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Chapter 29: Random Killing!

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Lu Chen looked at his own stats soar, and finally expressed a huge smile on his face.

This event had turned into a huge profit for him!

Leveled-up pet?

Lan Weiwei’s interface appeared before Lu Chen’s eyes.

[Ancient Wolf Spirit]

[Owner: Morning Mist]

[Name: Lan Weiwei]

[Intimacy: 100]

[Level: 25 (human)]

[Attack: 2,500]

[HP: 70,000]

[Defense: 150]

[Magic Defense: 150]

[Skills: Frost Domain, True Form Transformation, Wrath of…

Lu Chen looked at Lan Weiwei’s attributes and pondered. This time, Lan Weiwei’s advancement did not seem to have received a huge upgrade.

Her level had increased by five, she was now ten levels higher than him. Other than her name becoming an ancient wolf spirit now, the other changes were not too big.

Her HP had increased by 30,000 points, her attack power had increased by 1,500 points, and her magic and physical defense had increased by 50 points each.

Other than that, there were basically no other changes. However, this was considered a good start.

His HP was connected to Lan Weiwei’s, and his 70,000 HP could now be considered as a further guarantee of his safety. Other than these gains, Lu Chen quickly shifted his gaze to his backpack.

Previously, when he had killed the Ask Wolf King, many good items had dropped. However, he did not have time to look at them. To be honest, this was the most difficult boss he had ever fought.

Opening his backpack, Lu Chen was dazzled by a pile of shiny equipment.

[Ash Wolf Helmet (gold)]

[Level Requirement: 15]

[Vitality: +70]

[Strength: +50]

[Agility: +30]

[Intelligence: +20]

[HP: +5,000]

[Defense: +70]

[Special Effect: When receiving damage, 10% of the damage received can be converted into HP!]

It was a gold-tier equipment!

Lu Chen’s eyes burned with excitement. This was an absolutely good item!

Not only were the attributes high, but the special effect was also extremely useful!

He quickly moved on to the next item.

[Moonlight Cloak (gold)]

[Level Requirement: 15]

[Vitality: +40]

[Strength: +30]

[Agility: +50]

[Intelligence: +25]

[Defense: +100]

[Magic Defense: +100]

[Special Effect: Immune to 30% magic damage!

Another piece of gold equipment!

[Wolf’s Belt (gold)]

[Level Requirement: 15]

[Vitality: +70]

[Strength: +35]

[Agility: +35]

[Intelligence: +30]

[HP: +5,000]

[Defense: +100]

[Magic Defense: +100]

Three pieces of gold-tier equipment!

Lu Chen roughly tapped on them. Other than the belt that did not have any special effects, the other two pieces of equipment showed special effects.

It seemed that there were many differences between equipment of the same level.

As for the other items he picked up, they were not as worthy as these three, so he put them away.

Then, he swept his gaze over something in his backpack.


He looked at a scroll in his backpack. It was emitting a golden glow.

“What is this?”

Lu Chen took it out and took a look.

[Test — The Will of the Sword]

A special item!

[Congratulations, brave one. You have passed the test of the Wolf Valley. This proves that you have the strength and will to become a top-tier swordsman.]

[This is the proof that you have passed the test. If you meet a sword saint that haunts the world, please give this to them. You will receive a class change for a special class.]

Lu Chen was shocked. This thing was actually a class change scroll for a special class.

Getting a class change was the most important thing for a player in any game.

It represented a transformation and a surge in strength!

Similar to the title Lu Chen had, although the strength bonus was terrifying, it had not been officially included in the class.

It was mentioned on the official website of Second World that each title corresponded to a corresponding class!

In other words, when he changed classes to become a Sword God, only his combat power would increase!

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Lu Chen looked at this scroll, and his eyes turned hungry. It was related to swordsmanship, one that he wanted. If he followed this clue, he might really be able to find this Sword God’s class change mission.

Lu Chen solemnly kept the scroll.

He opened his interface again.

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 15]

[Class: Hero (now able to change class to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 765]

[Strength: 725]

[Agility: 705]

[Intelligence: 700]

[HP: 17,650]

[MP: 8,000]

[Attack: 9,250]

[Defense: 385]

[Magic Defense: 355]

[Reputation: 1,000]

[Skill: Earth Stomp]

[Attack Speed: 16.5 (when a character reaches level 10 and has more than 100 agility, each agility point will provide 0.01 attack speed)]

His attack power had reached 9,000 points!

With such combat power, he would have enough confidence to fight the Wolf King again. Moreover, his HP had reached nearly 20,000 points. Adding on this double resistance that was comparable to a bronze-tier boss, Lu Chen could say that he could now walk unhindered!

He looked at the lake in Wolf Valley and felt a little excited. There was nothing more enjoyable than increasing one’s strength.

On the other side of the lake, there was a small path. If he guessed correctly, this should be the path leading to White Fog City.

He just did not know if he could reach White Fog City directly by following this path, or if there were other dangers ahead that he should prepare for?

Lu Chen thought for a moment and decided that there was only one way to figure it out — to walk to the path given.

Soon, he reached the other side of the lake.

The path looked to be full of twists and turns. Without hesitating, Lu Chen ventured in.

There were many strange flowers and plants growing on both sides. He could not name them, but he could smell many strange scents that were being emitted from them.

The path was only one meter wide at the beginning, and there were deep cliffs on both sides.

After walking for a while, his field of vision gradually saw more things, and the mountains on both sides shield themselves away.

In front of Lu Chen, there was a white fog. It covered everything.

The visibility was very low.

He walked for a long time, but he did not see any wild monsters or buildings.

Was this really the way to White Fog City?

Lu Chen frowned. There was no direction, and the surroundings were empty. How could he reach White Fog City with no indication?

Lu Chen continued to walk forward. He did not know how much time had passed.

He walked till he saw the path between the mountains again.

He had turned back.

Lu Chen could not help but frown.

He felt a little strange.

This fog seemed to have been deliberately released by someone to prevent the players from reaching White Fog City.

Moreover, he felt a little uneasy. There seemed to be something terrifying in this white fog.

Lu Chen thought for a moment and did not plan to continue forward. Instead, he chose to return to the valley. In the valley, Lu Chen thought for a long time.

The situation in the white fog was suspicious. Although he was very strong, there was no need for him to take the risk to investigate further.

To him, he had two choices.

The first was to teleport himself directly to White Fog City. He wanted to see what the situation in White Fog City was like.

The second was to continue improving his strength. Apart from Wolf Valley, there are several other silver-ranked bosses territories.

These are all necessary routes to White Fog City. Moreover, fighting bosses would be the fastest way to improve one’s strength..
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