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Chapter 47: Get Lost

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A panda?

What in the world was going on?

Lu Chen looked at the panda in front of him and was confused.

Does this thing have great lethality?

He did not know how to react in this given situation at all.

The panda in front of him was obviously still a cub as it lay under the bamboo forest and ate bamboo shoots.

Seeing Lu Chen come over, the baby panda was so scared that it immediately hugged the bamboo in its hand. It was as though it was afraid that Lu Chen would snatch it away.

The information of the panda in front of him had already appeared in Lu Chen’s mind.

[Ancient Panda]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 1,600]

[Attack: 100]

[Defense: 800]

[Magic Defense: 800]

[Skill: Luck Bonus]

Lu Chen took a glance at it and was shocked.

Was this a f*cking attribute that a level 1 player should have?

Not only did the panda have a high attack and HP, but what the h*ll was this 800 defense points?

Moreover, to have such double resistance at Level 1, was this not too f*cking ridiculous for anyone to have?

And that skill, Luck Bonus? 

Was this thing supposed to be really really dangerous?

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Lu Chen’s mind. He was considering whether or not he should use the taming skill to put this under his care.

However, when he used the skill, he realized that the skill could not be used on the said target!

Lu Chen was confused, what exactly was the origin of this thing?

Lu Chen tried to get closer to the giant panda, but the panda seemed to be very alert about what was going on.

As soon as Lu Chen got close, it retreated.

Its eyes were aggrieved, and it did not forget to hug the bamboo when it ran further back.

It was clearly a gluttonous creature.

When he managed to get much closer, the panda was so scared that it threw away the bamboo.

With a whoosh, it directly jumped onto the tree.

Lu Chen smiled bitterly. What an agile creature.

Lu Chen thought for a long time, but he could not think of any other way to approach it.

Even the taming skill was useless. 

Maybe he could just go up to it and grab it, right?

Suddenly, his eyes lit up.

Did he not have a 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo in his backpack?

As the proof for this dungeon opening, it had always been in his backpack.

After entering the dungeon, maybe the bamboo could be related to the panda that just ran away…

With the thought of giving it a try, Lu Chen took out the 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo from his backpack.

Sure enough, as soon as this 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo was taken out, it gave off an indescribable fragrance.

The panda that was hiding behind one of the trees sniffled. It was obviously attracted by the smell.

It looked eagerly at the bamboo in Lu Chen’s hand.

It wanted it, but it was afraid.

Lu Chen smiled.

He waved at the panda with the bamboo.

“If you want it, come down and I’ll give it to you.”

The panda seemed to understand Lu Chen’s words easily.

The panda immediately made up its mind and slipped down from the tree.

However, it still stopped two meters in front of Lu Chen.

It could be seen that the panda was very afraid of strangers. Fortunately, the Jade Bamboo in Lu Chen’s hand was attractive enough for it to go closer.

The baby panda stared at it with saliva dripping out from its mouth.

The temptation of the Jade Bamboo overcame the fear of strangers.

Finally, it came towards Lu Chen Bit by bit.

“Here you go.”

Lu Chen handed over one end of the Jade Bamboo.

The panda held one end with eyes full of joy. After a moment, it opened its mouth and bit down.

Once it bit down, sparks almost appeared on the Jade Bamboo.

The baby panda covered its mouth and fell to the ground.

It made noises as though it was hurt from biting onto the 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo.

It was obvious that the Jade Bamboo was very hard and could not be bitten through.

Lu Chen smiled. This fellow was quite interesting.

He approached and placed his hand on the baby panda’s head. It was fluffy.

The baby panda felt wronged and stood up, stretching out a hand.

Lu Chen was stunned by this gesture. “What?”

It waved its arm once more towards Lu Chen. Only then did Lu Chen realize that this fellow wanted the Jade Bamboo in his hand.

Lu Chen smiled and said, “You want this so badly? Here.”

Lu Chen stuffed the 10,000-year-old Jade Bamboo into the baby panda’s arms.

He looked at him from the side as the panda hugged the bamboo with sparkling eyes.

It then rolled onto the ground happily.

A pair of fat hands held the bamboo tightly as it gnawed on it for a long time.

However, no matter what, the Jade Bamboo did not leave a trace of a dent or whatnot.

This made the baby panda feel very helpless.

The panda walked to Lu Chen’s side angrily and handed the Jade Bamboo back to him.

It was as if the panda was throwing a small tantrum.

It also seemed like it wanted to ask Lu Chen why it was so hard to eat the bamboo.

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Lu Chen shook his head. This little thing must have gained sentience. It was obviously much smarter than an average wild beast.

He took the Jade Bamboo back and to his surprise, the baby panda was clinging onto his leg!

Lu Chen was speechless. Was this fellow not afraid of strangers?

Why was it sticking to him now?

Lan Weiwei came over from the side.

She crouched down and locked her eyes on the baby panda.

The baby panda was a little scared from her movements and hid behind Lu Chen.

Lan Weiwei seemed to be very interested in it and revealed an unpredictable smile.

She lifted the baby panda up and the baby panda immediately made struggling noises.

Its eyes were full of resistance as it cried out.

Lu Chen watched as Lan Weiwei played with the baby panda like a ball.

She threw it into the sky and then fell back down.

The baby panda was so scared that it cried out.

Lan Weiwei let out a silver bell-like laugh.

The baby panda was in mid-air and looked at Lu Chen for help.

That pitiful look made Lu Chen feel amused.

“Alright, Weiwei, stop tormenting him. Give this little guy back to me.”

Lu Chen said.

However, he did not expect Lan Weiwei to hold the baby panda tighter and she even tried to hide the panda away from Lu Chen.

She pouted and said, “But this panda is fun!”

This little girl was treating the panda like a doll.

This was not a good idea at all. This panda would die if it was toyed with by Lan Weiwei.

Thus, Lu Chen said with a straight face, “Weiwei, listen to me! Give me the panda.”

Sure enough, once Lu Chen was strict with his command, Lan Weiwei cowered.

Biting her lips, she reluctantly handed over the panda.

The both of them looked unhappy.

Lu Chen shook his head slightly and patted her head to comfort her.

Then, he took the panda from her hand.

The little guy immediately felt as if he had been pardoned.

He immediately shrank into Lu Chen’s arms as if indicating that that woman was really too scary!

[The Ancient Panda recognizes you as its master. Do you accept?]

This thought suddenly came to his mind.

He looked at the panda in his arms in surprise.

This thing was actually willing to acknowledge him as its master?

He had originally planned to use his taming skill, but who would have thought that it would be so easy?

Lu Chen did not hesitate and directly nodded.

Not to mention about the aspects of this fellow, just the 800 defense on that level alone was enough for Lu Chen to not want to let it go.

If he were to raise it in the future, it would be a perfect front liner shield!

[Ding! You and the Ancient Panda have become master and servant.]

[Please name it.]

Lu Chen pondered for a moment and looked at the round little fellow.

He thought of a name.

He grinned and said, “Then I’ll call you Rollie.”

When the little fellow heard this, he revealed a look of disdain, but Lu Chen directly ignored him.

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After a moment, Lu Chen brought Lan Weiwei out of the secret realm.

They went offline again.

The two of them slowly woke up in the room.

They found a panda in front of them.

It was round and slowly crawled in front of them…
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