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Chapter 45: Travelling Between the Two Worlds?

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100 million?

Liu Yuan was stunned. This garden villa would cost at least 1 billion, and that was the estimated cost.

If it was sold for a price, it would be much more than that!

This 100 million was no different from giving it away for free!

Moreover, Gu Yiming was really smart. If he gave it away for free, it would more or less seem impolite for both parties. No matter how one looked at it, this was a display of his financial strength.

Not only that, he even offered a price that was far lower than the market price… It would seem that he had a sense of propriety.

Lu Chen was not stupid. Naturally, he could see Gu Yiming’s intentions.

The other party’s sincerity could be said to be hidden with underlying intentions.

However, if he still did not accept it, it would be a little impolite.

Hence, Lu Chen nodded and said.

“Alright, 100 million then. I, Lu Chen, will remember this favor.”

At this point, the corner of Gu Yiming’s mouth finally had a comfortable smile.

He had put in so much effort just to ask for a favor from Lu Chen.

He did not want to underestimate this favor.

Sometimes, the effect of not cashing in the favor was much greater than using it.

Gu Yiming was also very happy. He directly ordered Butler Bai to bring the papers.

A few of them completed the formalities in the main hall of the villa.

In the hall, Gu Yiming stood up and shook hands with Lu Chen.

He nodded and said, “Alright, Lu Chen, this whole villa officially now belongs to you.

“If you need anything from the Gu family in the future, just say the word.

“My Gu family has great influence in Peaceful Town, we will do what we can with your requests.”

After saying that, he left with Bai, feeling satisfied.

Lu Chen looked at Gu Yiming’s departing figure and pondered for a moment.

He said to Liu Yuan beside him, “Do all members of the aristocratic families have this kind of contact with the people in the organization?”

Liu Yuan shook her head and said, “You’re thinking too much into such things. From what I’ve known, you are the only exception. It’s not like you don’t know that an ordinary person doesn’t deserve to be treated like this by the head of a family.

“You owe the Gu family a favor now. How are you going to repay it?”

Lu Chen shook his head and said, “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Then, he looked around the hall and said to Liu Yuan, “I’m hungry. I’m going to make some food.”

When Liu Yuan heard this, she could not help but widen her eyes.

“I’m your teammate, not your nanny, or the chef!”

Lu Chen blinked and said, “Look at this huge villa. There are only the three of us. Weiwei and I don’t know how to cook. Wouldn’t we have to trouble you to do it for us?”

Liu Yuan was so angry that she grinded her teeth. She turned around and replied in a bad mood, “Order your own takeout!”

Lu Chen was not interested in pestering her further. He placed an order on his phone and went upstairs.

This building had a total of twenty floors.

Lu Chen directly chose the biggest bedroom on the top floor.

Lan Weiwei was making a fuss about staying with him. Lu Chen thought about it and decided to let her be. However, he still arranged a room for her next door.

All of Lan Weiwei’s supplies were in another room.

At this moment, Lu Chen was the only one in the room.

He sat on the bed and rubbed the space between his eyebrows.

A lot of things had happened in the past two days.

He came to Peaceful Town from Shang Hee all of a sudden and even settled down here.

He went from a commoner to a core member of the Dragon Team.

He became an existence that ordinary people could not come into contact with so easily.

He even had a friendship with one of the largest families in the Dragon Country.

Lu Chen felt that since the release of Second World, he had changed in many ways.

However, speaking of Second World, he had not been online for two days, right?

The gaming pod arranged by the organization had not arrived yet. At least, he had to wait until nightfall.

Therefore, during this period of time, he could not enter the game.

It was rare for him to be this free.

He pulled open the curtains, and with a glance, he could see the scenery of the garden outside.

Looking at the colorful scenery, Lu Chen had some doubts in his heart.

What exactly was hidden in this garden?

How did it directly affect him and Lan Weiwei?

Was it a specific influence on the Ash Wolf bloodline?

Or was it something else?

He was sure that the second generation of the rich and profligate Gu family had a secret hidden in the garden.

Even Gu Yiming did not know about this secret.

If Gu Yiming knew that there was something going on with the garden, then why did he give it to him? Did he have other motives?

Also, the Xiao family had brazenly come to his previous home and had been taken away by the Dragon Group and the Spirit Team.

He could not just ignore the Xiao family’s matter either. After all, they had come knocking on his door seeking his death.

Those who did now would only be courting for death.

Everything that had happened was troubling Lu Chen.

He simply closed the curtains, closed his eyes, and stopped thinking about it.

After a moment, he felt that his surroundings had become quiet. There seemed to be a sound echoing in his ears.

The darkness in front of him slowly dissipated, and an attribute panel appeared in front of him.

He raised his hand, and a backpack popped out.

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Inside it was a dazzling array of equipment.

Lu Chen, who was sleeping, was suddenly shocked!

This… was this his backpack in the game?

How did it appear in front of him?

He looked around, and the moonlight was filled with nothingness.

In front of him was a huge black hole.

It was very similar to the game log-in interface!

He could log into the game without using the game pod?

Lu Chen was shocked, then he remembered something.

Liu Changping had once said.

The Second World was not a game!

It was a direct real world!

So, would that mean that he could directly enter that world?

However, what would this all mean?

Transmigrating with his soul?

If he died in that world, would he be unable to revive?

Or would he be the same as an ordinary player and go back to the Ressurection Point?

Lu Chen looked at the black hole in front of him and hesitated.

After a moment, he gritted his teeth.

No matter what, he had to go in and take a look!

If he was afraid, what would he do in the future?

This was a world built on war!

He could not afford to relax for even a moment!

With that thought, he directly stepped into the black hole.

His figure quickly disappeared into the black hole.

A burst of azure blue light flashed past came thereafter.

Lu Chen opened his eyes, and the fragrance of the soil invaded his olfactory nerves.

In front of him was a mountain range, covered by huge rocks. He was standing under the mountain range, and the sun at noon was so hot that even wild monsters were unwilling to come out.

This was… Bear Ridge?

Lu Chen recognized it at a first glance. This was the place where he went offline, Bear Ridge!

He had really entered the Second World!


With a thought from Lu Chen, the backpack automatically popped out.

All kinds of items were still there.

It was just that there was an indescribable feeling.

This time, there was no system notification, only a certain will silently guiding him.

Following the guidance of this will, Lu Chen sat down cross-legged on the spot.

Everything in front of him fell into darkness once again.

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After a moment, he opened his eyes again.

He had returned to reality!

Lu Chen was suddenly startled awake. He straightened up like a wooden plank and flipped over.

He looked at everything around him in disbelief.

He could now shuttle back and forth between two worlds?
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