

The 30,000 attack power could now only deal 10,000 damage to the Wolf King!

With such a small amount of HP reduction, the Wolf King could recover to full HP in a quick second!

Meanwhile, Lu Chen’s Sword God only had a duration of 10 seconds!

He could not care less about that anymore as the Sword God’s attack speed had increased by fivefold!

It could allow him to slash 46 times in one second!

However, in the Second World, overloading the maximum attack speed would cause indelible damage to the weapon and the player’s body!

This number was usually one-tenth of the agility skill needed. In other words, Lu Chen’s original attack speed on his interface was now his maximum attack speed!

Any increase above this would have different degrees of side effects!


18 slashes per second would be enough for now!

Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed, and the blue longsword in his hand directly slashed towards his opponent!

The floating red numbers continued to stack on top of the Ash Wolf King’s head 18 times!




This was 194,400 damage per second!

It directly cut off a fifth of the Ash Wolf King’s HP!

However, in the next second, the moonlight in the sky gathered, and a green value appeared above the Ash Wolf King’s just as quick as the health of lost!


“The f*ck!” Lu Chen cursed on the spot. 

This was too f*cking ridiculous!

This moonlight’s bonus directly restored the Ash Wolf King’s HP by 100,000!

The more it lost, the more it recovered its HP!

If he could not finish off this boss within 10 seconds, once the God Sword’s State disappeared, it would be very difficult to have other means to kill it!

Moreover, he had just slashed out 18 times quickly, and his arm now felt sore and numb. He could clearly feel that his body’s functions had been stretched to the limit!

If he exceeded this value, it would definitely become a big problem!

Lu Chen looked at the icy surface where Lan Weiwei was fighting another wolf.

At this moment, a faint shadow had appeared behind Lan Weiwei.

It was a huge wolf with a cold expression on it. Its white fur had a tinge of blue specks around it.


Both of them roared and collided against each other!

Countless pieces of ice were shattered!

The surrounding mountains trembled from the impact the both of them exuded!

The surrounding wolves looked over with reverence!

This was the battle between the Wolf King, the Ancient Wolf King, and the future Wolf King!

Lan Weiwei had been to this dungeon countless times!

Each time, she was defeated!

Each time, she could not pass!

Each time, she could not obtain the recognition of the Ash Wolf’s bloodline in her body to be activated!


Lan Weiwei was sent flying, and she seemed to be on the verge of unconsciousness. 

Lu Chen held his sword, knowing that he could not wait any longer. This time, he had to take the risk and attack!


He took a step forward, and the power of the Sword God’s State started to heat up again!

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His Sword intent was buzzing, ready to be unleashed.

Lu Chen almost turned into a streak of light as he dashed around the Ash Wolf King!

[Warning! Your body has exceeded its physical limit!]

[Agility had been permanently reduced by 20 points.]

[Attack speed has been permanently reduced by 3 points.]

Lu Chen’s body shook. The after-effect of this skill was too high of a price to pay!

In the game, every attribute point was extremely precious!

This time, Lu Chen slashed out a total of 40 times!

It directly reduced the Ash Wolf King’s HP to less than half!

The next second, a green number appeared above the Ash Wolf King’s head, yet again!



Lu Chen could not help but swear out loud!

His attack was to no avail as this attack only directly restored more than 200,000 HP back!

Meanwhile, Lan Weiwei’s body — which had just been sent flying — was now embedded into the glacier.


With a loud sound, the glacier shattered!

A gigantic beast that did not belong to the Ash Wolf King suddenly appeared!

Lan Weiwei had transformed into her true form!

With that, her bloody mouth opened up and bit down on the other party’s neck.

The frosty flames in her mouth continued to burn the other party!


While her jaw was locked, the Ash Wolf King’s HP was directly reduced by 100,000!

“Hurry up and do it!”

The two gigantic beasts were entangled together. At this moment, Lan Weiwei’s voice sounded in Lu Chen’s mind!

Lu Chen knew that this was a great opportunity to attack!

If they missed this opportunity, they would never have the chance to win against their opponents!

He took a deep breath and ignored the system’s warning!

He pushed his attack speed to its maximum!

Since his attack speed had been reduced, he could only make 31 slashes at most!

Among the 31 slashes, two golden lights that lit up the sky appeared!

Void Sword!

A 1% chance appeared twice in his 31 slashes!

It directly took away 40% of the Ash Wolf King’s HP!

Together with Lu Chen’s attack, the Ash Wolf King’s HP managed to reach zero!

With a loud bang, the giant wolf fell to the ground, defeated!


Wails could be heard coming from all directions. The howls sounded like the wolves were grieving for the loss of the old king, as well as a welcome for the new king!

Meanwhile, Lan Weiwei had also transformed back into a young girl’s appearance as she slowly descended from the sky.

Lu Chen supported his exhausted body with his sword as he caught her.

At this moment, the gigantic surface of the lake split open, and a palace appeared at the bottom of the lake.

[The palace of the Ash Wolf Clan has been opened. ]

[Do you wish to enter?]

Lu Chen did not have time to look at the spoils of war on the ground. He only immediately kept the items that had dropped in front of him into his backpack.

Then, he brought Lan Weiwei into the palace..
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