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Chapter 3

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The sudden notification stunned Lu Chen.

A wall of golden titles appeared on his status panel.

What was going on?

Sword God?

Axe God?

War God?

Those dazzling golden titles caught Lu Chen off guard

‘Could it be that I had maxed out the proficiency of all kinds of weapons in the dungeon and unlocked a special achievement?’ he thought to himself.

He had seen it on the official website’s guide somewhere. If a certain hidden condition was met in the game, a special achievement would be unlocked. The rewards for these achievements were extremely generous!

Sword God, Axe God, War God…

These golden titles were obviously not ordinary. Moreover, this was only the second day of the game.

Lu Chen had not wasted any time at all!

At this moment, Lu Chen’s resentment towards the Hares Cave dissipated by a lot.

“Oh right, I have to rush back to hand in the mission!”

Lu Chen suddenly remembered that he had accepted the mission from the Novice Village chief to hunt the hare. However, he did not expect that an accident would occur in the dungeon and that he would be gone for a thousand years.

To his luck, only one day had passed in the outside world. Moreover, one day was enough for him to widen the gap between others!

‘This won’t do, I have to hurry up!’ Thinking of this, Lu Chen quickly walked towards the Novice Village plaza.

“Very good, young man. You’ve completed your mission. I’ve acknowledged your strength. These three hares…


Before the village chief could finish his words, he saw Lu Chen directly pour out a hill-sized corpse of hares from his backpack!

From the looks of it, more and more hares were overflowing out of the backpack!

Almost half of the plaza was flooded with dead hares!

“This… this, this, this!”

The village chief almost pulled off the hair from his beard, he had never seen so many hares in his life!

All the players looked over and were extremely shocked by the scene in front of them!

“What the f*ck is going on? This guy killed tens of thousands of rabbits?”

“F*ck, is this guy a wild rabbit maniac?”

“That’s ridiculous! How could he have killed so many rabbits in just one day!”

“I’m very curious, what kind of reward can this guy get from the NPC from this?”

“Oh my gosh, the entire plaza is almost full of them. There are millions of them?”

“A few million? This plaza is enough for 100,000 people to stand on. Now, it’s basically full of rabbits. Think about how many there are!”


The old village chief looked at Lu Chen, trembling. He could not help but say, “Enough, enough! Young man, you have so much rabbit meat and fur, you could make a good fortune out of this.

“Although I don’t know where you’ve got so many rabbits, these things are very useful to our village.

“Brave adventurer, are you willing to sell these hares to us?”

[Ding! Triggered a special mission — Novice Village chief’s transaction!]

[Sell all the hares to the village chief, there is a probability of obtaining gold coins, hidden items, equipment, etc…] 

Lu Chen’s eyes lit up. He was worried that these hares had no benefits. In the dungeon, these hares respawned about ten times a day, three at a time!

He had f*cking fought for a thousand years and had a total of 10,950,000 hares!

Now, not only could he deal with the hares in his backpack, but he could also exchange them for rewards. So he did not hesitate in accepting the mission at all!

Lu Chen immediately said, “I’ll be very happy to sell these hares to contribute to the village.”

The old village chief looked at Lu Chen with admiration and nodded repeatedly. “Good, good, good. You’re really a simple young man.

“To tell you the truth, our village people have always traded with the White Fog City. The wild rabbit fur meat in the village has always been exported as a best-selling commodity.

“It’s a pity that there are no more young people in the village, and wild rabbits are difficult to catch. Life in the village just gets more and more miserable every day.

“Young man, wait a moment. I’ll go and find someone to count the wild rabbits. I definitely won’t let you down.”

The old village chief tapped his walking stick, and a white light lit up under his feet. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, he directly teleported away!

Everyone in the Novice Village was so shocked that their jaws dropped.

“The f*ck, am I seeing things? Was that magic?”

“Isn’t that something that only high-level elite monsters would use?”

“The old village chief of the Novice Village actually has this ability?”

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“Oh right, I remember now. There is a hint on the official website. Don’t underestimate any NPC. They might all have hidden special missions!”

“Sh*t, I never thought that a Novice Village chief would also have a special mission!”

Lu Chen waited where he was, but what he did not know was that the video of him taking out tens of millions of wild rabbits had spread. The views on all the major platforms skyrocketed!

A moment later, the plaza lit up again with white light. The old village chief appeared with an NPC dressed like a merchant.

The chubby middle-aged man was stunned when he saw the number of hares on the ground.

“Oh my gosh! Elder Xu, there are so many hares. I’m afraid the entire White Fog City will have enough for a few years!

“Only our shop can afford such a large quantity! I’ll start counting now!”

After saying that, he opened a scroll and threw it into the sky, enveloping the rabbits on the plaza.

The wild rabbits that were like pilled into a small mountain were then kept inside. Along with that, a string of numbers appeared on it.

“A total of 10,950,000 rabbits. What do you think, elder Xu?”

The old village chief did not answer him but turned his gaze to Lu Chen. Lu Chen smiled slightly from that and nodded his head. At least the merchant did not tamper with the numbers.

“That’s right. There are too many of them. I won’t calculate the cost for each rabbit. Let’s just say I’m only selling you 10 million of these rabbits.”

In his opinion, no matter how valuable these wild rabbits were, they were not worth much.

It would be more convenient to take away a small amount to make the offer more enticing. As soon as he said that, the fat merchant’s eyes almost popped out!

That was with 10,950,000 wild rabbits!

Even if it was a copper coin, it was still 10,950,000 rabbits!

Not to mention the fur and meat of the processed wild rabbits!

He took a deep breath and looked at Lu Chen excitedly, “Really?”

Lu Chen shrugged and said, “Of course. If you’re not willing, you can calculate it according to the original amount.”

When the merchant heard this, he quickly said, “I like it, I’ll agree to it!”

He kept rubbing his hands. After a while, he looked up at Lu Chen and said, “How about this, I’ll give you 2,000 gold coins for this batch of wild rabbits?”

2,000 gold coins!!

Everyone in the plaza was going crazy!

This was not worth 2,000 dollars!

According to the currency in the Second World, a copper coin could be exchanged for 1 dollar in the real world!

100 copper coins could be exchanged for one silver coin!

100 silver coins could be exchanged for one gold coin!

2000 gold coins, that would cost 20 million dollars!

On the second day after the server opened, this man had managed to receive 20 million!

What the heck was going on!

The merchant still rambled on, “Considering that you are an adventurer, in order to express my gratitude, I will personally gift you a set of silver-grade armor.”

The old village chief chuckled and said, “This old man has nothing to show for it. In order to express my gratitude, I will give you three teleportation scrolls.”

The old village chief spread his hands, and three scrolls lay on his palm.

Everyone quickly determined the grade of the item and it was an epic-grade teleportation scroll!

Instantly, the entire plaza fell silent..
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