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Chapter 28: Great Harvest, Great Increase in Strength!

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In the living room, Lan Weiwei was inhaling whatever food Lu Chen brought out.

While she ate, Lu Chen faced the windowsill to bathe in the moonlight. The pain in his body slowly dissipated the more he basked in it.

He was more and more certain that the game Second World was definitely hiding some important secrets. It was far from being as simple as it looked on the surface.

Moreover, the entire world was promoting this game and even started currency trading.

The leaders and core members of the various countries would definitely know something fishy was lurking around!

In the near future, this world would definitely undergo huge changes!

He could not help but think of the teleportation scroll in his hand that all the various powers were paying attention to!

White Fog City might really have something that could change the game and even the world’s structure!

Otherwise, the hype to get the first-ever class change for players to switch classes would not be so arduous!

From the boss that Lu Chen had encountered in Wolf Valley, it was obvious that they were all exaggeratedly strong!

A silver-tier boss would definitely not be so terrifying!

If the other paths were the same, that would be enough to prove that something fishy was going on!

Also, recently, various forces were even coming into contact with him!

All of this explained the root issue of something bubbling!

For the first time, Lu Chen felt a strong sense of crisis!

He needed to become stronger and continuously increase his strength to protect himself!

There were too many unknowns ahead, and this world was no longer as simple as it used to be!

He had too many questions that he could not answer!

He wanted to survive in this world and the other!

In this unknown game, the only way to survive was to increase his strength!

Lu Chen let out a deep breath. The mark on his forehead slowly disappeared as he stood up.

He looked at Lan Weiwei at the dining table and asked, “Are you done eating? If you are, we should go back.”

Lan Weiwei puffed her cheeks and nodded obediently.

Then, she quickly walked to Lu Chen’s side and hugged him.

Lu Chen was slightly stunned and could not help but laugh. Lan Weiwei’s current behavior was like a silly child. It seemed as though she thought that she would be able to enter the Second World by hugging him.

Lu Chen looked at the game pod. 

He was considering whether he should get one for Lan Weiwei as well?

If she could enter the game with him, what would happen if she entered alone?

Lu Chen let go of Lan Weiwei and said, “Wait a moment.”

With that, he picked up his phone and ordered a new game pod online.

A game pod could be provided by the country, or it could be ordered through various channels.

A moment later, Lu Chen put down his phone and entered the game with Lan Weiwei in his arms.

After entering the game, several notifications kept ringing.

[Ding! Congratulations on leveling up!]

[Ding! Your negative status has been cleared!]

[Ding! You have received the blessing of the Moon God!]

[Ding! You have received the power of the Ash Wolf!]

[Ding! Your pet has leveled up!]

The series of notifications overwhelmed Lu Chen.

The first was the leveling up. This time, Lu Chen had leveled up by five levels in one go!

However, due to the negative status, his attributes had been reduced by a huge chunk!

He took a look at his four-dimensional attributes.

[Vitality: 125]

[Strength: 120]

[Agility: 100]

[Intelligence: 100]

If not for the Ash Wolf King’s Sword, his attributes would have almost been wiped out!

Do the side effects of overexerting one’s physical state bring about such heavy losses?

Lu Chen’s heart ached so much that he could not help but grin. If he could not make it to the palace to meet the mysterious lady, then he would have suffered a huge loss!

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Lu Chen then shifted his gaze to the other notification that mentioned he received blessings from the moon god.

[Moon God’s Blessing — a gift from the gods. After using it, it would be directly activated.]

[Type: Permanent Halo (indestructible)]

[Vitality: +200]

[Strength: +200]

[Agility: +200]

[Intelligence: +200]

[Special Effect: You have been blessed by the Moon God. You can use moonlight to recover your status and remove negative attributes.]

[When you fight under the Moonlight, you will receive a combat strength buff. The specific buff will increase with the user’s affinity with the moonlight]

[Current Affinity: 65. You will receive a 50% attack bonus in battle! Light Attribute Magic Resistance +50%]

[Note: When the affinity points reach a certain value, an additional special effect will be unlocked. You can now store moonlight 0/100,000!]

Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised. Almost dying was totally worth it!

In terms of attributes alone, this buff had directly surpassed everything he had dreamed of!

It also had a 50% attack bonus!

This was a huge upgrade for him!

As for the so-called affinity, Lu Chen had not figured it out yet. If it was for pets, this affinity could be slowly cultivated.

How could this affinity be improved though?

Lu Chen shook his head. Without thinking too much, he directly activated the halo.

In an instant, a gentle light enveloped Lu Chen’s body. The feeling of powerlessness on Lu Chen’s body was completely eliminated!

His attributes were also back to their original state!

Lu Chen continued reading the system notification in excitement.

[Power of the Ash Wolf!]

You have passed the test left behind by the Ancient Ash Wolf King. After using it, it shall be directly activated.

[Type: Halo (blessing)]

[Vitality: 300]

[Strength: +300]

[Agility: +300]

[Intelligence: +300]

[Special Effect: You have obtained the power of the Ancient Ash Wolf King. When you are in battle, you may use moonlight to activate the power of the Ancient Ash Wolf!]

[Every time you use the moonlight that you have stored, you can increase your attack power by a little! The increased attributes will not be retained forever. It will disappear after the battle ends.]

[Special Effect: You can now transform into an Ancient Ash Wolf. You can also use the Ash Wolf’s howl towards the moon to summon a full moon regardless of the terrain and climate. It will also deal 500 light attribute magic damage per second to enemies under the moonlight. It will cost 50 MP per second to use.]

When Lu Chen saw this halo, he did not know how to react. It seemed that he really had really joined the clan and became one of them!

However, this bonus was still very beneficial. Especially more so with the Blessing of the Moon God, he could now directly summon moonlight without waiting for nightfall.

This could pose a huge increase in his combat strength!
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