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Chapter 39: Crippled by a Single Punch!

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The Xiao family’s dog?

This sentence made all the expert fighters of the Xiao family break out in cold sweat!

Although Lin was an outsider, he was deeply trusted by the head of the Xiao family.

The two of them could be said to be closer than blood brothers. Many of the expert fighters of the Xiao family were personally taught by Lin. In the past, there was once a middle-sized family that was directly exterminated because of a silly sentence they said.

How dare he say that Lin was the dog of the Xiao family!

It could be seen how much this sentence had greatly angered the old man.

This white-haired old man stared fiercely at Lu Chen and said, “This is the second time this old man has heard this sentence. The person who said this last time has already been smashed to pieces.

“That’s good for me. Today really was a great sign to end your life.

“You’ve successfully angered this old man to not feel regretful for your death.”

After saying this, Lin took a step and rushed towards Lu Chen.

A dented footprint appeared on the floor!

The strong wind whistled as Lin fiercely punched out.

Everyone was looking forward to the moment when Lu Chen’s brain exploded!

Liu Yuan was also extremely nervous, she knew how strong Lin’s strength was. If they were divided according to the strength of an ant, a human, an ape, and a god. Lin would be ranked to be someone as strong as the gods!

In the entire Dragon Country, only the top figures who guarded a region in every family had this strength!

A single strike from a god-rank expert fighter could even destroy an entire building!

When Lu Chen saw Lin’s punch, he was not flustered. Instead, he slightly raised his hand, and a small shield appeared on his right arm!

As soon as the shield appeared, it directly turned into a dome that protected him!

The sound of a heavy punch could be heard. Elder Lin’s punch fiercely smashed onto the screen of light and it stirred up many ripples!

The entire house shook violently from the impact!

Countless cracks appeared on the walls of the house again!

This apartment was basically on the verge of collapsing!

However, Lu Chen, who blocked Lin’s punch, looked to be unscathed. He looked at the old man in front of him and finally confirmed his current strength. It was a piece of cake to fight with these ordinary people!

“Say, old man, I feel that your strength in that punch wasn’t that great. Did you even put in any effort at all?” Lu Chen sneered

“How is that possible!”

The Xiao family members were extremely shocked.

Lin’s strength was supposed to be extremely terrifying. With his one punch, how could the other party not be harmed?

One had to know that that was a heaven-grade expert punch. With just a single move, he should have been able to destroy his opponent!

Lin’s eyes also widened as he looked at the young man in front of him in disbelief.

He was sure that he had not held back when he was furious just now!

However, how did he block it?

With this small shield in his hand?

What kind of material was it made out of?


Lin roared and took a step back, turning his body around.

Then, he started to mobilize the strength and aura he accumulated in his body.

His closed fist suddenly expanded from the rushing blood and even turned a little green.

“Try this for size!”

He shouted and swung his fist toward Lu Chen again!

This was his heaven-grade martial art technique — the Green Mountain Fist!

With one punch, even the mountains would collapse!

The power exuded was very terrifying!

The power of this punch caused the entire building to tremble.

Countless amounts of dust rustled down!


The punch landed on Lu Chen’s light shield! The terrifying recoil caused Lin to feel his entire body go numb, and he directly lost consciousness!

The building collapsed from the insurmountable impact of the two!

Lin and Lu Chen’s figures were drowned in a layer of dust and rubble.

The people of the Xiao family, Liu Yuan, and Lan Weiwei all withdrew from the scene.

Their original residence had turned into ruins. Everyone stared at the smoke in front of them.

The people of the Xiao family looked at the smoke and were worried as to who won.

Lin’s punch was extremely fierce. Even other experts dared not to face his attack head-on.

Such a young kid definitely would not be able to block such a terrifying powerful punch. He would probably be turned into dust by now!

Liu Yuan, who was at the side, was filled with worry. Although Lu Chen’s plan was proposed by him. However, as the mission holder, if Lu Chen were to die, she would be responsible for his death!

Liu Yuan was just about to rush into the ruins to look for Lu Chen. However, in the corner of her eyes, she could see that Lan Weiwei was exceptionally calm.

She stopped in her tracks when the young girl grabbed the older woman’s elbow.

“Don’t worry, master is fine.”


Liu Yuan sharply remembered this word. This silver-haired girl with blue eyes gave off a very mysterious feeling.

On the ruins in front of them, the dust and smoke finally cleared out.

Everyone finally saw the scene in front of them clearly.

An old man stretched out with a long arm. His fist landed on the small silver shield on the young man’s right arm. At this moment, a small dent appeared on the shield.

However, the young man was calm and did not seem to be hurt at all.

On the other hand, the old man’s face looked deathly pale. His fist was drenched in blood, and his thumb had split open.

His body stood like a statue. Finally, his body gave out.

With a defeated sigh, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

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His voice was hoarse as he looked at Lu Chen in disbelief, “Impossible, this is absolutely impossible!”

It was not only him, but the other people from the Xiao family expressed their shock.

“He… He’s supposed to be a heaven-ranked fighter that could contend even with the gods!”

“It should’ve been impossible to hurt someone like him!”

“Who the f*ck is that kid?”

Lin roared as he wallowed in his defeat.

Lu Chen laughed coldly, “What… heaven ranked power? He’s just an old dog that only knows how to follow orders and bully others!”

As he finished speaking, a light flashed on his arm.

The shield that protected him disappeared instantly.

He raised his hand and swung it towards the old man.

Elder Lin was sent flying from that one punch and landed not too far away.

“Uncle Lin!”


Countless people from the Xiao family rushed up to help the old man!

They quickly checked his condition. After checking that he was okay, another expert fighter looked up at Lu Chen with fear in his eyes.

He said to Xiao Chuan, “Young master, Sir Lin’s veins are all broken! The bones in his right arm are fractured too. I’m afraid to tell you this but… He’s been crippled!”

These words struck Xiao Chuan like a bolt of lightning!

How was that possible!

How could the strongest fighter Lin lose!

In his impression, Lin was the guardian of the Xiao family!

He was powerful and omnipotent!

He was also the reason why the Xiao family was so arrogant in their ways!

However, now he had been beaten to such a state by a 20-year-old young man!

He looked at Lu Chen with a hint of fear in his eyes!

What was this guy’s history?!

Everything he learned about this guy was absolutely wrong!

An ordinary person definitely did not have such strength!

“Who exactly are you?!”

This was the first time Xiao Chuan felt fear!

Lu Chen chuckled a little before he stared at Xiao Chuan with menacing eyes.

“Don’t you know?

“I’m Morning Mist, the one who has killed you a hundred times.

“I’m also Lu Chen, the target that you wanted to kill.”

He clenched his fist and let out a cracking sound.

“I say, President Xiao… young master Xiao… Xiao whatever…

“I’m used to living a mundane life. I didn’t expect that there would be such an exciting day for me to experience.

“I too wish to give it a try actually. I wonder, how does it feel to kill someone?”

As Lu Chen approached step by step.

The Xiao family members were petrified!

This fellow had beaten Lin into a pulp with one single move. He was definitely not something the rest could withstand!

“Young master, quickly, run!”

Many of the Xiao family experts shouted angrily. However, just as they finished speaking, a middle-aged man’s voice sounded from behind.

“Now you want to leave? Isn’t that a little too late for you?”


Dozens of warriors donned in battle armor landed on the battlefield!
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