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Chapter 37: The Dragon Team? An Impending Doom!

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“The Dragon Team?”

Lu Chen frowned. He had only heard of this name in various rumors.

Everyone thought that it was made up, but who would have thought that it really existed?

Liu Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right, I’m from the Dragon Team.”

“But why are you protecting me?” Lu Chen asked.

Liu Yuan sighed and said, “I think you would have noticed some changes recently. The so-called Second World is completely different from any ordinary game. It has more or less affected reality.”

While speaking, she looked at the messy house. Liu Yuan’s pupils constricted from the sight in front of her. It seemed that Lu Chen had figured it out too.

If Liu Yuan was really someone from a secret team of the country, then she must have picked up that something was strange with how his apartment was right now!

“In order to ensure the safety of the Dragon Country, we must make sure that the situation in the game is within our control. Therefore, we pay special attention to those who have great potential in the Second World.” Liu Yuan continued with her explanation carefully.

“So, I’ve been targeted as a great potential?” Lu Chen asked.

Liu Yuan nodded and confirmed Lu Chen’s thoughts.

“Yes, your appearance has made the higher-ups pay special attention to you. Some of them even want you to join our special organization.

“But because your personal information is too little, they don’t know how you may be.

“That’s why the higher-ups specially sent me to get to know you and gain more information about who you are.

“However, based on my observation over this period of time, not only have you surpassed my expectations, but you have also impressed the higher-ups.”

Lu Chen scratched his head and said, “Then, would I have to thank you for that?”

Liu Yuan said, “It would not be a problem for you to do so, I’m sure. What you need to do now, however, is to quickly get out of here as soon as possible.”

Lu Chen asked with a confused tone, “Get out of here?”

Liu Yuan said, “We have to move. That’s an order from the higher-ups. The people from the Xiao family will arrive soon. This time, they would come here to end your life forever.”

Lu Chen’s expression turned cold. He had thought that the Xiao family’s revenge would come, but he did not expect it to come so quickly. Moreover, it was not a threat, nor was it a provocation that the Xiao family had said. It was a promise to take his life.

This had struck a chord in Lu Chen’s heart.

It was clear that the Xiao family member had provoked him first, so he just gave that kid a taste of his own medicine.

Little did he know, this one silly action was going to cost him his life!

In their eyes, a single person was no different from a vermin! Such a deformed existence was meant to perish.

“I’m not leaving,” Lu Chen said indifferently. “Since they dare come, then let’s give it a try.”

Liu Yuan said angrily, “Why didn’t you listen to my advice? The Xiao family’s strength is terrifying. The people they sent are definitely beyond the scope of a common person’s understanding. I’m not here to persuade you, it’s an order! You have to move!”

As she said this, she took out her identification card.

“Citizen of the Dragon Country, Lu Chen, you have the obligation to cooperate with my order right now!”

Lu Chen directly ignored her and said, “I’m sorry, I don’t wish to cooperate.”

Liu Yuan was so angry that her whole body trembled. “Lu Chen! I’m saving your life! We need to hurry up and leave!”

Lu Chen stretched out his hand and waved, and a sword directly appeared in his hand as blue specks of light glinted the hilt.

The sword shone, and a stream of sword aura flew out from the sword!

It directly cut open the wall in front of them.

“I think, with my strength, I won’t need to go.”

Liu Yuan looked at the wall in front of her that had collapsed with a loud thud. She was dumbstruck, just a single slash had caused that whole thing to crumble!

When did this guy become so terrifying?

On the Shang Hee Highway, a bunch of vehicles could be seen driving forward in a group.

In a black car, Xiao Chuan was sitting in the front passenger seat. Behind him sat a spirited old man.

“Uncle Lin, is it necessary to bring so many people for such a job?”

Xiao Chuan, who was in the front, asked the old man.

The old man nodded and said, “It’ll be easier to handle things with so many people. Just because it’s a small matter, we shouldn’t under expect anything. It may be just one person, but we should not take any chances.

“Our Xiao family is able to be so powerful today because of this level of cautiousness.

“No matter how small the matter is, we definitely make sure that we always have enough manpower.

“We have over a hundred experts here. Even those guys in the building won’t be able to stop us from barging in.”

Xiao Chuan nodded. Uncle Lin is technically part of the Xiao family. 

He was in charge of the preparations when it came to murder. The expert fighters of the Xiao family were basically all under his command.

This time, Xiao Chuan had requested this Morning Mist person to perish on this earth!

Xiao Chuan held a document in his hand. On it was a young man with a handsome face.

That very person was Lu Chen!

The convoy was driving across the bridge. It would not be long before they reached Lu Chen’s residence. However, at this moment, a group of men dressed in black appeared at the end of the bridge.

There were heavy weapons on their shoulders. These said weapons were aimed at the oncoming convoy.

Bang! The rocket launchers flew out towards the cars!

Lin, who was sitting in one of the cars, felt his heart skip a beat. He instantly grabbed Xiao Chuan for cover.

He teleported out of the car.


Dozens of black cars were directly destroyed. The sound of the explosion caused flames to shoot up into the sky. Under the thick smoke, Lin walked out with Xiao Chuan.

He looked at the group of black-clothed people with a gloomy expression.

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“Hei Yu, what do you mean by all of this? You want to make a move on my Xiao Family?”

A burly middle-aged man with a scar on his face walked out from behind the group of black-clothed people.

His voice was low and hoarse.

There was also a hint of coldness, and his entire body emitted a heart-palpitating pressure. It was Hei Yu from the Second World, also known as Hei Yu in the real world!

“It’s not that I want to make a move on your Xiao family, but that your Xiao family has come to my territory. You even wish to kill the people on my territory.

Lin sneered, “Hei Yu, when did Shang Hee become your territory? On account of the friendship between you and me, I’d suggest you get out of the way. Otherwise, I’ll have to deal with you as well.”

After saying that, a group of people walked out from the billowing smoke. Each of them had a menacing aura and looked to be agile. They were all expert fighters of the Xiao family.

So many vehicles were bombarded and exploded by heavy weapons, but not a single person seemed to be injured.

It was enough to tell that they were not ordinary people.

Hei Yu was unfazed by the threat. He said indifferently, “If you can go your way, I’ll close a blind eye and not end any of you here. Lu Chen is the person I want to protect., or rather, I need this person. If you wish to reach him, you’ll have to go through us first.”

After saying this, a few black figures suddenly appeared from the thick smoke.

The Xiao family experts did not have the time to react. Their heads were directly wiped off.

The three black figures carried the heads and turned around, returning to Hei Yu’s side.

“How is it, sir? My craftsmanship hasn’t dropped, right?”

A skinny man asked with a sharp glint in his eyes. He held up a head as if showing off for Hei Yu to see.

Lin’s face turned extremely ugly in the distance. This was the first time the people of the Xiao family had been looked down upon like this. They had not even made a move on their target yet, but their heads had already been chopped off.

“Hei Yu, you’re courting death!” Lin said.

Hei Yu only looked at Lin and said, “It’s not me who’s courting death, it’s all of you. Do you really think that you can do as you please in Dragon Country? Won’t the higher-ups pay attention to you if you dare mobilize this many people? 

“As a big family from the south, don’t you know the importance of the Second World to the Dragon Country?

“This Lu Chen is much more valuable than you think!”

“If you really kill him, think about the price the Xiao family will have to pay.”

Lin looked at Hei Yu and said, “Since we have chosen this path, we have already thought about the price we have to pay.

“This time, even with the people from your side, we would still take action!”

Hei Yu coldly snorted and said, “So there’s nothing left to talk about, right?”

His eyes emitted a creepy look. At this point, he could tell that there was no way that he could convince them to turn around.

A bloody battle was inevitable!

Right when both sides were about to make their move and fight to the death…

A voice sounded in Hei Yu’s earpiece!

“Hei Yu, make way for them. Let them pass.”

Hei Yu was stunned. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he asked in hushed tones, “I say, sir, is there an issue? This is my first mission after returning to the organization.

“Furthermore, with so many people being sent over, aren’t you afraid that the target might die?”

On the other end, someone spoke up, “I think you are just itching for a fight, boy! I am now ordering you as a superior! 

“Number 0114, step aside! The organization has a new plan!”

Hei Yu sighed and said, “Yes sir, 0114 reporting for duty, I accept your command.”

He waved his hand at his members regretfully.

“Everyone, let’s call it a day! “The higher-ups said we don’t need to care about them anymore!”

“Damn it, this is my first battle after coming back.”

The group of black-clothed men all dispersed and complained.

Only the people from the Xiao family were left confused.

A moment ago, these people from the assassin organization wanted to fight with him. Why did they suddenly change their attitude?

What in the world was happening?
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