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Chapter 34: Seven Golden Titles?

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There were seven golden titles!

As soon as the golden light appeared above the heads of the members of the White Alliance, everyone cried out in surprise!

They had already seen how terrifying Lu Chen and Xiao Chuan’s golden titles were!

Now, seven of them appeared at once?

What the f*ck!

In an instant, everyone felt like they were from two completely different worlds!

When Lu Chen saw Xiao Chuan and the others charging towards him, he did not panic at all.

He stood rooted to the ground and did not move an inch!

He was not afraid of his opponents attacking him at all. They would need at least 4,000 damage points to deal any damage to him.

Meanwhile, his HP and Lan Weiwei’s combined had almost reached 100,000 points!

Even Xiao Chuan, who had the highest attack power in the arena, only had around 2,000 damage points!

Against Lu Chen, he probably would not even be able to break through his defense!

Right then, seven opponents attacked from different directions!

All sorts of special effects buffs lit up one after another!

“Why isn’t Morning Mist dodging these people?”

“F*ck, could he have been scared silly so now he’s rooted in that spot?”

“It’s probably Morning Mist’s first time seeing so many golden titles!”

“What a pity, I thought Morning Mist would be able to suppress them.”

“Don’t even think about it. It’s not like no one has ever provoked the White Alliance before this.”

“Those people who provoked them are nowhere to be found. The White Alliance always wins!”

Many players fell silent. The White Alliance’s foundation in the south was simply too deep and terrifying.

Just as everyone thought that Lu Chen was done for…

Suddenly, a scream broke the silence.

“How can this be possible!”

This scream came from Xiao Chuan.

The remaining six vice-leaders of the White Alliance were also in disbelief!

“F*ck, what happened?”

“I saw the members of the White Alliance attack Morning Mist. What happened?”

“Is he immune to damage?”

“That’s impossible, right?”

Lu Chen looked at them indifferently and waved his hand. “Do you guys want to try again?”

Xiao Chuan looked at Lu Chen’s indifferent and mocking expression and could not contain his anger.

“I don’t believe it! Go again!”

He could not believe that his people’s attacks could not cause any damage to Lu Chen!

The golden titles above the seven people’s heads lit up again.

This time, they all used their trump cards!

All kinds of attacks attacked Lu Chen!

Bang! One after the another, the attacks piled upon each other towards Lu Chen.

However, when the attacks landed on Lu Chen’s body, there was not much damage!

After a long while, a red number slowly appeared above his head.


How was this possible!

Everyone’s jaws dropped in shock.

A bunch of big shots from the White Alliance could only deal a single drop of damage to Morning Mist?

How high were Morning Mist’s attributes?

Everyone present could not sit still anymore!

“Isn’t this too f*cking awesome?”

“So many experts had attacked him, but they couldn’t even break through Morning Mist’s defense?”

“F*ck, does that mean that Morning Mist only gave the White Alliance players a sneak peek of his powers in the Wolf Valley?”

“It’s embarrassing, it’s too embarrassing to watch!”

“If I was Xiao Chuan of the White Alliance, I would find a hole to hide in right now!”

Xu Ziyuan and Gu Yiming looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes!

The members of the Xiao family of the White Alliance attacked with all their might, but they could not hurt Morning Mist at all!

How terrifying was this?

Could it be that Morning Mist had not shown his true strength the last time they fought?

How strong was this guy?

Both of their hearts were in turmoil. They were also glad that they had made the right decision today!

In the future, they had to seize the opportunity of Morning Mist to deepen their relationship!

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!”

“What in the world did you just do?”

Xiao Chuan simply could not accept this fact. He had brought a large group of people with him.

In the end, the other party stood there and allowed them to attack, but did not receive any damage!

Lu Chen spread his hands and said, “What did I do? As you can see, I haven’t done anything. It’s just that your strengths are too low. You can’t even break through my defense. What’s there to say? Oh, wait no, you did break through a bit of my defenses I suppose.”

Facing Lu Chen’s ridicule, Xiao Chuan felt so powerless for the first time!

In the past, he should be the one saying these words!

“Morning Mist, you’re making an enemy out of the entire Xiao family.”

Lu Chen said indifferently, “Didn’t I make an enemy out of your Xiao family a long time ago? What, you only know about it now? Since you didn’t get it the first time, then I’ll say it again.”

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Lu Chen rolled his eyes and took in a deep breath before speaking again.

“I, Morning Mist, will fight to the death with the White Alliance. I’ll kill every single one of you every time I see you!

“Now, was that clear enough for you?”

Xiao Chuan was so angry that he laughed and said, “Good, very good! Since you want to make an enemy out of my Xiao family, then you’re just courting death!

“Don’t think that just because you hid your identity in the game, I can’t find you in the real world!

“The power of the Xiao family is beyond your understanding.

“I gave you a chance back then, but I can clearly see that you didn’t comply to it. When I find you in the real world, you’ll regret it!”

Lu Chen’s expression froze.

Online, it did not matter how much this Xiao Chuan provoked him. He would just end up killing that brat! However, this guy wanted to try and use the power of reality to threaten him.

This was a completely despicable act!

He did not want his real life to be disturbed by this brat at all!

At the same time, he did not like to be threatened this way at all!

“You’re threatening me?”

Lu Chen’s expression had turned ugly.

“Threatening? You can think that way!” Xiao Chuan sneered, “Why, are you afraid? I can give you a chance. All you’ll need to do is kneel to me and admit your mistakes. I’ll let you off, or not, depends.

“I’ll even give you a chance to join my White Alliance. How would that sound?”

Just as he finished speaking, Lu Chen drew his sword!

His voice was as cold as steel.

“Sorry, I don’t like living with dogs like you. That’ll be too disgusting!”

Xiao Chuan was both shocked and angry. However, before he could refute, the scene in front of him had completely disappeared!

He knew that he had died again!

With him was the group of vice-leaders from the White Alliance standing next to him, and the White Alliance players that had followed him!

In Bear Ridge, another massacre has happened again!

Everyone could see that Lu Chen was really angry this time! Nearly 10,000 White Alliance players were killed by Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei as if they were just mowing the grass.

This time, he did not turn around and leave the depths of Bear Ridge. Instead, he held his knife and headed straight for the Ressurection Point outside the Novice Village!

“Sh*t, what’s he planning to do?”

“He’s not going to go there and murder them again, is he?”

“No way, this is too exciting!”

“Usually, it’s the people from the White Alliance standing point at the Ressurection Point. I didn’t expect that they would be at the shorter end of the stick this time!”

“Karma’s a b*tch. This is really satisfying to watch!”

The news that Lu Chen was going to look for the people from the White Alliance at the Ressurection Point instantly spread throughout the entire game.

Countless players were making their way there as well to see what was going to happen!

“I know where he respawned. White Alliance’s Xiao Chuan has resurrected in Novice Village No. 16. Let’s go there quickly!”

“There are three Vice Guild leaders outside Novice Village No. 130!”

“Okay, come and follow me, I know where the other three are!”

At this moment, countless players were clamoring their way to those locations to sneak a peek of Lu Chen’s powers!

Xiao Chuan, who had just resurrected, did not have time to react.

He respawned and to his sight, was Lu Chen.

His eyes were filled with fear as he said, “You… What are you trying to do?”

Lu Chen said coldly, “I hate it when people threaten me.”

With that, he killed him again with a single slash!

Xiao Chuan’s gaze fell into darkness once again!

At the same time, Gu Yiming was a little worried. He was worried that Lu Chen had gone too far.

After all, the Xiao family was very powerful. Xiao Chuan’s words of finding Lu Chen in real life and ruining his life were not a joke.

“Should we go up and persuade him?”

Right when he said this, Hei Yu, who was beside him said, “There’s no need. It’ll be good to let that brat Xiao Chuan humble down and learn a lesson. If the Xiao family dares to make a move, I’ll be lurking in the shadows ready to attack.

“No one is more professional than us when it comes to stopping, protecting, and assassinating our targets..”
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