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Chapter 38: What a Good Dog!

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Lin looked at the path in front of them clear and could not tell if it was a trap.

The other party came with murderous intent and suddenly decided to make way for him.

Although he did not know the reason, he still led his men and walked over.

When the Xiao members made their way, Lin spoke up to Hei Yu.

“My Xiao family will remember this. No one can be safe and sound after killing a member of the Xiao family, they shall perish from it.”

Hei Yu shrugged his shoulders in disdain.

“Give it a try. No matter how big the Xiao family is, can their power be bigger than the Dragon Country?

“I don’t believe you have the guts to fight with my people, we never hesitate to pull the trigger on others or ourselves.”

Hei Yu’s eyes suddenly flashed with a hint of menace. He was a person who had nothing to begin with. He had never been afraid of risking his life.

Lin’s gaze froze, and he no longer wanted to pay attention to that mad man.

He quickly brought his people out of that mad man’s sight.

A moment later, the sound of helicopters flying could be heard in the sky above the Shang Hee bridge.

A group of warriors donned in metal armor jumped down from a height of dozens of meters.


A group of warriors have landed!

One of the leaders who wore black and red battle armor lifted up his mask to speak. A mature and experienced face was revealed.

“Hey you, long time no see.”

He looked at the supposed ‘mad man’ and said a quick greeting.

Hei Yu’s original name was Du Hei, and he used to protect the king of the Dragon Country.

His personal ability was very outstanding, and he was extremely good at killing and assassinating people.

Later, he was trained to be a specialized assassin. Usually, he would carry out his missions outside of the country.

“Yo, what’s the commotion this time? Even someone like you was summoned? What’s the old man’s plan this time?”

Hei Yu looked at the middle-aged man in the black and red armor and asked.

The man in front of him was called Li Zhen. He was a special warrior that the Dragon Country had nurtured. He was equivalent to a mutant warrior that had been enhanced by biochemical technology in a sci-fi movie.

He could not be compared to an ordinary person.

This very man belonged to a member of the psionic group.

Li Zhen smiled and said, “You’ll know when the time comes. Right, just letting you know, the old man took a huge risk on something, watch this.”

As he said that, he took out an order from his pocket and began reading it. His voice turned solemn as he said, “Members of the Dark Night Union and the leader Du Hei listen up! Number 0114, you shall now fully obey my command! A special mission must be carried out immediately!”

Hei Yu’s calm expression immediately disappeared.

All the men in black stood up straight and said, “Yes!”

“All members of the Dark Night Union, all present, listen to the command of the organization!”

After saying that, Li Zhen revealed a smile and extended a hand, “Old friend, welcome back to the team.”

Their two hands immediately clasped together forcefully.

“I never thought that I would be commanded by you one day. Speaking, what’s this mission about?”

Li Zhen’s eyes revealed a trace of murderous intent as he spoke, “Find an opportunity to take down all the members of the Xiao family.”

At this moment, in Lu Chen’s rented apartment, Liu Yuan said nervously.

“Are you sure? This is too risky.”

About 15 minutes ago, Liu Yuan took the communication device in her hand and contacted her superior. After some discussion, the superior actually agreed to Lu Chen’s plan.

According to Lu Chen’s plan, since the Xiao family intended on killing him, it was obvious that they had to defend themselves.

According to their understanding of the Second World, they knew that Lu Chen was no longer an ordinary person.

He was an expert in almost everything now!

However, what they did not know was that Lu Chen’s strength was far more terrifying than they thought!

Lu Chen did not bother explaining to this group of people anyway.

Moreover, Lan Weiwei was on his side, so he had no fear whatsoever.

Apart from that, Lu Chen also understood the whole situation.

It was not just him, but the higher-ups of the Dragon Country were extremely furious at the Xiao family’s actions too!

They had long intended to make a move against the Xiao family. However, they had never had an excuse or reason. This time, the Xiao family had forcefully taken Lu Chen’s information from the database and they were planning to kill him!

This was a reason to retaliate! This was the Dragon Country! They could not afford to be messed around!

Thus, Lu Chen and Liu Yuan’s superiors came to an agreement.

They would be allowed to fight with the Xiao family!

They would try their best to stall them, and the organization would send people over to support them as soon as possible.

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When those people arrive, they would capture all the people from the Xiao family in one fell swoop.

The first reason for agreeing was so that they could have the upper hand on the Xiao family.

The other was to test Lu Chen’s strength.

Participating in an actual combat setting was always a test of a person’s strength!

In the face of Liu Yuan’s worry, Lu Chen waved his hand and said, “It doesn’t matter. Just take it as my resume to enter the Dragon Team.”

Liu Yuan’s eyes lit up and said, “Good. With this courage, with your strength, you can definitely enter the Dragon Team easily.”

As the two were talking, Lu Chen’s expression changed.

He said in a low voice, “They’re here!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin and the members of the Xiao family had appeared at the door.

Xiao Chuan, who was beside Lin, looked at Lu Chen and sneered, “I’ve finally found him! Should I address you as Morning Mist? Or Lu Chen?”

Lu Chen looked at Xiao Chuan. It was the president of the White Alliance who looked 70% similar to the one he had met in the game. However, that uncomfortable aura was exactly the same.

“Call me whatever you want. Is there a difference?”

Xiao Chuan laughed and said, “Of course there is. If we address you by Lu Chen, then it means that we are here to discuss whether you are willing to join our Xiao family.”

Lu Chen laughed coldly and said, “What if you address me as Morning Mist?”

Xiao Chuan’s smile froze and revealed a fierce expression.

“Then we are here to settle the score with you. I’ve said before that I can find you in the real world and make you kneel and beg for mercy, Morning Mist!”

He gritted his teeth and said the last sentence word by word.

He had been killed a hundred times in the Second World!

This caused his real body to be extremely weak when he finally logged off!

If it was not for Lin’s protection, he might have died in the car!

A direct descendant of the Xiao family had been brought to such a state by an unknown person.

This was a great humiliation to the Xiao reputation!

Lu Chen looked at this group of people and was extremely calm as he spoke.

“I say, President Xiao Chuan… or Chuan… or whatever. You really don’t have a good memory, do you?

“Every time you bring a large group of people to deal with me you end up running with your tail between your skimpy legs, do you not recall?

“Any smart person can’t fall for the same tricks the third time, right?

“And to be honest, from the beginning till the end, I never once provoked you, it was you who did it to me.

“But you just had to be a prick and exert your non-existent ego on everyone including me. Which honestly, is what got you in this mess in the first place.

“Say, do you enjoy losing? Is that why you’re here today? Are all the people from the Xiao family like this too?”

As soon as these words were said, Xiao Chuan felt his heart burn with anger and wanted to spit on Lu Chen’s face. His lips trembled and until they turned white.

Who would dare to insult him like this?

As long as the direct descendant of the Xiao family shows his status, no one would dare to disrespect him.

However, now, Lu Chen not only had humiliated him but also tarnished his family’s name!

Lin, who stood behind Xiao Chuan, appeared much more indifferent. He patted Xiao Chuan’s shoulder before speaking to Lu Chen, “Young people these days sure have a sharp tongue. I hope that when you get destroyed later, your ability to speak will be crippled.”

Lu Chen smiled coldly and said, “Old man, didn’t see you there. It seems like you’re part of this Xiao family too.. Are you perhaps the dog of the family? Is that why you’re here, to help your owner?”
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