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Chapter 33: The Support from Various Forces!

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A middle-aged man dressed in black appeared from the shadows. The moment he appeared, the entire mountain range seemed to have turned a few degrees colder!

Hei Yu, this name that terrified all players!

The most terrifying assassin in the online gaming world!

As long as the final payment was sufficient, the target would definitely die!

He was powerful and had a mysterious background. Some people said that the Dark Night Guild was an assassin organization that actually was real in the real world!

Xiao Chuan looked at the slowly appearing black shadows and his expression finally changed.

He could still keep an eye on the Gu and Xu families, but with the Dark Night Union backing Lu Chen up, he really had to consider carefully before attacking Lu Chen now.

Although the Dark Night Guild was not as powerful as the Gu and Xu families. However, their methods were cruel and their desire for revenge was extremely serious!

As long as someone provoked them, it was basically impossible for the other party to survive!

He had interacted with Hei Yu in the real world and knew his true colors.

They were a group of outlaws raised by the organization!

Xiao Chuan slowly said, “No, are you really going to stand on the opposite side of the Xiao family? You have to know who protected you back then! Without the old master of the Xiao family, would you be able to live until now?”

Hei Yu looked at Xiao Chuan and said, “I will remember the favor of the Xiao family dearly. Therefore, I’ve killed all the people you wanted me to kill. That favor has been settled.

“It’s true that I value friendship, and I don’t like owing favors. On account of our friendship, I won’t attack you, but your people must leave.”

After saying this, many members of the White Alliance dropped to their knees.

At some point in time, a group of black-clothed men appeared. They came from the shadows, and after appearing in an instant, they only left a pile of corpses!

Then, they disappeared again!

Xiao Chuan’s expression was extremely unsightly.

Whatever choice that man decides on, it could never be changed!

The person who had killed most of his man was giving him a warning!

The scariest thing was that this group of people had nothing to lose!

They did not have any worries, nor did they have the shackles of the various big families holding them back!

There was simply no way negotiating terms with a group of desperate people. The only ones who could restrain them were those big shots from the Dragon Country!

Xiao Chuan clenched his fists tightly as he struggled to think of something quick. Even someone as proud as him could feel the immense pressure from these groups of people.

With the three forces joining hands, the value of Morning Mist had now become very high!

As Xiao Chuan was about to leave, Lu Chen finally spoke.

“I appreciate your kind intentions, everyone.

“It’s just that I don’t like accepting help for nothing. I’m not a person who likes to owe favors either.

“Since the White Alliance and I have conflict, then let me and the White Alliance resolve it between ourselves.

“None of you have to interfere.

“Of course, I’ll remember every single one of your good intentions today.”

In Lu Chen’s opinion, the Xu family, the Gu family, and the Dark Night Union were all extremely sincere. That day, so many forces had befriended him but he was suspicious if they would actually help.

However, when the White Alliance really came knocking on his door, these three really did step up.

In the future, if he needed to find people to cooperate with, these three would naturally be the first few that will come to Lu Chen’s mind now. However, there’s no need for these people to get involved in the current mess.

After all, the current White Alliance was hardly a threat!

Thereupon, Lu Chen pushed the crowd to walk out, and Gu Yiming and the others face slightly changed.

“Mr. Morning Mist, don’t be rash…”

“You don’t know how powerful these people could be.”

Lu Chen raised his hand and interrupted them.

His intentions were very clear!

This was a matter between him and the Xiao family of the White Alliance. No one else needed to interfere.

This scene made many players surprised and worried.

What surprised them was Lu Chen’s courage. He was showing an imposing manner where he dared stand alone and look down on everyone.

What worried them was if such a person could really provoke the Xiao family of the White Alliance?

As players, they knew how terrifying the Xiao family of the White Alliance was!

Xiao Chuan, who was beside them, was ecstatic.

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He said, “Hehe, did you see that? This is a conflict between me and Morning Mist. You guys should just watch the show.”

Gu Yiming and the others were silent. Since Lu Chen had spoken, they could not interfere anymore. However, they were still worried.

This Morning Mist dude was too impulsive.

According to their latest information, the six vice-presidents of the White Alliance all had golden titles!

They had also seen Xiao Chuan’s attributes.

The attributes of earning a golden title were extremely terrifying!

Now, Lu Chen had to face seven experts with golden titles alone. How could he resist them all in one go?

Once Lu Chen died in battle, they needed to immediately send people to guard the Resurrection Point.

The people of the White Alliance would torture his corpse. They would constantly kill him and when resurrects, they would kill him again!

This would completely make him lose all his EXP in the game.

Lu Chen stood motionlessly with a faint smile on his face.

“Xiao Chuan, shouldn’t your people make their first move? I still have something to do. Please hurry up while you’re choosing to throw your lives away.”

Xiao Chuan’s face darkened as he spoke.

“What an arrogant *ss, you don’t know the immense power that we have over you right now! Charge!”

As soon as he finished speaking, countless White Alliance players had already swarmed over.

They were attacking Lu Chen from all directions!

After they were defeated, many White Alliance players had obtained all sorts of skills and even unlocked many special achievements as revenge.

All of a sudden, all sorts of skills flew towards Lu Chen!

However, at the next moment, Lan Weiwei made her move!

The beautiful girl rushed out like a leopard. She entered the crowd as her hands turned into claws that were as sharp as steel blades!

She moved as quick as lighting through the sea of people. Countless White Alliance players had yet to react before their necks were all slit!

Looking at the red numbers above the players’ heads, Xiao Chuan’s eyes widened open!

When did such an expert appear beside Xiao Chuan?

Which powerful family was this kid from?

Lan Weiwei barged into the crowd of White Alliance players and defeated them easily!

None of them had the chance to even touch her before dying!

Lu Chen sneered. Lan Weiwei’s combat attributes were extremely terrifying. After all, she was a silver-tier boss!

She was no ordinary player!

Xiao Chuan gritted his teeth as he glared at Lu Chen and said, “If you’re a man, don’t hide behind a woman!”

Lu Chen spread his hands and said, “I’m not hiding. I’m standing right here. If you want to kill me, just come over.”

At this moment, everyone realized that Lu Chen had just been standing there as Lan Weiwei attacked the others, he had not moved from his spot at all.

Xiao Chuan felt humiliated and immediately said with a gloomy face, “Send a group of people to keep that woman busy. The rest of the vice-leaders, follow me to kill Morning Mist!”

After saying that, the six vice-leaders lit up their golden titles and directly charged towards Lu Chen!
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