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Chapter 30: Choosing to Increase His Strength Once Again!

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In the end, Lu Chen still chose the path of increasing his strength first!

He knew nothing about the Wolf Valley and the White Fog City behind the Wolf Valley. The best way to deal with the unknown was to increase his strength to not be afraid.

Apart from the Wolf Valley, there was also Bear Ridge, Snake Pond, Bat Cave, MassGrave, and Tiger Mountain. There were five other places where a high-level boss could be found.

Therefore, Lu Chen prepared to go to Bear Ridge first.

At this time, the entire internet was in an uproar!

On the Second World official forum, all kinds of news were being passed around everywhere.

[Bear Ridge silver boss damage is off the charts, with an attack of 30,000, that’s ridiculous!?]

[Wolf Valley boss disappeared, silver boss appearances are seriously inconsistent.]

[After the Wolf Valley released a mysterious white fog, many players were attacked by unknown wild monsters.]

The video about the Second World instantly became a hot topic. When many players saw the various silver bosses, they called them freaks!

It was simply impossible to kill the boss!

Take Bear Ridge’s boss for example, its attack power was 30,000!

Even the middle-sized guild with over 1,000 members was instantly killed!

There was no chance for them to react or escape!

“Isn’t this freaking game too difficult?”

“Without a class change and a quest guide, how are we supposed to survive?”

“I suspect that the developers are pranking us on purpose. They don’t want us to go to White Fog City.”

“But did you guys hear that the boss from Wolf Valley seems to have been killed?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know about that too.”

“The boss over there seems to be on a completely different level from these bosses.”

“A few guilds have already gone over to check it out actually.”

“LMAO, what do you guys know? That boss has long been eliminated. That boss was even crazier than these bosses!”


“Hehe, why would I lie to you guys? Watch the video for yourself!”

In the various forums, a video was released. It was the beast form of Lan Weiwei from before.

“The f*ck, it has 100,000 HP?”

After countless players saw Lan Weiwei’s HP bar, they all trembled in their spots! This was completely different from the other bosses the guilds have experienced!

“This is a video from a few days ago. It was taken by an expert from the White Alliance. They were originally going to surround and kill Morning Mist. In the end, someone was curious and went to the depths of Wolf Valley to explore, only to be met with this scary boss.”

“It’s only been a few days. Where did this boss go?”

“I heard from others that the boss was wiped out.”

“That’s impossible. If it was a certain guild, how could they fight such a scary boss?”

Suddenly, there was a comment below that made everyone’s goosebumps appear.

“I think there’s one person who can…”


“Two days ago, that big shot who single-handedly wiped out the entire White Alliance!”

“F*ck, could it be Morning Mist?”

When someone mentioned Lu Chen’s name, countless people immediately started gossiping.

After Lu Chen wiped out the White Alliance guild, he seemed to have walked straight into Wolf Valley.

Less than two days had passed, and Wolf Valley’s boss had disappeared.

Everyone felt their scalps go numb!

How could there be such a perverse person in the world?

That was a boss with 100,000 HP!

Not to mention the other attributes, how did he have the chance to single-handedly challenge that crazy boss?!

In the face of doubt, only one person stood up and said.

“Have you forgotten that the leader of the White Alliance had 100,000 shield points but was still defeated?”

At this moment, everyone’s voices fell silent!

That’s right, Xiao Chuan of the White Alliance had his 100,000 shield points destroyed by Morning Mist!

This video has reached over 10,000,000 views on all the major websites!

It shocked countless players!

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At this moment, the name Morning Mist was branded into the hearts of all the players.

Early the next morning, Lu Chen, who had rested well, took Lan Weiwei and set off.

A white light flashed, and they arrived at the Second World.

This time, Lu Chen’s destination was Bear Ridge. He had just brought Lan Weiwei to Bear Ridge’s entrance when he was discovered by many players.

“F*ck, the mighty God has appeared. Quickly come and watch!”

“Is he the ruthless person who single-handedly defeated the Wolf King boss?”

“Morning Mist has appeared. Quickly inform the White Alliance Leader!”

“This is 0927. The target has appeared and is heading towards Bear Ridge.”

“Brothers, let’s tail him. Let’s go up and take a look at what he’s up to. It’s good to gain some knowledge and learn some skills.”

Lu Chen felt somewhat helpless. These people’s eyes were burning with desire. It was as though they had discovered a dragon.

There were those who worshiped him, those who were jealous, those who were afraid, and those who were hateful and vigilant.

However, these people did not dare to get close to him. They only looked at him from afar.

Lu Chen could not make a move either. He could only let them do as they wished.

“F*ck, Morning Mist has entered Bear Ridge!”

“Good heavens, could it be that he’s going to challenge that boss alone?”

“The f*ck, that’s possible. We sure are in for a treat, let’s see how he handles it alone!!”

“Woah, the girl next to Morning Mist is so beautiful. Is she his girlfriend?”

“I don’t think so. Is she his sister?”

Many people noticed Lan Weiwei’s existence. The appearance of this world was fine-tuned according to the real world.

The better-looking the real world was, the better-looking it would be in this world.

Looking at Lan Weiwei’s appearance, such a beauty that could topple nations and cities, definitely stole many people’s attention.

Lan Weiwei could not help but frown when she saw the people around her gossiping.

“Master, these people’s eyes are so strange. Do you want me to kill them?”

Lan Weiwei’s voice was not loud, but it was clearly heard by everyone.

“The heck, did I just hear her say, master?”

“This… The plot has indeed thickened!”

“The relationship between these two people, she is definitely not his sister anymore, that I can assure you!”

“Morning Mist, that beast!”

“Sc*m, he’s a sc*m!”

The surrounding players all looked at him strangely.

Lu Chen had a headache from their words. The meaning of the word master had changed in this era.

When some gentlemen heard this, they would immediately have bad associations with the word. Thus, causing them to side-eye Lu Chen with disgust.

He looked at Lan Weiwei who was about to charge out and said, “Be quiet, don’t bother about them.”

With that, two of them walked into Bear Ridge..
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