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Chapter 31: Bear Ridge, Reappearance of the White Alliance!

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The two entered Bear Ridge and were followed closely by a group of people behind. Everyone wanted to see what this legendary player — Morning Mist — was up to.

On the outskirts of Bear Ridge, there were a few huge grayish-white bears. Their levels were not high, they were around level 8. However, their defense was high, their HP was abundant, and their attack power was powerful.

All in all, they were not easy to deal with.

As soon as the two entered Bear Ridge, they attracted the attention of countless wild monsters.

Many big bears rushed towards Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei.

Before Lu Chen could make a move, Lan Weiwei made the first move!

She raised her hand and waved it around, instantly killing the three big bears in front of her!


The group of people was stunned by her action as they looked at the red number floating in the air.

“The f*ck, where did this beauty come from?”

“She could easily deal over a thousand damage and instantly kill these monsters?”

“Oh my gosh, I thought she was just a pretty face, but she turned out to be an expert in the field as well!”

“You guys, this is what it means to be able to fight on the battlefield.”

Many people could not help but praise Lu Chen, and they became even more jealous of him.

However, Lu Chen did not feel much. He only brought Lan Weiwei and walked forward after they destroyed the bears.

After crossing a hill, there was another mountain in front of them.

The forest was deep and dense, and there were many big black bears that roamed around. Their eyes were emitting a cold light as they stared at the two people who just entered.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei’s status panel started to change. The human form on the status panel started to change into a battle form.

The attack power of 2,500 on the status panel started to increase rapidly.

The girl lightly stomped on the ground and shot forward like a streak of light.

Her delicate arm turned into a claw as it drew streaks of cold light in the air!


Almost no one could see her figure. By the time all the players reacted, Lan Weiwei was already a few hundred meters away.

The sound of things dropping could be heard continuously.


Countless huge black bears instantly fell to the ground!


The surrounding players sucked in a breath of cold air as they expressed their shock. It would have been considered normal if this woman had only insta-killed the normal grizzly bears outside. However, the defense and HP of the elite black bears inside were much higher than those outside.

Each of them had over 2,000 HP, and their defense was ridiculously high.

They were insta-killed?

Or was it an AOE skill that killed them all?

This was really unbelievable!

Many people looked at Lu Chen, who had been strolling leisurely in the courtyard and had not made a single attack from the beginning to the end. They could not help but think to themselves.

Could this kid be a sugar daddy?

Meanwhile, Liu Yuan, who had noticed this, also slightly narrowed her eyes.

This young girl seemed to look extremely familiar, as though she has seen her somewhere before.

Such strength should not be unknown in this game. In the entire Dragon Country, all the powerful people were supposed to be in their database.

She could vaguely remember each and every one of them.

Liu Yuan immediately sent out a message to her base, [This is 0927. Check the information of the little girl beside Lu Chen.]

[Got it.] A message was soon sent from the other side of the communication.

After a moment, Liu Yuan received a reply from the other side, [Sorry, we can’t find this person in our database.]

[Can’t find her?] Liu Yuan frowned as she replied. Their database covered all the experts in this world. If they could not find her, then there was basically no other way to find out the background of this girl.

She rubbed her temples. The recent events were getting more and more troublesome.

Many major families were appearing quite frequently, and more and more strangers kept appearing beside Lu Chen.

The most mysterious one yet was Lan Weiwei…


Wait a minute, Lan Weiwei?

Liu Yuan was startled and suddenly looked towards the two.

That girl had a lovely appearance, and she followed closely beside Lu Chen.

That gaze, that expression…

She looked extremely familiar to her now!

Could this be THE Lan Weiwei?

Liu Yuan felt that something was wrong. Before this, she had always thought that Lan Weiwei was an ignorant girl who had been deceived by Lu Chen.

However, if this ruthless and decisive girl was really Lan Weiwei…

Then their relationship would need to be redefined!

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Liu Yuan’s heart sank slightly, and she quickly followed after them from behind.

At this moment, Lu Chen and Liu Yuan had already reached the depths of Bear Ridge.

There were level 15 elite monsters everywhere.

Each of them had more than 4,000 HP!

Many players had no choice but to stick together and follow closely behind Lu Chen and Wei Wei to not get attacked as well.

Many players could only smile helplessly as they looked at the elite giant bears around them. They could not retreat even if they wanted to at this point, they have gone too far deep.

Many players who just wanted to watch the show had also noticed something that made them even sadder. They did not have the strength that Lu Chen had. They could not easily enter this place. Right now, they only prayed that Lu Chen could successfully defeat the boss. Then, they would follow him out of this place as well.

If Lu Chen failed, none of them would make it out alive.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei’s attack power had already exceeded 10,000 points!

Her body also showed signs of turning into a beast. These level 15 elite monsters were terrifying existences that ordinary people did not dare to provoke. However, in Lan Weiwei’s eyes, they were just a bunch of trash.

Whenever the two went, all the monsters were still insta-killed!

This caused many players to tremble as they watched!

“This is too f*cking ridiculous!”

“10,000 damage with a single slash, am I f*cking seeing things?”

“Are you f*cking kidding me? I can only deal around 600 damage at most!”

“Hehe, who isn’t surprised? A few days ago, when I saw the attack power of the Guild Leader from White Alliance, I’ve already felt that it was ridiculous. Now, there’s an even more ridiculous one to look at!”

“Hurry up and send a message, let’s have more of our people come and see what’s up. Tell them that there’s an expert by Lu Chen’s side.”

“Go and report to the eldest young master that another expert has appeared here.”

At this moment, countless players had their interest peaked.

After a few hours, Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei finally crossed the mountain.

The players following behind were overjoyed.

“What the heck, is this the big boss?”

“He didn’t even look at the bronze equipment that dropped all over the ground?”

“Hehe, do you think everyone is like you? He’s wearing a full set of god-tier equipment, why would he need to look at your trash equipment?”

“F*ck you, if you have the guts, go and pick it up!”

“Who are you looking down at me and my equipment?”

At this moment, the various parties had also rushed to the front of Bear Ridge.

“Long time no see, Mr. Morning Mist.”

Gu Yiming, who had rushed over after hearing the news, appeared with a kind smile. He had also brought many Gu family experts with him.

Lu Chen glanced at him and said, “Young Master Gu, you are here for…”

Gu Yiming glanced at the people behind him and spoke to Lu Chen with a smile.

“Mr. Morning Mist, please don’t misunderstand. I’m not looking for trouble. I heard that the people from the White Alliance were coming to make things difficult for you, so I specially brought some people here. I also wanted to get to know this young lady by your side.

“Our Gu family would always be willing to meet great talents. By the way, may I ask, is this your girlfriend?”

Gu Yiming was very polite when he spoke. Lu Chen smiled and rubbed Lan Weiwei’s head. He winked and said, “No, she is my distant cousin.”

The surrounding people were ecstatic. As long as she was not his girlfriend, the other ladies would still have a chance!

Many people shouted at the top of their lungs trying to clamor for his attention. One person even shouted, “Brother-in-law!”

However, as soon as they finished speaking, Lan Weiwei’s figure shot out.

She instantly slit that person’s neck..
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