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Chapter 36: Instantly Kill the Bear King!

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In Bear Ridge, Lu Chen led Lan Weiwei into a deep valley.

After crossing the last hill, they arrived at what should have been a coastal plain.

However, at this moment, a gigantic black bear could be seen lying on the ground!

Lu Chen took a look at the bear’s attributes.

[Ancient Bear King]

[Level: 25 (silver)]

[HP: 160,000]

[Attack: 10,000]

[Defense: 400]

[Magic Defense: 400]

[Skill: Thunder God’s Punishment]

[Thunder God’s Punishment: The Ancient Bear King will create a thunder dome to seal the target. Deals 3,000 lightning attribute magic damage per second for 40 seconds!]

Although the Bear King only had one skill, its attack seemed to be extremely ridiculous!

Having a 3,000 point magic damage per second, that would have a 120,000 point magic damage for 40 seconds!

Moreover, with such high defense and HP, how would any player beat this boss?

If Lu Chen had seen this Bear King before, he would have turned around and run.


Lu Chen’s lips only curled into a smile. A cold light flashed in his palm, and the Ash Wolf King’s Sword appeared in his hand!

The large golden words above his head flashed.

“Sword God!”

The attack power of 9,250 damage points from Lu Chen’s attribute panel soared up to 64,750 points!

There was no way the boss was going to be able to tank that much damage!

Now, all he needed to do was get one strike in and that would take away about 60,000 points of his opponent’s HP!

Lu Chen’s sudden noise alarmed the sleeping bear.

The Bear King jumped up from the ground and glared at Lu Chen, annoyed that it was woken up.

Right then, Lan Weiwei let out a delicate cry and charged out directly. Her petite body contained endless power.

As she rushed forwards, a pale blue wolf phantom appeared behind her!

Lu Chen slashed out with his sword while Lan Weiwei clashed with the Bear King!

He did 10 slashes in a second!

Fortunately, all of them landed on the Bear King’s body!




In an instant, the Bear King let out a mournful howl, its 160,000 points health bar then steadily depleted to zero.

This was an easy kill!

Lu Chen would have never expected him to reach this point in the past, but here he was in all his glory.

On the ground, a pile of equipment suddenly dropped. It shined with gold specks, and there were also strange items that garnered his attention.

It was an emerald green bamboo stick, and there were two verdant bamboo leaves on it.

[10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo]

[With this item, one could enter the Bear Ridge Dungeon.]

[Danger Level: Dangerous]

‘There is a dungeon here?’ Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised as he thought to himself.

He did not gain much from the Wolf Valley. If he had not entered the secret palace of the Ash Wolves, he would not have improved by so much.

Lu Chen looked at the Jade Bamboo with anticipation. However, he decided not to rush in at this moment.

He recalled what Gu Yiming and Xu Ziyuan had said to him and was a little reluctant in going in.

He did not doubt one bit that the Xiao family would come looking for him. Therefore, he needed to return to the real world to make some preparations. He needed to test the extent of his strength in the real world as well.

“Let’s go back.”

Lu Chen nudged on Lan Weiwei’s shoulder as he spoke.

He went offline immediately after that.

When he came out of the game pod, the sky had just turned dark.

Lan Weiwei tugged at a corner of Lu Chen and pointed at her mouth. “Master, I’m hungry!”

Lu Chen slapped his head and almost forgot that he had to now house a bottomless pit at home. Thus, he immediately went to the kitchen to prepare the ingredients for dinner.

Lu Chen walked into the kitchen. Right when he was about to pick up the kitchen knife, an idea suddenly popped up into his mind.

The last time when he was in the kitchen, he was able to use the Sword God skill. Then, would that mean he could also summon the Ash Wolf King’s Sword in this world?

He decided that it was best to give it a try. So with that thought, he tried to summon the sword in the game. In the next moment, a glistening light lit up in his palm.

An ocean-blue sword appeared!

It was slightly cold to the touch when he held it in his hand. It had the exact same features as it did in-game as well.


The sword was unsheathed, and the temperature of the entire room immediately dropped by a few degrees.

Such power!

With a simple thought, Lu Chen felt his entire body get filled with this extreme power.

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He held the sword in his hand, as long as he wished so, he could casually slash out the sword aura and destroy the world!

Lu Chen looked at the paper cup on the countertop. He then tried to carefully control the inexplicable power in his body.

He gently waved the long sword in his hand and the sound of humming could be heard. A thin and undetectable white sword aura flew towards the paper cup!

In less than half a second, the paper cup was instantly cut in half!

It really could be done!

Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised by this action!

Since he could turn into the Sword God, he wondered if the other titles could also appear in the real world?

Lu Chen’s heart jumped from that thought.

He silently chanted again!

“Shield God!”

A golden light flashed, and a small silver shield appeared on Lu Chen’s arm!

This was the equipment that was dropped after killing the Bear King. At this moment, with the Shield God’s effect, this small shield suddenly expanded.

It released a transparent barrier of light around him, directly protecting Lu Chen!

“Weiwei, come here!”

Lan Weiwei, who was devouring noodles in the living room, ran over with her cheeks puffed up.

“Master, is there a problem?”

The little girl mumbled.

Lu Chen said, “Come, give this shield a punch with all your strength.”

Lan Weiwei blinked her eyes, looked at the house, then turned to Lu Chen with a serious expression.

She took a deep breath, clenched her fists, and bent her legs into a fighting stance. Her gaze was locked onto the light shield in front of Lu Chen. She held her breath and focused, then let out a soft shout


She threw out a punch!

This punch brought with it the sound of air being torn apart, and it seemed to have the shadow of a gray wolf that rode along with the punk!

The huge impact created a terrifying shockwave!


Everything in the kitchen was destroyed from the impact!

The entire house was shaking violently!

All sorts of furniture in the house were destroyed, including the walls.

The result of this attack was like an earthquake that occurred at a magnitude of 8.9!

Almost everything in the room was destroyed!

However, the shield in Lu Chen’s hand was safe and sound!

Even Lu Chen himself did not feel any pain from the punch!

At this moment, a figure broke through the door.

“Lu Chen, are you okay!”

A woman with a strong figure wearing a green suit directly barged in. She held a pistol in her hand with a nervous expression. Her heart even sank when she saw the entire room being destroyed.

It was over. The Xiao family must have found his identity and barged in!

While she was in despair, Lu Chen’s confused voice came from the side.

“Liu Yuan?”

Liu Yuan was stunned. She looked at the most definitely safe Lu Chen and asked, “Are… are you okay?”

Lu Chen looked at Liu Yuan and the pistol in her hand. With his keen eyesight, he could tell from one look that it was not a fake.

So he said in a deep voice, “Liu Yuan, I think I need an explanation for that.”

Liu Yuan looked at Lu Chen’s serious expression and knew that she had been exposed.

She simply could not hide it anymore. She sighed and said, “In that case, I can only tell the truth. I am a member of the Dragon Country’s team, the Dragon Team. I was specially sent to protect you..”
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