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Chapter 46: 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo

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Lu Chen could not believe what was happening.

What did exactly happen that allowed him to travel back and forth between the two worlds?

Lu Chen calmed himself by slowly exhaling his caught breath. Closing his eyes, the blue light screen appeared again.

After repeating it a few times, Lu Chen was finally certain about what had just happened!

He was sure that he could directly travel to the Second World.

It was basically no different from using the game pod now.

According to Liu Changping, the players in this world could send their spirit to the Second World through the game pod. In a way, the game pod was just a medium to go to Second World. However, now, Lu Chen would not need this medium to directly enter the Second World anymore.

This would be a quicker method compared to the game pod, because the game pod might have some kind of defense mechanism, protecting everyone’s spirit and soul. It would allow these players to revive after they died in Second World.

However, Lu Chen’s descent was different. If he died in the Second World, his soul would be scattered and destroyed!

He could feel the will of the Second World.

This world seemed to be… Asking for help?

Lu Chen paced back and forth in the room he was in. The situation was getting more and more serious.

It was just as Liu Changping had said about this whole situation. The Second World would arrive on this continent sooner or later and become one with this world. Therefore, it was extremely important to constantly improve his strength!

According to the test just now, Lu Chen found that he could only enter the Second World mentally. The other things that he brought with him in this world could not enter the Second World just yet.

Lu Chen had another hypothesis in his mind. He stood up and walked quickly to the room next door.


He knocked on the door. The door was opened very quickly. Lan Weiwei blinked her eyes and looked at Lu Chen.

She said quickly, “Master?”

Lu Chen nodded to her greeting. When there were only two people, Lu Chen allowed her to use this title. He walked in and closed the door.

He said to Lan Weiwei, “Weiwei, try to close your eyes. Oh, just like how you normally visualize the moonlight.”

Lan Weiwei nodded her head even if she did not understand. Although she did not know what Lu Chen was going to do, she still loyally listened to Lu Chen’s request.

She sat on the bed and crossed her legs. Then, she slowly closed her eyes. Lu Chen also tried to sit beside Lan Weiwei and fell into silence.

A moment later, Lu Chen and Lan Weiwei entered the Second World together!

Outside Bear Ridge, Lu Chen’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Lan Weiwei’s mouth was wide open and full of surprise.

“Master, this feeling is so wonderful.” Lan Weiwei said.

Lu Chen asked, “Do you have any special feelings you feel right now?”

Lan Weiwei tilted her head and thought for a long time. “It’s like I broke something. In the past, I always felt like I was in a daze, but now it seems like my mind had become much clearer. Also, I feel that the energy in my body is increasing at a much faster speed now.”

When Lu Chen heard this, he immediately looked at the interface.

No matter how many times he looked at it, the scene on it still gave him a fright.

The experience bar on his interface was slowly increasing!

Although the speed was not fast, it was really increasing!

This was something that he had never encountered before. It seemed that there was some sort of bonus to descending without the game pod!

Lu Chen quickly came to this conclusion.

He thought for a while and decided to give it a try in this situation!

If this was the case, what effect would killing wild monsters have?

With a thought, a blue longsword appeared in Lu Chen’s hand.

The blade of the sword was sharp and exuded a bone-piercing chill.

He did not know if it was because it had descended directly.

Lu Chen felt that the temperature of this sword felt chillier than usual!

It was the Ash Wolf King’s Sword!

Lu Chen brought Lan Weiwei step by step and walked towards the depths of Bear Ridge.

Soon, countless huge black bears were alarmed by their presence.

The huge monsters were like a pitch-black small mountain. With one step, the earth and mountains shook.

They directly rushed towards Lu Chen!

The corners of Lu Chen’s mouth curled up into a cold smile. He raised his hand and swung his sword!

The sword clashing with the monsters could be heard.

The sword aura clanged and directly cut the black bear into two halves!

The giant bear’s corpse fell to the ground, and its internal organs scattered all over the ground.

The stench of blood rushed up to the sky, and fresh blood splattered everywhere.

Lu Chen frowned slightly. The realness of killing had increased by several times!

Previously in Second World, although the feeling of killing was already realistic enough,.

That feeling could not be compared to how he felt right now. Perhaps it was because of the system’s reminder, but it always made people feel like they were in a game.

However, this time, Lu Chen had killed this black bear and the feeling was completely different!

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Lan Weiwei looked at the stunned Lu Chen in confusion.


Lu Chen shook his head and said, “It’s fine.”

Then, he put away the sword in his hand and walked forward quickly.

The moment he killed the black bear, Lu Chen’s questions were answered.

This bear could no longer respawn. He had killed it for real.

If he died in this world, then that would mean that he would never wake up again.

Lu Chen continued to walk towards Bear Ridge.

There was still an item in his backpack.

It was an emerald green bamboo stick that was emitting a faint light.

[10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo ]

That was the certificate to enter Bear Ridge, similar to Wolf Valley.

Lu Chen guessed that after these bosses were defeated, there would be a special dungeon.

The rewards were rich and filled with danger.

Lu Chen walked very quickly and arrived at the depths of Bear Ridge in a few minutes.

The Bear King that was originally standing there had been killed. A new bear King had appeared in the Second World.

However, his attributes were on a completely different level from the previous Bear King. With two slashes it died.

After the Bear King was killed, Lu Chen took out the Jade Bamboo from his backpack.

After taking out this item, the surroundings began to emit a golden light.

It was as if a lake had been awakened, and it was surging.

Lu Chen walked towards the golden light in front of him.

After a moment, he entered the dungeon.

This was a gloomy bamboo forest. The surroundings were filled with tall and straight bamboo.

The atmosphere was very quiet, only the rustling sound of the wind blowing through the bamboo forest could be heard.

Lu Chen wanted to stay vigilant. After all, the quieter it was, the more dangerous it could be.

He held the sword in his hand, his gaze sharp.

He carefully walked forward after he prepared himself.

The bamboo forest went on for miles and miles, but it gave off a comfortable and serene feeling.

The sun shone down from above.

It made people drop their guard and their vigilance.

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Lu Chen swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He knew that this place was absolutely dangerous.

The system had warned him before, so there should not be any mistakes.

It was just like the Wolf Valley.

He almost died there and the dangers of that time were still vivid in Lu Chen’s mind, he did not want it to happen again.

However, after Lu Chen walked for a few minutes, he saw a round, chubby… panda?
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