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Chapter 44: 100 Million for This Garden. How About That?

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Lu Chen had expected this. If he wanted to settle down here, he would have to deal with the Gu family.

Moreover, he felt that this Gu Yiming was not a bad person. It would not be a bad idea to have a good relationship with him.

Therefore, he casually told Gu Yiming about what he was looking for.

After Gu Yiming heard it, he thought for a moment and said, “I do have one of Mr. Lu’s requests.

“It’s remote and comfortable, but it’s a little bit big. You might like it.

“Why don’t you come with me so I can host you?”

Gu Yiming briefly introduced the situation of the house. It was originally a suburban villa built by a direct descendant of the family.

After the renovation, it was cleaned by Gu Yiming before it could be used. Therefore, everything was brand new.

Gu Yiming did not really care whether such a good-for-nothing house from his family should be utilized or not. It was just that the person was a direct descendant of the family. Therefore, he had to die. So now that place was empty.

However, Gu Yiming only selectively told his way of the story as he pleased.

Lu Chen glanced at Liu Yuan.

The other party said unhappily, “Why are you looking at me? If you want to go, then go.”

Her heart was in a mess now. Ever since she kissed Lu Chen yesterday, she felt strange. As long as she saw Lu Chen’s face, her heart would beat faster, and the scenes from yesterday would resurface.

Gu Yiming also felt that there was a subtle tense atmosphere between the two of them.

He said, “Mr. Lu, forgive me for being presumptuous, but who is this?”

He needed to find out the relationship between this woman and Lu Chen.

If he wanted to be friends with someone, he would also want to gain the favor of the people around the said person.

Gu Yiming asked, but Lu Chen had no intentions of hiding it.

He directly said, “Liu Yuan, a member of the Dragon Team. She is now my colleague.”

Then he pointed at Lan Weiwei who was hiding behind him and said, “Lan Weiwei, my… Oh, a distant cousin.”

Lu Chen casually removed her identity.

He believed that a big family like the Gu family would definitely investigate his identity, including Lan Weiwei. However, even if they knew, the other party would not dare say it out loud.

Moreover, whatever relationship he said was just a relationship anyways. No one would take the time to expose him.

Gu Yiming merely nodded. He roughly understood who they were.

Liu Yuan was a member of the Dragon Team. That was a piece of top-secret information. He only knew of it, but that was as much as he knew.

However, he had been in Peaceful Town for so many years. Those who were able to enter the Dragon Team were not ordinary people.

It was very likely that they were part of a larger force and could not be underestimated.

From the looks of her relationship with Lu Chen, it was possible for them to develop into something more in the future.

First, he thought that Lu Chen was that woman’s confidante.

As for the shy little girl behind Lu Chen, she was breathtakingly beautiful. Her eyes were like blue crystals. Even though he had seen countless beauties, he was still stunned by her beauty.

This girl was obviously Lu Chen’s woman.

Gu Yiming silently noted it down.

He greeted Liu Yuan, handed her a business card, and gave Lan Weiwei a small pendant.

The blue agate matched Lan Weiwei perfectly.

It accentuated this little beauty’s temperament even more.

The manager and employees at the side were almost dumbfounded.

Did the young master of the Gu family really easily give out things just like that so kindly?

Last year, when Peaceful Town was massacred, the whole world was in an uproar.

Why was he being so amiable now?

As for the necklace pendant that Gu Yiming gave her, they could not recognize it.

However, they could recognize the blue gemstone that was the size of a pigeon egg!

This thing was worth at least a million.

It could be over ten million!

Therefore, when Lu Chen and the others walked out of the sales department, the employees were still in a daze.

The world of the rich was different from what they would ever know.

In the suburbs of Peaceful Town.

In front of Lu Chen was a villa that looked like an ancient castle.

In front of him was a huge garden. In the middle of the garden was a sculpture of a person. There was also a fountain.

The environment seemed very elegant.

It was a beautiful palace, but it was much too big for him.

The cost of building such a huge villa could be estimated to be one billion!

Moreover, he had brought Lan Weiwei to live in such a huge villa. It felt a little too empty.

However, Lan Weiwei, who had never spoken, ran straight into the castle-like garden villa when she saw it.

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Her little leather boots stepped on the stone path and chased after a butterfly.

After a while, she disappeared.

Lu Chen said a little awkwardly, “I’m sorry. My relative is a little mischievous.”

Gu Yiming laughed and said, “I can see that she likes this place very much.”

Lu Chen nodded and followed Gu Yiming inside.

Compared to the bustling downtown area, this place was more elegant and the air that surrounded this place was peaceful.

The entire garden was privatized. In front of it was a huge castle, and behind it was a huge courtyard.

Lu Chen felt that even if there were a few thousand people living here, it would not be a problem.

What was that son of the Gu family doing with this thing?

If it was to be used for his own residence, it would not seem very reasonable.

Moreover, a capital of more than one billion was not a small amount for the Gu family.

It was impossible for a good-for-nothing profligate to not get so much money through the family.

Lu Chen followed Gu Yiming’s introduction into the garden, but slowly, he realized that something was not right.

A strange power slowly flowed into his body.

The mark on his forehead seemed to be showing itself!

The moonlight in his body seemed to be seeping out?

Lu Chen was shocked!

There was definitely a big secret hidden in this garden!

Liu Yuan and Gu Yiming did not seem to notice it at all.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei appeared out of nowhere.

Her pair of blue eyes were extremely bright.

She looked at Lu Chen and quickly walked up to him. She pulled a corner and pulled him to the side.

She said in a low voice, “Master, can we stay here? This place seems really great for me.”

Lu Chen’s heart skipped a beat. This place apparently could even affect Lan Weiwei.

He glanced at Gu Yiming walking in the distance.

He was sure that Gu Yiming definitely did not know that this garden had a special effect.

He just did not know whether this effect would only work for the Ash Wolf clan members or for everyone else.

If Gu Yiming knew that this garden had some special function, he definitely would not have brought him here.

This meant that only members of the clan could feel it!

Lu Chen pondered for a moment and walked over.

He said to Gu Yiming, “Gu Yiming, we like this place very much. Name your price.”

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He had made up his mind to buy this place.

No matter how much Gu Yuming offered, he could at most inform the higher-ups about the price. No matter what, the value of the gold card in his hand was not low either!

When Gu Yiming heard this, he smiled and said, “Since we’ve met before, I can’t just name my price as I wish.

“You’re new here, so I should be sincere about it, shouldn’t I?

“I’ll only take 100 million for this garden, how about that?”
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